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1. Revelation 6:8

2. Sacrifice To The Nuclear Cross

To the eye of the storm this world is hurling
to cosmic chaos the earth entrenched
a void of cutting nuclear hellwinds
lash at structures - reduced to ash
a crest of countless missiles honed to the killing fields
rusted tormentors of steel await the count for endless misery

toxic fumes and acid take your life
sacrifice to the nuclear cross
iron vultures sweep the kies
sacrifice to the nuclear cross
black preachers hail the fires

satan bolts this world to the cross
blak preachers hail the fires
weep at the stake of mankind's fall
the throne of steel shall arise

a nebulah of nuclear frost
covers the world in gloom
corpses litter the broken streets
the earth unconscious - a massive tomb

destined for extinction
the black prophecy fulfilled
the third tyrant has risen
and he proclaims
incantation burning fuel
roar of warhead

thunder cloven hooves
the final slaughter proves
destined for extinction
the black prophecy fulfilled
the third tyrant has risen
destined to die

bow before the plutonium altar
hazardous mutatnes - bionic death
a distressed call echoes in the distance
the crystal ball is black and burned

3. Hellcommander Reign

possessed - warery - justifiable measn - slaughter - bedlam - harbinger of death
messiah versus warbeast start the hellcommander reign
bullets are flying endless science to extreme
hq - chain of command - agency of fire - mercy - abandoned - wanton lust of death
revenge unchained - land of burning frost - quenching - our thirst - letting of all blood

free world - massgraves - execution unbound
hangman - riflebeast - chains of tormentor
bombers blying overhead - payload the final call - destructed shelters by the airraid

berserk - fire at will - massive combustion
earthquake - deathfuck - smouldering to the core
atomic overload - senseless theories - melting - your flesh - choking on disease

pulling strings the puppet master laughing in the bloodred sky
skeletons more bones than flesh still carry out the orders
welcome to an endless war consuming death is all around
tolling of the devil's bell beatened by explosive rounds

satanic overture a background for the choir of the damned
weeping of the few last womend children are already dead
innocence forever lost and raped by mankind's testament
survival of the strongest - most already buried well

4. This Cancerous Rot

dark clouds and painfull suffering - boxed thoughts of consuming disease
modern day life of boiling rot - constitutional right of greed and sloth

(this cancerous rot - perverse sodomy)
epidemic violence breeding in the mind
chemical catastrophy befouling the contortion of my life
reigious support of the mass insane
biblical catastrophy befouling the madness in your brain

spend filth to discuss toxic proof - born to acid pits whoremongering fools
smoking wastelands - districts of the thieves - war on terror - ministricide fools

mad priest of the following masses
high lord of their submissive pressure
drowning in the pus and flesh of ignorance belief
dogmatic proposition chokes my every breath, my every death

smothered in the guts and gore of global make-belief
dogmatic proposition chokes my every breath, my every death

industrial wolves of possession - financial tyrant's oppression
human life a waste of resources - sure to die come extinct written in blood commandments
speak no evil hear no evil worship evil

5. Old, Cold Rivalries

awaken to a world of dust and barren land
testament to the lust of cold war prayer
interred in massive boxes, bent steel and stone
the old flame sparks here still for our war prayer
incantations demagogue - our passion for extinction
we lay our heads to rest - severed from grace
tribulation ludicrous - tips the scales of life again
incongruous state of mind - afflicts the flame within

old, cold rivalries - callin forth old cold rivalries

bestial winds lash at the earth - carries the scent of death
poison clouds of chmical disease - acquired taste
herald of pestilence - carry forth the wagon
of this splendid capacity - eraser mind

mass psycho therapy of capital bonfires
iconic imagery of landmarks burnt to w aste
built op to the old, cold blast of bitter rivalries
the spearhead laughs with bitter grin
and turns to moral blasphemies

question you all, those of you who sinned
the downfaal of this world that bursts out from within

6. Orb Of Alteration

master I call thee - from the heavens
I beg your summoning - through my orb of alteration

world of caustic - caverns of the helpless souls - convinced of their supremacy
reap the sacred garden - do account for its treasures
slave to tunnelvision of their all belief

I curse ye all - to infinity and beyond

I look at them - snakes of gods with twisted tongue - convinced of ther sanctity
preachers of black - leaders of inverted values - interred in rotten soil of shadow life

chrack the infernal whip - eat the blackest of hearts - ceremonial oath - cleanse it at once
spirit of black - all teachings in vain - begging for fase - their eyes cannot see
incantational chants - no sign of redemption - my thunderous palms - destroyer of worlds

ave dominus, dominus inferi
I open the old book - written before time
in ancient of all tongues - I will cite the rites

ave dominus, dominus inferi
skies start to crumble - demons arise
gates to oblivion - portals of tinal tides

