Dark Lyrics


1. Enter the Hermitage (Surpassing the 9 Portals)

[Numbers indicate the Egress/Circuit of consciousness surpassed]

Take another shot, to raise the dead - infuse the veins and corrode the head
Slam another buck, fast down on the bar
We've only started, there's no too far!
Yeah, right?!
Gotta' swig it down, cold and wet
Blurred vision nectar, it is heaven sent
Batten down the hatches, gulp it down
No better time to be the clown…

…Senselessness, on a quest, relentless, intensify awareness…

The first seal is broken, as consciousness expands,
A glimpse of colour,
Leave others spinning...but I'm comin' back around

Time for another mainframe shift
Now movin' on, right through the gears
A change is made here in this night
Peel back beyond this layer, and gain insight…

…Senselessness, on a quest, relentless, intensify awareness…
…what comes next?
To infest?
A ritual test? Transcending the levels!

[3 & 4]
Another gate breaks, along with the next
Prismatic perception!
Ascending a sequence...To enlightenment…

[5 & 6]
Time out - feel in the groove
Drift the mood
Float up, through the next two...
Embrace the spark within you
You’ll need it as the waves hit you!

Purge till bile
A mind now erratic…
Lost the self
This change is traumatic…
Eyes, ears, mind
It is systematic…
Now, re-start

What a trip?! See through the chaotic mess.
Comprehend a grander scheme, beyond complexity…
(Surpassing the pattern)

Through one more, conduit, eclipsing reality.
Becoming, more than one,
Approaching infinity...
I can see, the all, as all is one in harmony
Entering, the ultimate epiphany…

I head up the staircase, rising through, the highest step.
The final door, yeah, was all that was left. Upon the plateau, I've reached mountain top!

Having hatched out of the shell
See beyond time and space...

No more seals left!

2. Black Mass

Oh, can you feel? Rising up?
Ready to explode, from within
Nothing more real than this very moment, believe me?
Absorb it as part of you.

From deepest slumber, through darkest night
Without warning, I had a surprise
As I looked down, to see myself
A cloaked mass, blacker than black, hovered before me!

Such frightful memories of my history
A deep sense of dread began to take hold
I span to change my course, yet
So many, oh… can't turn to run
From these burning habits of our fury,
Scarring the hands that hold on, to it
Oh such hellfire,
Let go and feel the release. Let's dance the blues away.
Oh Lord, can you hear us?
You must believe me, I speak no lie.
Can you hear or have you escaped through the sky?
I can completely sympathize.

Ooh, will we ever learn?

You may be feeling lost, with nowhere to go.
Come with me, baby
Let's move through this land, join with me
As sand will fail
Let's make some magic, bury it deep
Upon the rock
Freeing the sun to rise and shine.
The peace of release
Though sheer willpower, I made my way home

Through the wilderness, I meandered
Avoid the seeds that make living feel like death.
As winter flowers, begin to break through the haze
The colours flow as they now bloom

Though the ethereal window …I slid back out
Embraced reflections now, …I carve my stone
No longer slave to fear... crimes and confusion
Follow the lamp that leads the way….

One moment can transform reality. In one the void looked into me.
In another I saw all! What have I even left to say?

Follow the lamp as it leads the way.

3. No Sleep

Stepping back on the path again, coming back from the wilderness,
I've had my fill of shit now, got to say what must be said…

I've wondered through darkness, journey back to find the light.
My fuel is ignited, throttle down and hold on tight, march on!
Moving forward evermore.
The past lies behind
No stopping 'til I hit the dirt

This is what I learned, how I burned, what I pass I outlast,
Never looking back, progress is pay back!

Within this, my eye of providence, no longer blind
Sight beyond sight, forever vigilant

This is what I learned, how I burned, what I pass I outlast,
As the flame ignites, afflictions now alight!

This is what I learned, how I burned, what I pass I outlast,
No more sacrifice, fire now inside!

Reformed from what was before.
My self-restoration, never will I be broken again.
My grip is ever changing, holding on to what is sacred, understood.

Keep it inside me, perfecting the groove.
Take my hand, let's move.

Moving away, night to day, dark to light, no more sacrifice.
Moving away, night to day, dark to light, no more sacrifice.

No more sacrifice.
No more sacrifice.


These are truths we all find. Now, evolving our relative lives

4. Beyond The Wall

The rebirth of the self.
Days turn to night as a crack opens in the sky.
Silencing all hope. In that moment, reaching out.
A purge begins as cages fall apart.

Transcendent alchemy, power to create or destroy.
The sky tears further, swallowing both sun and moon
Self destruction sharpens blade, lusts for all and screams.
We hold the infinite within our very selves, beyond the wall.

Smile a fake plastic smile, for the 1000th time
Eyes glazed over
Harder than a grave
A gravestone!
Scorch the land, boil the sea, blacken the sky
As we pour our fires, our burdens, upon the earth
And watch it die!

Is it too much to ask for? To seek the light in the dark that looms
This withered corpse of hope, we must now exhume
How much time have we wasted, scorned, lost, mourned and cursed.
Shall we fade or eternally, beyond it all?

