Dark Lyrics


1. Phase I: Singularity

[01. Prologue: The Blackboard]

"8:49 this morning

The dew of morning still glistens on the salt grass that grows along the foundation of the old lighthouse. I isn't in active service anymore, but has been renovated to serve as a private dwelling.

High in the tower inside, a young man is slumped on the floor in the corner of the room, apparently in some kind of trance. Somebody has put a blanked over him. He is deadly pale, but the steady, almost imperceptible rise and fall of his chest shows that he still clings to life. Standing next to him are young woman and an older man. Both are obviously shocked and distressed.

Their frequent glances toward the door give the impression that they're waiting for someone who is yet to arrive. On the wall next to them is a blackboard covered with impenetrable mathematical equations. The older man is holding a crumpled piece of paper – it appears to be a note scribbled in haste by an unsteady hand. What follows here is the story of what happened."

Will we ever understand
This complex genius
This visionary thinker

Will we ever get this close again
Uniting the forces
Of our universe

Will we ever understand
His isolation
Or his sense of wonder

We will never get this close again
It's been too long…
I think he's gone

[02. The Theory of Everything part 1]

"11 years earlier

The Father, a brilliant scientist, has devoted his life to finding the Theory of Everything, the equation that will fully explain and unite all physical forces of the universe. He's obsessively working day and night; unaware that his wife and introverted son need far more attention that he has been giving them. The Mother has always supported her husband's scientific pursuits, but the strain of dealing with their asocial child's special needs has worn her down to the point of desperation."

I'm so close to the answer
A dazzling symphony of cosmic strings
I feel the pulse, vibrating just out of reach
The music of space

One single master equation
Unification of the great and small
I hear the notes but the arrangement is wrong
And I'm starting to doubt, but I can't give up now I'm so near

Can't you see that I need you out here?
And what about our boy?
I think he's got something to give
What secrets lie... beyond these hollow eyes?

I'm sorry you feel neglected
But it's clear that you don't understand
I'm aware, and I want to be there
I just need some more time, for the answer is blindingly near

Are you trying to drive us away
Just when we need you most?
You might find he's got something to give
What secrets lie... beyond these eyes?

[03. Patterns]

"The son is so withdrawn because his mind is overwhelmed by analyzing the chaotic stimuli of the world around him, and the mathematical patterns he sees in everything – even in nature. His brain seems to operate on a completely different level than other people's. There is something very special about him, indeed."

[Violin: Ben Mathot]


[04. The Prodigy's World]

"The Mother is determined to connect with the Prodigy, but he is completely unresponsive. He is simply incapable of relating to her emotionally, even though on some level he wants to."

Talk to me

I know you're there, but I won't see you
I hear your voice but it can't reach me

Let me in

It all seems so trivial
In the scheme of things

Talk to me

I feel your touch but it can't move me
I hear your words but they confuse me

Let me in

It all comes to nothing
In the scheme of things

Patterns emerge in nature's dance
Numbers are born in the wheel of chance
Why do I see this?
What does it mean to me?

A grand design in all its majesty
Vibrating strings, quantum gravity
Why was I chosen?
What does it mean to me?
Tell me why!

[05. The Teacher's Discovery]

"7 years ago

As the students work on a test in science class, a gust of wind from the open window blows a paper full of math equations off the Teacher's desk. Unnoticed by the teacher, it lands at the Prodigy's feet. Already having finished the test, he picks up the paper. His face lights up as he begins writing."

I can't believe… this can't be true.
How could you know?
I've tried to solve this
For as long as I recall

Is this your work? Be honest now
How did you do it?
I'm not angry, boy
But I really need to know

I'm sorry, sir, I can't explain
It's the way I've always been
You see, the numbers just appear
Before my eyes

Don't believe him, no! He's envious!
I've felt it from the start
In every class, I've always been the genius
And he just wants to be like me

Don't let him deceive you
He's nothing but a fake
A sad pretender
Trying to take my place

Don't let him deceive you
He's nothing but a fake
A sad pretender
A total waste of space

[06. Love and Envy]

"Why is the Rival constantly bulliying the Prodigy? And why is the Girl compelled to protect him?"

[Violin: Ben Mathot]

Why do you torment him, are you jealous?
There must be a reason you're so cruel
What have you got against him?
Does he scare you?
What did he ever do to you?

Oh no, I can't believe
You're falling for this loser
Oh no, I thought you knew
That I am so much cooler!

Why do you despise him, are you frightened?
Are you being driven by your pride?
I think you feel threatened by his brilliance
But still you admire him, deep inside

Oh no, I can't believe
You're falling for this loser
Oh no, I thought you know
That I am so much cooler!
Oh no, I always thought
That we should be together
Oh no, I really think
That you can do so much better

[07. Progressive Waves]


[Uilleann Pipes: Troy Donockley
Violin: Ben Mathot
Modular Moog solo: Keith Emerson
Synthesizer solo: Jordan Rudess
Low Whistle: Troy Donockley]

[08. The Gift]

"The Teacher visits the Father, bringing him surprising news about his son."

