Dark Lyrics


1. Awakening of the Evil Spirits


2. The True Insomnia

In the darkness of consciousness rules the morality
Our nature lurks beyond, deceiving mortality
Teach through generations, buried by force of qualia
Our sluffed with a thought on roots of the only realization

The true insomnia

Deceived from the start
Shocked and destroyed
We exist no more!

The ancient truth is buried
Lies are our monuments
Which differences make us real?
For those whose rights are we here?

"Anything that we are aware of at a given moment forms part of our consciousness making conscious experience at once the most familiar and most mysterious aspect of our lives"

We are prophets - individual oracles
Concerning the human understanding
Our believers crave for miracles

Crimson is all I can see, a bloody story of our extermination
Red is the color of birth, only death brings summary of views
Created by our degradation

3. Pandemonium

Caused is the sin
And all evil shall win
Bleeding from within
Deeply sinking in

The bottomless depths of pain
Where the hale becomes insane
My path is the one I choose to follow
Which will bring me to my grave

No one shall give - only greed is real
No one shall stand - only falling is real
No one shall love - only hate is real
No one shall live - only death is real

Everything that was ever meant
Is now worthless and forsaken
Helpless and abandoned
Is how you will forever remain

Let thy chaos forever reign upon us!!!

Nothingness is what I feel
And is everything I craved for...

4. Lost Shadows


5. Abhorrence

In the deepest darkness of your eyes
Where the beautiful silence lies
Where no light has ever shinned
Where no one has ever looked inside...

Behind the peaceful presence
Covered beneath lays the essence
Of all human-like abhorrence...

The one I shall forever despise
Once shinned in my own eyes
The one that is now my enemy
Was once part of me...

Raped by the screams of your inner voice
Still remaining unconscious of your choice
The torturing methods you deserve to feel
Would be far beyond impossible to heal...

In horrid agony, and constant pain
Still without feeling a second of shame
This time the last one laughing shall be me
Unmercifully extracting your blood until the last drop

6. Plague upon Yourself

Thusly and so beneath, a blood moon shine
Upon the world so crystalline
Until a loud cry crossed the night
Over the iced white shred of light

A universal beginning
A miniature echo of the birth of time
Will tumble upon abominable life giving delusional mind

The rain of limbs and babies
Of which they were a part
And the terror of the destiny rushing them from below

Becoming a cancer
You have become a plague upon yourself

Life's but a walking shadow
A tale told by an idiot
Full of sound and fury signifying nothing!

The more I see, the more am I disgust
Hate and detest that animal called man!

7. Inherited Infection

Through the lands called life we can barely see your prophecies realized
Too many aspects are against your pathetic lies
Our bodies filled with emptiness praise the facts of your mortal desires
To become more illusional than any kind of wisdom you'll never possess in your minds

The received wickedness is so natural and pure
Through generations I'm keeping this secret as the truth
Your prayers will never wash it away
The filth in your blood can only guide you through this path

An unborn pestilence, a forgettable code you know
By spitting your own blood, we never suspect
In the false fluid you generously drop
Preparing the upcoming, making them more vulnerable

And they will only serve me as their maker
For an eternity I shall infect the newborn ones
Receive me as your guide, feel me through your genes of mortality
Expect an unpleasant voyage called reality

8. The Haunting Presence

Alone in this dark chamber
Watching the fire of burning the candles
Everything always reminds me of you

Underneath the gray skies
In the cold winter breeze
Your presence is always haunting me

In the deepest depths of my mind
Your voice somewhere echoes
And after all is lost and forgotten
We are nowhere to be found or remembered

Underneath the gray skies
In the cold winter breeze
Your presence is always haunting me

And finally
Our souls
Rest in peace

9. Dysthymia


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