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1. Song To Hall Up High

I know you watch over me
Father of all the past
And all that will ever be
You are the first and the last

The watcher of all that lives
The guardian of all that died

The one-eyed God way up high
Who rules my world and the sky

Northern wind take my song up high
To the Hall of glory in the sky
So its gates shall greet me open wide
When my time has come to die

2. Oden's Ride Over Nordland

[Recorded February 1988. Released on album "Blood Fire Death", October 1988]
[Intro piece, no words]

3. Twilight Of The Gods

There is a serpent in every Eden
Slick as grease and cold as ice
There is a lie in every meaning
Rest assured to fool you twice

In this age of utter madness
We maintain we are in control
And ending life before deliverance
While countries are both bought and sold

Holy writtings hokus-pokus
Blaze of glory and crucifix
Prepried costly credit salvations
TV-preachers and dirty tricks

Don't trust nobody
It will cost you much too much
Beware of the dagger
It caress you at first touch
O, all small creatures
It is the twilight if the gods

When the foundations to our existence
Begins to crumble one by one
And legislations protects its breakers
And he who was wrong but paid the most won

Even the gods of countless religions
Holds no powers against this tide
Of degeneration because we have now found
That there is no thrones up there in the sky

Run from this fire
It will burn your very soul
Its flames reaching higher
Comed this far there is no hold
O, all small creatures
It is the twilight if the gods

(Twilight of the gods
Twilight of the gods
Twilight of the gods
Twilight of the gods)

4. Foreverdark Woods

Evening is falling, all still around me
The old crow is calling, but the landscape is at peace
Down the trail through this forest, through thicket we ride
The unseen is watching from behind each stone and pine

Slowly the golden disc of the sun is setting
Beyond the rim of Nordland at the end of long day
Slowly the ominous dark descend upon all
Engulfing all land and heaven and the shore of Asa bay

Here lie the bones of our fathers long gone
Deep in the soil of these woods
Among these great trunks legends were born
Here many great battles stood

Trotting the trail, my stallion cautious
Present the spirits of foreverdark woods

We rest by the fire, the shadows come to life by its light
Three brothers, sons of white wolf, observed by the eyes of the night

Night is long where the sunlight is pale
The fear is strong when you ride in the dawn
Down foreverdark woods trail

Heavy the turf, bone meal and blood
Raise high you pine towards sky
Firm in the soil, tree trunks of gods
Like dragon ship masts straight and high

Reaching the glade, ride on to Asa bay
Watched by the spirits of foreverdark woods

5. A Fine Day To Die

Orgy of silence
Conspiracy of peace
Only the sound
Of the cold northern breeze

Twinsun sink fading
Behind the black lake
Asleep is the mountains
Yet the night is awake

Strange is the night
Now black stars rise
And many moons circle
Through silent the night

Along the black mountainside scattered
By the campfires awaiting the dawn
Two times a hundred men in battles
Tried by the steel in the arrow axe and the sword

By battle worn hunger torn awaitening
For the sun to break through the cold haze
And for the banners of Ebal to appear
On the hill in the suns first warm rays

The elder among the men looked deep into
The fire and spoke loud with pride
Tomorrow is a fine day to die

Now the morning advance from far east
Now the sun breaks through dustclouds and haze
Now a forest of spears appears on the hill
And steel shines bright in the suns first rays


6. The Woodwoman

Resting by my fire. Looking deep into it's flames.
My mind must have been somewhere else
Far beyond these plains.
I am suddenly aware of a pair of eyes staring at me.
I turn around and behold the most ugly thing I have seen.

The woman standing in the glade like a shadow in the night
Points her wretched finger at me with a wretched smile
And she asks me in a voice that sounds as if it's been so long
since she spoke, if I seek magic then I should come along

I'm but a man. Mortal, a man.
But she leaves no footprints in the snow
Still I follow on to where she is going
For she has promised me magic if I follow on.

She takes me to a part of these woods few have ever seen.
Where the sun surely won't reach
Still the ground ominously gleams.
She says she's seen me coming and that she knows where I'll go.
But before I leave she says there is this one thing I should know.

She offers me the ability to take a fatal wound.
Every cut by sword or spear will be absorbed by her tree-womb.
The magic will remain until it's time for me to part with this mortal world.
And all she'll claim is my young heat.

I'm but a man. Mortal, a man.
And I'll need all the help that I can get.
So I give my heart to the woman of the dark
With or without it...my life is not over yet.

Wing of bat and lizard's eye.
Dust of a star fallen from the sky.
Tears of a virgin, *** of a god.
Thirteen drops of an infant's blood
A twist of a cat's spit and oil of the moon
Stir for a while and very soon
A salve to be applied upon the chest
close to where the heart beats strong.