I'm glad you could meet me
I'm here about your son
I've never seen a mind like his
Especially so young

He's got a gift for numbers
Never known before
An outstanding genius
Who shouldn't be ignored

You must be mistaken
He's useless and he's weak
I see no sign of genius
The boy can hardly speak

He just sits there, lifeless
For hours at a time
No expression on his face
His eyes staring into space!

How can you be so heartless
There must be so much more that we can do

Who are you to judge me,
You don't even know what we've been through!

Just give him more attention
You'll see there's more to him than meets the eye

Fine! I'll try to help the child
Better not be wasting my time!

[09. The Eleventh Dimension]


[Flute: Jeroen Goossens
Violin: Ben Mathot]

[10. Inertia]

"5 years ago

The Prodigy wants to improve his relationship with his Father, but doesn't know how to reach out."


Are you trying to drive me away?
Just when I need you most.
I think… I've got something to give
I just don't know… how…

[11. The Theory of Everything part 2]

"The Mother and the Father agree to enlist and outside expert to help with their son, but their motivations to do so couldn't be more different."

[Flute: Jeroen Goossens
Violin: Ben Mathot]

We need to take him to therapy
Help him function in society

It's worth a try, who knows...
He could help me complete
The Theory Of Everything

[Mother and father:]
A future to build
A role to fulfill
Something to give
A reason to live

2. Phase II: Symmetry

[12. The consultation]

"The Mother takes the Prodigy to a Psychiatrist for assessment. He performs a diagnostic interview and battery of tests on the Prodigy."

I know it’s hard to find the words
But tell me all about your world
Do you struggle to adapt?
Do you feel detached?

It seems I’m always out of place
Like some alien machine
I never know how I should be
Or what to feel, or what is real

Can you help us reach our son?
Can we put our faith in you?
Can you help him overcome?
There is brilliance shining through
Do you see it too?

Let’s talk about your dreams
Can you tell me what you see?
Can you describe the way you feel?
Do you feel anything at all…

I see things that don’t belong
In this four-dimensional world
There is so much more beyond
More to unveil, more to reveal

Can you help us reach our son?
Can we put our faith in you?
Can you help him overcome
There is magic shining through

Can you help us reach our son?

I, I need a future I can build
Can you tell us what to do?

Give me a role that I can fulfil

Can we help him rise above?

I know I’ve got something to give

[Mother and Prodigy:]
A reason to live!

[13. Diagnosis]

"The Psychiatrist informs the Mother and Father of his findings. But will they accept the unconventional course of treatment he suggests?"

[Flute and bass flute: Jeroen Goossens]

Yes, I’m afraid I see signs of impairment
But there is something more
He’s an exceptional savant, one in a million

His mind is ablaze with distraction
But maybe I can help
I’m testing a new drug that can help him focus

Please tell us more, that sounds intriguing
Can he join your clinical trial?
If he could concentrate he could help me
He might even be of some use!

Center the mind, cut straight to the core
Brighten the flame, break open the cage
Shatter the wall, shut down the noise
Soften the pain, sharpen the brain

I have to confess it’s experimental
I’m still running through the tests
The side effects could include extreme delusions

No! Not on my life, I’ll never allow it!
No matter what we could win
I won’t let you endanger my child
I refuse to play dice with his life

[Mini Moog solo: Rick Wakeman]

[14. The Argument 1]

"Is the Psychiatrist's experimental drug worth the risk? The Mother and Father have vastly different views - and motivations."

How could you even contemplate
Experimenting on our child?
Were you only thinking of yourself again?

No! Why shouldn’t I want to help him
You make it sound like it’s a crime
I’m not giving up, this isn’t over!

[15. The Rival’s Dilemma]

"The Rival appears to have his own agenda"

[High Whistle: Troy Donockley
Cello: Maaike Peterse
Flute: Jeroen Goossens]

So... what if they are right
And he’s so remarkable
How does that affect me?

Ever since I was a child
It all came so easy
I never had to try

If he’s as brilliant as they say
How will I be noticed
Now I’m not so special… anymore

I’m not sure why I’m afraid
No, he won’t beat me
Not without a fight, no!

One day I’ll show them I am the genius
One day the whole world will know
One day I’ll show them who he really is
One day they’ll know

[16. Surface Tension]

[Mini Moog solo: Rick Wakeman]


[17. A Reason To Live]

Let’s find him a future to build
He’ll give me a role to fulfil
I know he’s got something to give
We all need a reason to live

A future to build
A role to fulfil
Something to give
A reason to live

[18. Potential]

"The Teacher and the Girl each have their own reasons for supporting the Prodigy"

[Cello: Maaike Peterse
Violin: Ben Mathot
Flute: Jeroen Goossens]

Where am I going?
How did this happen?
My life has unfolded
Depressingly average

But if I support him
Help him reach his potential
He’ll be my contribution
I can still make my mark
My name will live on

His shyness is charming
I wish I could reach him
He’s strangely disarming
I hope I can free him

I know I can help him

He needs someone like me

To reach his potential

To learn how to feel

He’ll be my contribution

I wish he’d let me in

They’ll remember my name

Let me help him to live

My claim to fame

[19. Quantum Chaos]

"4 years ago.