7. Volcanic Death

amfibian tracks on our way to the island - ready to charge at the captain's command
mustangs clear out the waterfront forts - ditches of grey spitting sulphur and lead

volcanic death
iwo jima - signal the attack, iwo jima - your gas makes us sick

digging through tunnels at mount suribachi
ingenious plan for a mass hillside grave
grenade suicide the only way we know to die
at the emperor's will in which Kuribayashi fulfills

ways to the grave - in ballte no-one is spared
a theatre of dust and death - lifeless statues are the bodybags
another tour of duty in another land - delaying our advance but we will withstand
Japanese kamikaze fighters - suicide bombers dirty tricks
guerilla warfare rock and sand - a place of fear and lack of air
discipline of survival - lessons of war brutally taught

zeroes and artillery strike our natural force - flamethrowers clear out the bunkers once more
give the gor for a quick flanking spread - the emperor's servants eat sulphur and lead

discipline of survival - general or emperor
sacrifice unto thy name and plant the stars and stripes of fucking pain

8. Remembrance, In Blood

channelling my soul into the tunnel of pure light
remembrance - green meadows - all in hindsight
purulence and soul draination - six walls my final rest
cascade of impurity - the entangling thralls of death

echoeing cries in halls of the fallen - my last rites a soldier's death
in blood - no salvation - in blood - battle worn
in blood - final breath - in blood - remembrance

wailing souls of fallen comrades echo in beyond
no more life - no more hate - just freezing cold
purest blackness waits for all those who died on the fields today
innocence was left so long ago - we who have lost

back tot he dead - back from the tomb - not in human form - back to the womb
into the well of souls - into the fallen hall - into eternal rest - or back to the fray
join me in their memory - fade to faith for all to see
unsung heroes - body count - mother earth - your blooddrenced ground
remembrance in blood

tears that kiss the earth swell into the rivers of the flood
washing away all my sins, my killing count
diregard for life's commandments - their mirage of choice
is what my soul is bound to - leave this mortal coil

9. Another Taste Of Carrion

dominate we gather the legions - violate a promise of millions
dead and unburied call the priests from the netherworld
torn and dismembered call the priests sworn to black

the infamy of devils demons lingers in the air
the burning stench of hellish fires greet all with despair
sulphur lakes and acid pools and swarm of insect nests
eternal whipping of the souls the damned on't get their rest
spitting imps and undead rot from the godforsaken womb
drowning in the piss and blood of the abyssic tomb
wicked creatures demon tails and fangs of the grotesque
sadistic rites unburial feast a paradise incest

another taste of carrion

visions of a netherrealm where light is constant black
sarcophagus so immense it reeks of certain death
possessed spawn of hellish circle meet the world's demise
eternal circle of the lord whho's crowned in man's despise
straying from the path of light our prophecy of doom
life expectancy of planet earth to zero soon
reduced to mass grave fillings by servants of the lord
material of bloody pulp - behold

open wide the grave

10. The Nucleus Vortex

inaugurated - welcome to the cosmic fields
frontiers of endless void - presence of the outcast
unnaturally selected - warping to the unknown

conjuring the spectral sphere
the nucleus vortex it's earth to be
cataclysm extinction prophecy
the nucleus vortex

ingnorace - a discipline that we excel at
the red alert - warning light which we're above
in the shadow of the plant - colossal pulsing bulb
punctured by arrogance - engines to the coming

pushing in and pulsing out and leaving everyone with doubt
start to see the oozing cracks in resources
nuclear dependency the promise of forever be
tolerance for earth's demise - great disguise of

drilling in and spewing out and taking all lives without doubt
running from the gaping hole uncontrolling
nuclear dependency the promise of forever be
tolerance for eart's demise - what we're made of

11. The Final Congregation

a thought that lingers in tired brain
a call that some would call insane - but
it is the voice of seasoned reasoning - the one and final truth

looking up and see the world beyond
these humans that call themselves just that - and
in stupidity and their idiocracy
one hears the one and final truth

sheep and meek and ready for the final calling
load the shells and start the chants of final prayer
taste the burning ashes of the rising phoenix
statues of liberty and decimation

question aren't asked cause everyone else is
unload the guns this planet's going devastated
taste the brains and bloody mess of one another
bodybags and surgery lines - all for nothing

load the shells and start the chants of final prayer
taste the burning ashes of rising phoenix

death - the answer for this planet
blood - the final congregation
war - unnecessary technicx
done - a paradise's casket closed

billions dead - laid to rest
by their own hand - laid to fucking rest

Pieter Van de Putte: Guitars (lead)
Ruben Luts: Vocals (lead)
Kristof "Heccie" Hectors: Bass
Igor "Gordy" Duerloo: Guitars
Kevin "Kev" De Leener: Drums

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