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1. The Night Of The Demon Lord

Dread the end of summer
On the blackest of all nights,
The feast of samhains waking
In the mist of pagan rites.
The sunlight now is waning
As the undead walk the land.
Tonight's chaos - no mortal understands...
The festival of darkness
Under red october moon:
The powers of black witchcraft
In evil winds of ruin:
Demons ride the autumn sky
In thunder clouds and rain -
The gasps of forlorn souls who live again.
Dare walking this night, ye wanderer,
Ye life and soul you'll loose!
When hunted by his jetblack hound,
You'll surely meet your doom!
His eyes are burning red like fiery coal,
His cape - his leathery wings!
His breath will sear your back like winds from hell

2. The Blasphemer

I'm the blasphemer - by infernal fire
I'm the blasphemer - by infernal hate
I'm the blasphemer - by inferno's fire
I'm the blasphemer - by infernal wrath
I see crimson in your blood
Snow-white is your dead skin
They told me that you were supposedly god
And my deed was ultimate sin
But what I have done
Was just pure justice
I raised the shining blade
To protect myself
I crush the crucifix because
Age of satan shall come to pass
Mark of the beast: 666
On my breast means I'm anti-christ
Son of fire, son of satan
Anti-christ and the beast
Messenger of destruction
Great beast and the blasphemer

3. Warmetal

...evil... counqueror... chaos... disorder...
Blood... and honour... demon... on the earth...
...warmetal... warmetal...
...crowd... of fortune... public... of mortals...
I am... immortal... demon... on the earth...
Warmetal... warmetal...
...black... destroyer... master... of fire...
Greatest... warrior... demon... on the earth...
Warmetal... warmetal...

4. Deliver A Battle

Black darkness of the night
Full moon is only light
Moonlight shines from the steel
Of swords ready to kill
Troop of bold warriors
Full of greatest pride
Those bravest men of war
Are ready to strike
Swords and armours
Shields and spears
All the weapons
Made of steel
They deliver a battle
To destroy the enemy
They deliver a battle
They spill the blood
They deliver a battle
They deliver a battle
The troop of full moon night
Full moon of strength and might
War-spirit fills their mind
Invincible they are
Enemies shall be killed
And their blood shall be spilled
One battle more to be
In list of victories
This is the doom and death
Of their weak enemies
That troop of warriors
Of invincible steel
Swords and armours
Shields and spears
All the weapons
Made of steel

5. Death Is Saviour

Coffin is open for you
And it will be closed too
Death will be your saviour
By it you'll get out from this world
Life... is... hell... but death is saviour
Torture, pain and suffering
Death is the gate out from the hell
Live no like those fucking slaves
Slaves of nothing else but hell
Ave satanas, luciferi
Inside... of me... is burning great flame...
Belial, leviathan
Give me fury... strength and the power...

6. Leaving The World Of Mortals

I lie awake on the battlefield
A fatal wound in my breast
I'm soon to be dead
Yet still I am thinking...
A sail on the horizon
Vanishing in the crimson dawn...
My comrades are gone...
Victorious! - and silence descends...
Suddenly I hear the hooves
Not born from this earth
The valkyries come
They found me worthy
I'm drawn upon a horse's back
Shivering with fright and joy
I know I have died
To live forevermore
Leaving the world of mortals
I already can see those gates
Once arrived I will join the feast
Where all my brave ancestors wait
Welcomed by ravens
I'm shown the place I've earned
Around the fire we sit and drink
Until time ends...

7. Deadmarch

8. Ethereal Guest

Creation of ethereal atmosphere by my ritual
Hidden force of the nature is now guest of mine
I... feel... the... ancient... power... in... the... air
Circle on the ground
Seal drawn into it
I stand in the middle
Of the sign
I... feel... the... ancient... power... in... the... air
(In the name of satan)
Open wide the gates of hell
And come forth from the abyss
Open wide the gates
(In the name of satan)
Open wide the gates of hell
To greet me as your brother
And friend of hell
I salute you, my ethereal guest!

9. Immortal Warrior

As you might remember the funeral of mine
After great battle where I was dying
But I return to dwell back on earth to spread
The black seeds of hell to create a new breed
New race to rule the mankind of fools
And my mania is boundless to make this to be true
I will lead the troops
Of mankind's doom
It's time to face the dawn
To hear the battle roar
So now you know
I am the chosen lord
Immortal warrior
Of immense force
Destroy, destroy, weak mankind we'll destroy
My troops of satanic age
Are marching with pure rage
Kill, burn, rape, pillage
Weak mankind we'll destroy

10. Demon Est Deus Inversus

Demon est deus inversus...
Dark abyss...
Evil spirits...
My thoughts...
Abyss is dark around of me
Spirits, they fly to here from other worlds
Sky is sinister dark like my thoughts
I can feel how my wings grow
New spirits in darkness
Will get torture from
Demons of abyss
I'm one of those

11. Infernal

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