No pains will occur when her hand is pushed into my flesh
She'll slowly draw my living heart out of my open chest.
She'll place my heart in the pit of the snake and behold the years go by.
Hers to keep from the moment when the time has come for me to die.

By a lake in an open part of the Eternal Woods...

["The one eyed old man had told him of a lake. Its bottom uniting with the]
[end of the universe, Fall into it and there is no return. To reach its]
[bottom will take a thousand generations. When this world was anew, the one]
[eyed old man, then a young wanderer, hidden behind a tree, had overheard]
[two gods speak as they walked by. All the knowledge of all worlds, old and]
[new, was kept safe in a lake in a part of the Eternal Woods. The one eyed]
[old man had found the lake after having taken away by a magical blizzard.]
[Throwing his left eye into its black water he had gained not only all the]
[gathered knowledge of all the worlds. He had also been granted the sight]
[into the future. Set to find this lake, the young man mounts his stallion.]
[Riding with the speed of the winds high in the sky, he all of a sudden sees]
[the sun reflected in a lake. Standing by it, he throws both of his eyes]
[into the depths. Now he will not need to stare down the beast on the day of]
[The Battle.]
[Now he had gained supreme vision offering his eyes to The Lake..."]

7. I've Had It Coming My Way

Standing on the balcony, trembling like a friggin' leaf
It's freezin' cold I must be mad it's 4AM and gettin' really fuckin' bad

There's an end to everything
Some folks are best at when they sleep
More than can be said 'bout me

This is what I asked for and what I need but there's always a price to pay
For quite sometime I've known for sure I've had it coming my way
Coming my way I've had it coming my way
Coming my way I've had it coming my way

Starring blind into thin air eternity one step from here
Pardon me I must have blown a fuse I'd really like to be excused

There's an end...
This is what I asked for...
Coming my way...
This is what I asked for...
Coming my way...
I've had it coming my way

8. Armageddon

I swear the oath of blood
and tear the virgin's flesh
I gash the wounds of heaven
and rides the wings of death

Tonight the cauldrons are filled
with brewage madeEof hate
Tonight we blasphemy
possessed we desecrate

Tonight we raise our cups
and toast in an angels blood
Salute hell's victory
despise the words of God


Eternal battlefields
no prisoners we take
We rape your sacred souls
behind the seven gates

Tonight you all will hear
the angels cry of pain
and in the sky you will see
the all eternal flame

On earth you mortal fools
obey the christian ways
but there is no mighty God
to hear your final prayers


Forks of lightning strikes in the sky
the sound of thunder rolls
Satan, chimes the bell of death
and beckon all your souls

Heaven's angels realizes
there is no place they can hide
Tonight the furnace gates of hell
stands open wide

Black witch of beauty
hovers around and cast her spells
Tonight a virgin's womb
shall breed a son of hell


9. Born To Die

I am not of Jesus Christ I'm not
and I am not a Satanic Child I'm not
and I know not no property of high or low
and I know where I come from and whereto I will go

Rat race and symbols. Crucifix and flesh.
Politics and fashion. Religion and death.

I am just a human being I am
and I am a eat-sleep-f*cking-machine I am
and I am another mortal piece of meat.
Yet I am too fast and alive for you to hand no sign on me.

Holy writings. Tax and Law. Angel wings or frying.
Suicides no use at all. We're all born to die.

I am not no more a sinner or saint than f*cking all of you.
I am no more close or far away from the truth.
I am no believer or receiver of holy or unholiness.
I am I'm f*cking no more or less.

10. God Save The Queen

[Sex Pistols cover]

God save the queen her fascist regime
It made you a moron a potential h bomb!

God save the queen she ain't no human being
There is no future in England's dreaming

Don't be told what you want don't be told what you need
Theres no future no future no future for you

God save the queen we mean it man (God save window leen)
We love our queen God saves (God save... human beings)

God save the queen cos tourists are money
And our figurehead is not what she seems
Oh God save history God save your mad parade
Oh lord God have mercy all crimes are paid

When theres no future how can there be sin
Were the flowers in the dustbin
Were the poison in your human machine
Were the future your future

God save the queen we mean it man
There is no future in England's dreaming

No future for you no future for me
No future no future for you

11. The Sword

This sword of steel that I hold in my hand
Ore of this mountain. A sword of this land.
Made for a king when the elders were young.
To guard us and to guide us in an age since long gone.

A sword to protect the peace in troubled times.
A sword made to battle and to take a life.

