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1. 96.11.28; 14:00


2. Against The Odds

Try, Yeah I'll try,
To overcome this hurt inside,
What about tomorrow?
Will I feel your love still follow me?
Over and over, I keep seeing you,
I keep seeing you and I know,
If we're worlds apart, I'd never let you go.

They tell me the oceans are too wide,
But what they're trying to say,
Is taking it's toll deep inside,
I'm starting to slide,

I never thought I'd see your face again,
I need to feel the love that I thought was lost,
I never thought I'd see your face again,
I'm still in love with you,
Against the odds,

Here, right here,
Is all you ever need to find,
Knock down the fences,
Lay bare surviving senses,
Can I be broken,
I keep seeing you, keep seeing you and I don't know,
If I could touch you know,
Could I let you go,

They tell me the road only goes so far,
But, what they're trying to say,
Is twisting and tearing at my heart,
I'm falling apart,


3. Overnight Sensation

One more time, I'm sitting here thinking,
How you rule my world,
But still draw the line,

Someone said that your here and your gone,
And that's all that matters,
Someone said that I'm blind to the fact,
And my heart got shattered,

I'm just another night,
Overnight sensation,
Overnight sensation,
So tell me I'm right,
Overnight sensation,

Am I so easy to please, or the only answer,
You always love to tease, tease me til dawn,
You always move me like a mountain,
I don't care why,
The buck stops here,
Let's make it clear,
No more goodbyes,



4. Can't Close The Book

Feel free to be all you want to be,
And feel the pain when your wrong,
I believe in your own destiny,
You wrote the story all along,
So turn the pages,

To make your mark in a world that does not care,
It's like a naked flame in a storm,
Take the spark and hold it if you dare,
Feel the fire you control,
Turn the pages,

Can't close the book,
(Can't close the book)
'Til you've finished the story,
Can't live your life,
'Til your dreams alive,

Turn around and your out there on your own,
Stand your ground, your the driver,
And giving up a thought you never owned,
You're made of stone,
A survivor,
Turn the pages,


5. Hide Your Heart

Come a little closer baby, by my side,
Look into my eyes now,
And tell me what you see,

Loving you, it seems so hard to do, you see,
You're all I ever wanted,
All I ever needed in my life,
All night long, waiting for the dawn so I can,
Take you by the hand girl,
Make you understand,
Yeah understand,

You can't hide when the loving starts,
You can't hide your heart,
You can't stop when the loving stops,
You better hide your heart,
Hide your heart,
Hide your heart,
Hide your heart,
Hide your heart,

Losing you I never wanted to because,
You're everything I asked for,
Everything I prayed for, pray for me,
A twist of fate, could take it all away,
So tell me that you'll stay now,
Never lock your love away from me,
Away from me,


Hide your heart, hide your heart,


Hide your heart, hide your heart,

6. Balance Of Power

I'll introduce myself as someone that you know, I sink your skin,
I captivate your soul,
A sudden sense of being empty comes to mind, and as I suck you dry
I swear you'll never find,

I'd hold the gates of heaven, open on my own,
I'll walk through fields of fire,
Just to let you know,

I'm taking calculated risks at your expense, and in a moment
I would come to your defence,

I'd ride the wildest horses, I'd sell my soul, I'd burn a thousand torches,
Just to let you know,

If your world falls down,
I'll be your balance of power,
When it all falls down,
I'll be there 'til the end,
If you'll only be my friend,

If I'm a double standard, standing on my own,
Then all you have to understand is all I know,

I'd stop the world from turning on my own,
I'd stop the sun from burning,
Just to let you know,


"It's all a misunderstanding, a misguided chance of fate,
And it's in the lap of the gods,
If I never understand, the rules, the real, the wrong,
Then I'm walking blind, blind in the sun"


7. Don't Wait Until Tomorrow

I'm always searching for a reason,
Searching for a reason why,
Why I ever thought I'd leave you,
Who am I to change your life,

Now that you're gone,
I just can't feel without you,
Is it too soon, too soon to cry,

Don't you wait until tomorrow,
Don't you wait,
Don't you wait until our love is over,
Don't you wait until tomorrow,
Don't you wait until it's too late for love,

Now I'm lying here without you,
I can't get you off my mind,
Life without you is so empty,
How could I be so unkind,

Take my hand,
Is it too late for sorry?
Why can't it be
Just you and me?


