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1. Deviltry

"Oh rose, thou art sick! The invisible worm that flies in the night / In the
howling storm / Has found out thy bed / Of crimson joy / And his dark secret
love / Doth live destroy"

Oh fallen star of wormwood grace / Grant me the smile of Janus face / Give me
a twin identity / A false integrity

To my city set upon the hill / With a godlike view at my own will / Give me the
cure for the world's pain / Give me the god of cain

For damned in forbearance I have crawled / Half awake I've gotten old / I got
the gum card of every sin / Sent for the Christ to win

Deviltry / Some simple deviltry of sin / Give me black deviltry / The vice of kings
and knaves / The king of kings and knaves /Bunch of slaves

For I got no promises to keep / Wouldn't bother to sow even less to reap /
And I know there's sense in being sane / There's reality to blame / But I still
got something resembling pride / So one more time give me a ride / Crush in
my nasal bone and ride / Rattle my spine

2. Omega Therion

For want of an angel / For all the lead that you thought you turned gold /
There is something that you still want to know / Il Penseroso led you astray /
To the woods and the wild / The pathless way / And you followed the trail that
Shelley fared / Gazed on dead kings with your sullen despair / Even the dome
of the rock in Blake's city / Bore no trace of St. Augustine

And you studied Plotinus / Thrice great Trismegistos / Knew the reign of Hister
and Niebelung / Nietzsche, Vril und Gotterdammerung

Do you want an angel / Heaven clad as the stars fell / Do you want an angel /
Poison of god to make it well

For want of an angel / For all the blood that you turned into ink / You found
yourself still searching / A Heosphoros for a Golden Dawn / A scarlet sunrise for
Babalon / Someone to stop all the watches now / Someone to bring this
shithouse down / All things must have an end / All things for all men

Oh forget the Tuesday baby / Let it be a doomsday baby / Come on and suck a
megaton / Omega Therion

So it is time / Unbind the lines of horizon / Omega Therion / Take you away

3. Beyond The Sun

Well if a tree falls down / Does it make a sound / If there's no one to see? /
And if I'm all alone / Everybody's gone / Then it's the real me / Right?

And if you found yourself / To be like no one else / Who would that no one
be? / And if you blew your cool / With life as an april's fool / The truth could be
seen / Right?

Ain't no world in a grain of sand / No flowers to hold in our hands / Didn't got
no million in prizes / The shoe didn't fit in none of the sizes

Pull down the shade / On your window / Go paint it a smiling face / Lose
yourself in the shadows like days

And everything is new and bright / Like vomit kisses on summer nights / A
tooth for an eye / An eye for tooth / A truth for an eye / A lie for a tooth / They

Well if there is a Beast / And your soul's diseased / Would you take its hand? /
If God don't love you / Just be a man / And be God damned

Oh won't you let it come / Meet the enemy of sun / Oh it's there just look
deep within / Growing bigger with your feeble sins

Pull out your heart / Through the rib cage / Go paint it a smiling face / Leave a
scarab in its place

Would you believe that the earth is hollow / And our path is the straight and
narrow / Tooth fairies and Santa Claus / There's troll's blood in all of us?

Would you believe that there's nothing more for us / No more hate / No more
love / No fight and fuss / When everything is said, denied and done

Beyond the sun

4. Metatron

Given to crescent moon / Chaldean echoes of spectral gloom / Like a pen pal of
the gods / No horns no reply

Flowers of sorcery / Like pearls before the swine / Defying space and time /
Sez the pineal gland of mine


Given to dreaming witches' lie / It's sweet to close your weary eyes / Given
to pentacles and more / Drunk with the blood of the whore

Gimme some Metatron / Damn my immortal soul / But show me something that
I don't know / Gimme some Metatron

Given to waning moon / Septuagint whispers of impending doom / Cautes and
Cautopates / A shit load of bad ass deities / Wore out my shovel / Burying
monsters where they popped up / And it's OK / Doesn't matter anyway

For Babalon above / For Babalon below

Gimme some Metatron

5. Enchiridion For A Common Man

Need me a bar on an alleyway / Death on a pale horse to ride away / A
disease bacteria culture dip plate / Bagged take away / And it's all right / Just
let it ride

