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1. Bright Lights For Demise

Bright lights for dim eyes.,
The falling hills embrace your goodbyes.
Straight down just like your name,
Somewhere else for someone else.
Empty bottles, emptier wealth.
Swallow your last goodbyes.
Head out on your fucking tracks.
Mass exit of the pack.
This is the town you claim to hate.
I can't fucking relate.
And now I see what it's done to you.
Washed up and all through.
Made a mess now run and hide.
See you on the other side.
Straight down to Williamsburg.
Out to Cali is what I heard.
No cleaning that dirty slate.
So dont even try to say.
It wasn't good for you.
To me it's nothing new.
Just wave goodbye.

2. Like It Never Was

Set fire, shoot out the stars.
Take this road and you wont go far.
Fail to breathe, no words to speak.
If I could breathe, I'd gain some faith.
We can't get...
Running, stumbling, falling apart.
We can't get away.
Where did you go when the pain set it?
The result of of dropping out to live.
The streets are alive with vicious lies.
Set a crash course, destroy and die.
Never live it down, this is what I do.
Sifting through the trash.
Just to be with you.
Never live it down, this is what I do.
Sifting through the gtrash.
Just to see things through.
This is my body burning.
This is my head exploding.
This is the sky falling down.
I'll keep running.
I'll get away.

3. You Are My Target Audience

Just wanted to hear you,
Through dying lips.
Just wanted to point out,
You're full of shit.
Getting back all I wasted,
On such dishonest hearts.
Save face on a smile,
And let the rest fall apart.
Unsteady, drunk, and crazy,
From the life I live.
Sick and dizzy.
Can't crawl from bed,
To do it all again.
I'm cutting wrists cause it's all I got to give.
I'm cutting throats cause it's all I got to live.
I'm cutting out cause I'm angry at the sun.
And it's call come undone.
Over and over.
I'm trying to live.
Again and again.
It's all I got to give.
Over and over.
I'm trying to win.
Again and again.
I'm going to cash it in.

4. Up To My Neck

Two packs, and a bottle of jack.
Neurotic, gotta wash it all back.
Stand em up, knock em down.
Feel each cruel, dont make a sound.
March in the angels for a graceless fall.
Cracking foundation of a tortured soul.
Up to my neck, outta my head.
Up to my neck and out of my head from you.
Trouble with the booze means touble with you.
Survive another night, gotta make it through.

5. Toecutter

Day by day you serve your time.
Mask your face, get back in line.
Suffer the debt pockets down to the threat.
So hopeless, can't even pay the rent.
Life spent dragging a ball and chain.
Locked in, never able to get away.
Forget everything you've been told.
You're a dog on the leash.
Just getting bought and sold.
Day by day, by day.
How can I be saved?
Trading time for the money you get.
Your life doesn't mean shit to them.
Fuck all the promises, because they're all lies.
Cut your throat, and bleed yourself dry

6. The Frequencies Are Fucked

Dont sweat the drama.
Tonight I'm going home in a coma.
Feel uptight, looking my worst/
This car still finished first/
Teenage mindfuck, walk this way.
I don't rush,
So far I can see.
You're everything wrong for me.
Say away from me.
Throw me away.
I'm gods lonely man,
Loaded up wasted ends.
Wading through wasted dreams.
Not making amends, making a means.
I'm gods lonely man.
Failing ends, and falling ends.
Stay away from me.
Throw me away.
Everything I love is killing me.
I love everything that is killing me.
This is killing me.
Stay away from me.
Throw me away.

7. Type Face Love Letter

Got holes in my fucking hands,
Cause I can't fucking sleep.
All those holes in my fucking hands,
Lead me to believe.
That I waited, and I waited,
For something that's gone all wrong.
And I waited,
For something thta's come undone.
I got a heart attack theory,
In the pocket of my jeans.
And I know I got something,
And it's not what It seems.
Like a bull without horns.
And a god on the mend.
Limping, bored to avoid.
Something fails in my head.

8. I Was Asleep By Now

Crash and burn,
Scream but not heard.
Setting sun in a world that wont turn.
I can't sleep with my head like this,
How many times can you break a promise?
So little time for yourself,
No time for anything else.
Each pill beating the last,
Killing the pain.
What the fuck can save us?
Stand up let it be known.
Move to the beat and let yourself go.

9. Too Far Down

Empty, self taught lies.
Since childhood we crash and we die.
Felt so low this time around.
Don't know how the fuck to get it up.
Get my feet on the tround.
Light can't reach us now.
We're too far down.
They cant reach us now.
We're too far down.
Therapy, medicate, isolate.
Look out below.
This bomb will drop and explode.
Dear love I can't let go, no.
This cross I own,
Light cant reachn us now.
We're too far down.
They can't reach us now.
We're too far down.
Tell me one time.
Just what you know about.
Slipping through the cracks in the floor.
Breaking down, forget yourself, forsake your soul.
This world is killiing me.
This world is shooting me down.

10. This Is It

Dripping blood on your sunday dress
So much baggage, a fucking mess.
Day after day, a life on the ropes.
No use waiting for any hope.
You're just a waste of my breath.
Hope you dig the flowers I wont send.
This time baby, you can't leave.
Pray to that god you'll never see.
You're going to scream when you burn.

Thanks to xxxchaosisme for sending these lyrics.

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