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1. Eternity

Eternal suffer,
abandoned soul,
alone in darkness,
away from all

A blinding sorrow,
curse of immortality,
a burning pain
for all Eternity

Within the halls of Hell I'm sitting all alone,
shadows rising by my sides,
this hall will forever be my throne
for I am cursed Eternally

A built up anger from beneath the skin,
a burning lust to kill from deep within,
a hatred that runs so deep inside,
a wish to slay the human kind

A tightened grip across the axe,
charge into war as if possessed,
to bring the doom upon humanity,
to crush the world for all Eternity

As night covers the sky
I will rise and all will die

2. Bloody Dawn

A Bloody Dawn slowly eats the night;
we step on the battlefield, ready to fight
Our mighty blades are raised up high,
we shout together: "our foes shall die!"

We charge to war, towards the unknown,
we'll fight all day and then wait for the next Bloody Dawn

Misty frost and crimson sky
will cover all the world tonight,
now will come the judgment day,
Lucifer will rise to reign

The demon army will charge into the night,
until the Dawn they'll stand and fight

We are the troops of Hell,
fighting the unholy war,
we are fighting for the dark lord
and that the angels won't live to see
the next Bloody Dawn

The angelic reign will come to its end;
a Bloody Dawn will rise upon the land

3. Nocturnal Creatures

Within the night's ghastly embrace
they live on flesh of righteous men,
lurking in the darkened woods,
rulers of the nighty domain

Cryptic beasts of an unholy race,
guardians of the unholy light,
a horde of demon troops,
these beasts are the kings of the night

The call of the night
from beyond the grave,
arising from darkness
for the holy blood they crave

Nocturnal demons
of Satanic source,
on human flesh
they feed their force

Sounds of slaughter will spread through the night
as their army marches to fight
Pain and terror as the moon shines in red,
the doom of the world will now spread

A call so dark
from beyond the grave,
arising from the darkness
for the holy blood they crave

4. Slaughter The Divine

5. The Eternal Horde

From the broken battlefield
an undead Horde marches on,
eliminating the souls within,
the corpses of the slaughtered men

An army raised with one single purpose,
demonic power within the rotten troops,
it is the army of the apocalypse,
they have no mercy, they have no remorse

Now they rise to join the Horde,
they shall never lie in the dirt
Indestructible undead Horde,
these walking dead only answer to one lord

The righteous shall fall…
in front of the dark lord's force
The righteous will fall…
in front of the Eternal Horde

Soon this army will charge with another war,
with Satan's power they shall cleanse the world,
destroying every Christian sign,
destroying every Christian life

6. From The Land Of Ice

Black blood
runs in his unholy veins,
a warrior of Hell,
with his mind set to revenge

His mind set to revenge

As ancient as the northern mountains,
a dark strider walking the land

The leader of the Eternal Horde,
walking the land on an unholy crusade

He won't stop until he has his revenge
For he has sold his soul for the chance to avenge

A warrior From The Land Of Ice,
fire burns in his eyes,
his wrath will be unleashed upon the world,
his mighty foes will fall

Black blood
runs in his unholy veins,
he's walking the land
thirsty for his unholy revenge

His saga will never end

7. Unholy Call To Arms

A lost soul, forsaken spirit,
born in the eternal flames of Hell,
a warlord arising from below,
the unholy path is his only way

Sons of fire,
creatures of the night,
gather all your strength
and you unholy might

Unholy beings
will rise at night
to join the new cause,
to join the deathknight

The believers
will wake up and take one last breath
but all they'll feel
is the stench of death

The winds of chaos
will blow once more;
a Hellish force
will be unleashed upon the world

The chains of death
will bind the land;
the screams of pain
will never end

The lost signs of Hell,
the rising Call To Arms of the damned

8. Held By The Angel Of Death

A pain from deep inside
devouring your soul and making you blind,
your mind can not go free,
a closing feeling, you cannot flee

A fear so strong,
you feel left alone,
a meaningless life
and all you wish is to die

Held and caressed
By The Angel Of Death,
a dark and destroying
feeling of wrath

The mind is covered
by mist and fog,
no thoughts remain,
no self-control

And only one wish remains
within the mind,
a dark and destroying
wish to die

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