This sword is the backbone of the life that I know.
Here among the mountains and snow.

This sword will be one with me. Body and soul.
All of me will be delivering each blow.
Slung on my back. Oh it's powers I feel.
I can hardly wait to try it's steel.

A sword to protect the peace in troubled times.
A sword made to battle and to take a life.

This sword is the backbone of the life that I know.
Here among the mountains and snow.

Behold it's sharp beauty. Just look at it's shine.
This sword was forged in fire and ice.

This sword is the backbone of the life that I know.
Here among the mountains and snow.

Now I am ready
To let this old sword sing again.

Atop a snowcovered hill...
Just before sunset...

["Waiting atop a snowcovered hill, the two standing silent, facing the]
[sunset in the west. The one eyed old man mumbling strange words into the]
[cold air. The haze spreading fast across the purple and blue vault. The]
[winds taking up speed, bending the trees down the valley, throwing the snow]
[crystals up and against the mountainside into gigantic sparkling clouds]
[high in the sky. The voice of the one eyed old man becoming stronger. The]
[words now spoken with increased intensity as if he was calling someone or]
[something. And so a hazy white figure appears on the horizon, blazing]
[across the sky with the speed of the winds... a part of the wind. A horse]
[as white as snow, galopping across the mist, its eight hooves blistering]
[like bolts of lightning. The one eyed old man crying out loud in the blaze]
[to him, to take its reins and not to let go.]
[And thus he had been given The Stallion..."]

12. For All Those Who Died

For all those who cried aloud
But whose tears were never heard
For questioning one almighty father
Of a heavenly distanced world

Beloved thee who submit
The holy writings assured
The golden cross stained with innocent blood
But stand yet a thousand heavenward

Burning naked but smiling
Not full of fear but pride
Knowing death alone could cleanse them
Of the reasons for which they all die

For all those who died

For all those whose great beauty
Stirred their tortures to rage
And for all those whose great ugliness
Did the same

For all those who cried aloud in vain
For mercy on the rack
But whom of dying naked in scorn
Not ashamed

Burning naked but smiling
Not full of fear but pride
Knowing death alone could cleanse them
Of the reasons for which they all died

For all those who died

Pleas for mercy signs of guilt
Naked bodies broken on the wheel
Tears sign the confession
With crusted blood lips sealed

Trial by water

13. Call From The Grave

God of Heaven, Hear my cries of anguish
I'm in pain
I've suffered a thousand deaths but I live on in vain

Death would greet with eternal sleep
My soul would come to peace
My life had ceased
The time was comed
Can no-one hear my pleas

Lowered down in the moisty ground
Into the dark and cold
My heart's beat the only sound
Pain tears my limbs and soul

I scream for mercy
Hear my cries
Oh, Lord don't abandon me
I'm so tired
Grant me the eternal sleep

I tear at the lid I'm suffering
In a cold and nameless grave
If Hell is what awaits me
I feel no fright

Buried and forgotten
In a cold and nameless grave
If there's a God in heaven
Hear my call from the grave......

[Repeat last two verses]

14. Born For Burning

Haunting the cloudless black sky
Braver at night
Hidden as the lips of her c*nt
She is keeping out of sight

Dark as her closed eyelids
Her secret
She comes to you with a serpent's kiss
She has the power to foresee

She don't fear the flames
She smile at the fire
Whisper the words of spell
Without fear without fright


She can't feel the pain
She gaze at the sky
In the greedy flames
She will burn tonight

The beauty burning
Like the moon at harvest
Her seared flesh falling apart
And feed the hungry flames

Where the flame still bite her thigh
She is not afraid to die
She will burn again tonight
(she will always burn)
But her spirit shall survive...

Dedicated to the witch Marrigje Ariens
Born 1521, Burned 1591 in Schoonhoven, Holland

15. Boy

Higher the boy is swinging
He's watching silently
Madness is all that he can see
He stands alone, solo
Now when my big wide bring?
He's lost for will to relieve
They built me up, this dreaming
They turn these things that he is needing
Too many fight this one man war

The boy in the bubble
He wants a gun
I bet you didn't know know
For the boy in the bubble
All is very wrong
I bet you didn't know know

The school that he had played in:
This kid is sick beyond belief
This boy did not care to give back just to receive
They trod on him sat hiding
From all of the terror and the scorn
That he was never asked to be born
Destroying his youth and feelings
They tore his trust is no more than leaving
They push this kid way too far

The boy in the bubble
He wants a gun
I bet you didn't know know
For the boy in the bubble
All is very wrong
I bet you didn't know know

In sudden death he somehow
He has got to fight betrayal

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