A fleet of dragon barges at berth / To sail off the edge of the earth / Setting
sail for some bad luck / Could fuck some mean shit up / And it's all right

Just let it ride

And if I should lose my very soul / In some distant port of call / I would still find
my way home / If I took pride and I should fall / My wings could not be shorn /
My heaven would just be cold

Saw life as a girl from the avenue / Daddy's sunshine with eyes of blue / Been
more content with a cross eyed witch / Back in an alley ditch / And it's all right

Just let it ride

For all the things I've said and known / I guess some reason could be shown /
Life can be easy / Life can be kind / Plain sodomy in the behind

Show me a bar on the alleyway / A cross eyed witch to steal my soul away /
For I could die on an alleyway / With a smile on my lips / For all the yesterdays

Show me a bar on an alleyway

6. In Arcadia Ego

In Arcadia ego / Twisted the rose did grow / Sucked up the sap of this world /
Blood red the petals pearled / With some wisdom absurd

And outside these walls / The night took the rose / Bound it with moonlight /
And cut it up with the morning star

In Arcadia ego / A rose to drown in snow / A sepulchre by the sea / Marble to
slumber beneath / Lulled by a mountain stream

And outside these walls / The night knows us all / In dark woods wandering /
Detached of our soul

"Pour wine and dance if manhood still have pride / Bring roses if the rose be
yet in bloom / All wisdom shut into his onyx eyes / Our Father Rosicross sleeps
in his tomb"

In Arcadia ego / How fast the years did go / And how bitter is the wind /
Blowing from shores of Arcady

And outside these walls / The night knows us all / In dark woods the roses
grow / In hardship the soul

In Arcadia Ego

7. Babylon Astronaut

Two feet have I / Pillars of putrid meat / Standing so tall among my / Icons of
filth / With gargoyle eyes / I see / The Christ he's smiling at me / His
phosphorous grin / An absolution for all my sins

And in this room / The walls covered with flies / I'm seen through their /
Myriad eyes / The alien eyes / I'm seen somewhere else / Seen through the
windows of Hell

A few million / Light years from home / I am searching for a different kind of /
Insanity / The Babylon astronaut

Could you leave it all behind?

(There is no evil)

I see the stars painted on the window's glass / Seven planets supporting the
nothingness / And I am happy / Nothing more, nothing less

(There is no evil)

Something came to my room / As flies on the ceiling / Coming down on me /
One by one / And their hairy limbs / Crawling on my naked skin / The
motherfuckers screwing on me / Insect sex

No I won't move / As my ears are laden with eggs / Close my eyes / And
dream of being back in the womb

"Under the juniper trees Talking cats and silver boots filled with Blood"

Could you leave it all behind?

Under another sun / I'll grow saturnine / Lay siege to heaven / In fever
dreams / And I smash my head / Into the window's glass / And see the stars
come down at last

8. Flesh Of A Swine

Shiny like marble kissed by sea / Some Castaneda dreams / By William
Burroughs means

Feeding the devil with a spoon / It is the length / Not the skill nor stealth or
strength / Like / Do you got what it takes to know yourself / To kill the
universe / You try to twist into a curse?

True flesh of a swine fattened on her brood / Will bark at the sun howl the
moon / Go grasp the meaning of universe / Or kill thyself

No four and nine is a twelve / No ten and three is a twelve

The new born moon did burn you blind / A Horus of plucked out eye / Trying to
map the sky / To find a place to go when he dies

Bride wealth of the sun / For the wife you wed / A templars' Baphomet /
Crown that fits no head / Pork jelly fed / No suckling to sodomy and sin /
Cheap wine pissed in the wind / Gonna get it right

For true flesh of a swine fattened on her brood / Will bark at the sun howl the
moon / Go grasp the meaning of universe / Or kill thyself

Seasons they change / Winter did come / Washed down with blood / Gulped
down your sun

And ogre brood souls / Gnaw cheese from the moon / Dream of wells by the
road / In darkened bedrooms / But no coffin lid nails / No n demon names /
Create no interest in Hell / You got nothing to sell

For no nine and four's twelve / No ten and three's twelve / No such thing as
yourself / Kill the universe / Get it right

9. Cold Heaven


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