The rule of Gold, the all is one, believe and behold. I sit and drink of a smoking chalice…

The travelled path from days of old. This heart still blazes bright
A sacred formula of all that is or ever was before
Marching onward we progress our understandings step by step
All facades will fall as we walk on by beyond it all!

The path of old, from lead to gold
Within our grasp
We will out last beyond it all.

Beyond the wall.


5. Life Breather

As I look out, I wonder aloud, at this, vast multitude before us now (raw potential)
So many dreams in words, and worlds within the words
Angles of perception
And deflection. Yet time keeps ticking on.

Right on through, keep movin' forward.
As you walk, do you even feel the ground beneath you?
The world, that surrounds, in sun or cloud
With air, breathe new life in.
To light be exposed!

In the shadowed gaps of light.
When darkness falls, it spreads across the land.
Oh, there's such a chill
Come sit beside me!
...Will it all fall apart?

Right on through, keep movin' forward!
As you look out, do you even see what lies beyond you?
The worlds, that surround, in open or shroud
With love, breathe new light in.
To life be exposed!

Become the beacons.

Relinquish all the masks we wear.
Now, embrace reason!
Recalibrate sight and vision
Perception centred,
Deflection abandoned
See right through

A prophecy against Babylon, Isaiah son of Amos saw
Raise a banner on a bare hilltop, beckon them to cross the golden gates.
These commands prepare for war, warriors summoned, to carry out wrath.
Who will survive to rejoice?
Listen, a noise on the mountains
Like that of a great multitude
Listen, an uproar among the kingdoms
Like nations massing together!

Relinquish all the masks (aware)
Now, embrace reason!
Recalibrate the sight and vision, perception re-centred, deflections abandoned,
Division forsaken!

To get us through the night, the darkest of the soul.
To rebuild the self and break right through.

6. ReAwaken

Awaken, in Technicolor nightmare
A stranger to myself.
In a strange land, that's oh so cryptic
Not even knowing who I am.
Surrounded by the deepest oceans.
So many deceptions that confound...

We are more than a mere number.
Must I conform, or make a stand?
I'll make a stand.

Mistrust! Our self-defence has faltered.
Can't let, the death grip take a hold!
Discord will only make us fall!

Escape, is always stalked by rovers
Take me and my consciousness
Eyes reopen right back where I started
No sense can be made of madness!

Who am I? You are number 9!
Who are you? I am number 2!
Who is, number 1?
You are number 9!

...Trip over logic, right down the rabbit hole.

I start, to make sense of confusion
Realisations clear and now take hold
The sheer, power of perception
No escape for those who take the throne.

I've made sense, within this confusion
The light has returned now, to this old soul
The sheer, power within knowledge
No escape for those who took the throne.

Re-awaken, re-awaken....
Re-awaken, re-awaken....

Trip over logic, spat out the rabbit hole.
The blurred, now in focus as I regain control

Re-awaken, realise that you are one

Re-awaken, realise that we are one


I am one!

7. Laniakea (The Triumvirate of Barbarian. Mage and Monk)

...From solitude into the world, thick rain restricts his sight.
Looks up smiling at the sky, sees the spark upon the arc…

A figure's now approaching, as he walks with lamp on staff,
Another who heard the call,
Clad in a mage's robes
As their paths now are meeting, they greet with knowing gaze,
Seeking to form alliance
O'er mountains they must climb
They set to scale the rock face, each turns to share a smile
Two savages exchanging their knowledge eye to eye...
Forming a bond of brothers, one more must still be found

A pious nectarian, off in a distant land...

....Having surpassed the plateau, atop the world, so high...
Battles commence, surrounding. Hear a ferocious cry...

All who come armed before them, can join or move aside.
And yet they seem determined
To meet sure demise
No time is to be wasted, moving through every fight
With haste and unrelenting
Enemies scatter far and wide
The storm of bodies breaks beneath a bleak black sky.
A sweet smell they have noticed
And know from whence it hails
Hallowed ground they are approaching, as they now open the gate.

Harbingers of salvation, to be triumvirate

...three knocks upon the threshold, echoing deep within.
A voice soon comes, resounding "I've been expecting you!"

The gates open. Oh, such a wondrous sight.
A monastery, filled with instruments of alchemy.
He now approaches, smiling. A gleaming in his eye
Gifts bestowed, to these weary travelers, made by his very hands.
Goblets now shared among them
So strong and yet so kind
The three now raise them high...Sweet respite taken, before what comes this night.

Rested and starting out now, move upon a sacred path.
This journey ever forward, a quest unto the light.
Failure is not an option. Sol descends out of sight
Now see the hoard approaching, in palest moonlight. Oh!

Lo! Onslaught, erupting fiercely, masked armies of the night.
Slay all, who seek to destroy, with our combined strength and might
Never giving up, on the mission, on our plight
Each wave that comes approaching, stands no chance here on this night.

The stars now shine, resounding. No more seen to remain.
Immeasurable heaven, oh, has been regained

Clouds form atop the mountain. A distant thunder roars.
Their quest is never-ending. Three guardians of our 'cause…..

(To be continued...)

Thanks to dreaded209 for sending these lyrics.

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