8. Something For Your Head

Do I know you? Do you know me?
I can't stand this hazy in between,
What would you do, How would it be?
Is it black or white or technicoloured dreams?
Never underestimate the power of the silent man,
Go before it gets too late,
Do it now while you still can,

The walls around me are getting closer,
I can't breathe, can't exercise my mind,
The signs surround me, they say its over,
Now I see that I've been walking blind,
If I stumble, if I fall, at least I'll die by own hand,
When there's nothing left at all,
Maybe you will understand,

Well here's something for your head,
Nothing lasts forever,
Nothings carved in stone,
No matter how I try,
Something for your head,
Remember all I told you,
Nothings carved in stone,
Well I lied,

What's the story, love or hate?
Well it's cut and dried that's how it's always been,
Say it slowly but say it straight,
'Cos I'm sick and tired of wasting all my dreams,
So I finally give in and walk away a better man
And I finally begin to turn the boy into a man,


9. When Love Is On Your Side

Summers over, all I'm left with is the rain,
The nights are colder,
Even clouds are not the same,
When you closed the door,
I closed my eyes to everything,
And the clothes you wore, will stay with me, like a tapestry of love,

Tonight's a long one, tonight's a test,
I'll fail again,
So help me someone, so much love has turned to pain,
If I close my eyes I can touch your hair, it's all so clear,
If I really try,
I can dream us both a million miles from here,

[bridge 1]
If I walk the whole world over,
I'd do it all for just one kiss,
I'll never love this way again,

When love is on your side,
You can't say goodbye,
When your locked in someones heart,
You can never die, never die,

Surprise me one day, call me, write, or best of all remember those days,
Like summer days we spent in school,
I can't find the words, but that's OK, 'cos no ones here,
And if you overheard, you'd smile that smile that once began our love,

[bridge 2]
If I never hold another,
I'd live on memories of you,
I'll never love this way again,


Never Die!!

Summers over all I'm left with is the rain.......

10. The Real Thing (Carry On Dreaming)

All or nothing seems to be, becoming painfully clear,
All of a sudden it came to me,
The bitter taste won't disappear,

[bridge 1]
Your the last and the only,
And your down for the last time,
Can you take it?
Cold hard facts make you tired and lonely,
Close your eyes and your heart beats slowly,

If the real thing hurts you better carry on dreaming,
There's nothing wrong with your own sweet song believe me,
If the real thing hurts you better carry on dreaming,
It won't take long 'til the real thing comes again,

Sorry seems the hardest word after all is said and done,
Imagine all you overheard could be erased forever gone,

[bridge 2]
Will you ever find heaven?
Will it all turn around?
Can you make it?

One day soon just as sure as you're breathing,
I'll see you with your heart bleeding,


"Its better to have loved and lost,
Than never to have loved at all,
It's better to die from love,
Than to have lived your life for gain"


11. These Are The Days

Seems like a years gone by,
When I was lost out in the cold,
That day when you caught my eye,
I got caught in a whole new world,
I always smile when I think of that time,
I guess I always will,
And here you are still mine all mine,
Let me tell you how I feel,

Remember this,
Take a look around,
Look at what we've found,
Remember this,

These are the days,
We will be talking about forever,
These are the days,
We will always remember,

Seasons change and time goes on,
Only one thing stays the same,
Nothing come close and never will,
We're getting stronger day by day,
Some feelings you never touch,
Yeah and some are searching still,
And here you are still mine all mine,
And did I tell you how I feel?



12. Summers Over


13. If Ever

[Bonus track from Japan]

Do you see me how I see you?
Could you walk for one day in my shoes?
I'd like to be inside of you.
Through your eyes the world looks colder.
A sudden fear of empty space.
Can't shake the memory of you face.
I cannot hide, I know I've tried,
Maybe one day you'll come back I cried,

Remember the Love
Remember the pain,
Will things ever be the same,

If ever you need someone,
I'll be right here waiting,
If ever you need someone,
Baby call me, call me yeah,
The more I learn the less I know,
The less I know is better for me,
Making sense is no defence,
Losing you won't set me free,
You disappeared without a trace,
Can't shake the memories
of your face,
Now it's up to you,
I'm in your hands,
Bring back my heart and if you can,

[Guitar solo]

Remember the love...

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