As the Prodigy gradually disappears into a chaotic world of patterns and equations, the Father can't stop wondering if the Psychiatrist's drug might help."


[20. Dark Medicine]

"The Father meets with the Psychiatrist, this time... alone."

I know why you’re here
You’re a fellow man of science
Our point of view is very much alike

The choice is clear
I don’t need to be convinced
Denying him this chance just isn’t right

Give him one a day
That’s the safest place to start
At such a tiny dose, the risks are low

Keep it between you and me
Oh, they would never understand
Let’s both agree that no one needs to know

[21. Alive!]

"The Father has been secretly putting the drug in the Prodigy's food. The Results are almost immediate... and stunning."

[Cello: Maaike]

Patterns are forming
Breaking through the noise
A beautiful symmetry
Slowly falling into place

Inspiration is flowing
Filling up the void
A perfect harmony
Full of elegance and grace

I’ve come alive
The road is so much clearer now
I’m finally awake
Destiny waits

Oh, am I getting through to you
Can you hear me, son?
I never doubted you
I always knew you’d win this fight

I am reaching out to you
Can you help me, son?
I’m so close to the answer
But I need your brilliant mind

We’ve come alive
Our goal is so much closer now
Now it’s time to turn the page
Destiny waits
Now we will fulfill our fate
Destiny waits!

[22. The Prediction]

"The Mother rejoices at the Prodigy's remarkable progress, unaware that it's all due to the drug she was so violently opposed to."

And soon you’ll show them you’re a genius
And soon the whole world will know
And soon you’ll show them what life really is
One day they’ll know!

3. Phase III: Entanglement

[01. Fluctuations]


[Bamboo flute: Jeroen Goossens]

[02. Transformation]

"The Teacher has become the Prodigy's closest friend - and the only person the Prodigy trust. He is glad to see the Prodigy's progress, but can't help wondering if something unhealthy might be behind it. Regardless, he is determined to help the Prodigy, who is having trouble finding his bearings in the strange new world that the drug is revealing to him."

[Violin: Ben Mathot]

I don’t mean to interfere, but I see quite a change in you
The distant gaze has disappeared
The brilliant light behind your eyes is shining through

You’re right, it’s strange
It all seems different now
The mist has cleared, I’m finally awake
But it’s hard to change
I want to live but I don’t know how
I need someone to help me find my way

You can count on me
I’m glad to have such a mind to teach
Life doesn’t have to be a mystery
You can live my dream
And scale the heights I could never reach
We can play a part changing history
Our time is here!

I have to say, it’s unusual
Such a transformation, overnight!
I wouldn’t have thought it was possible
I don’t want to scare you, but it can’t be right!

Well I don’t mind, cause I feel so much stronger now
For the first time the world is making sense

I’ll be your guide
It’s time to live and I’ll show you how
A world of endless wonder lies ahead!

[03. Collision]

"As the Prodigy's confidence soars, he is finally able to stand up to the Rival."

I can’t believe I never saw
How insignificant you are

Ha! You’re outshined in every way

Well if you are such a genius
It didn’t get you very far!

I’ll prove you wrong
My mind’s growing
Stronger each day!

[Prodigy and Rival:]
No, you won’t deceive me
You’re nothing but a fake
You’re a sad pretender
Trying to take my place

All the years you bullied me,
Taking pleasure in my pain

It serves you right
Accept your defeat!

But now I realize you only wish
You had my brain!

One day, you’ll see
You will be needing me!

[Prodigy and Rival:]
No, you won’t deceive me
You’re nothing but a fake
You’re a sad pretender
A total waste of space

There can only be one

I’m pretty sure that it’s not you!

Mark these words
Cause one day you’ll see
You will be needing me!

[04. Side Effects]

"3 years earlier

The Psychiatrist comes to the Father with disturbing news..."

[Violin: Ben Mathot]

I’m afraid we’ve got a problem
The side effects have been confirmed
Severe psychosis and delusions
We have to stop the trial today
It’s too dangerous
The boy deserves to know what’s going on
What have we done?!

Son, there’s something I must tell you
I’ve been giving you a drug
I was convinced that I would hep you
Can you forgive me what I’ve done?

No! How could you live with that?
Deceiving your own son to serve yourself
You can go to hell…

[05. Frequency Modulation]


[06. Magnetism]

"As the devastated Prodigy rushes to school to find the Teacher, he runs into the Girl and the Rival. He explains that he's left home because his Father has been secretly dosing him with a drug.

[Cello: Maaike Peterse
Uilleann Pipes: Troy Donockley]

Now I’ve told you everything
Now there’s nothing more to hide
I’ve got nowhere else to go
Can I stay with you tonight?

After all that you’ve been through
How could I turn you away
We were always meant to be
I don’t care what people say

Don’t you believe it
Don’t be a fool
Manipulate you
Is all he wants to do

He will deceive you
You’re being used
Don’t let him play you
All he wants to do
He wants to be with you

The meds create a perfect world
Patterns, purpose, clarity
How will I ever live without?
What should I do… what’s happening to me?

Don’t you worry, it’s all right
I will keep you safe from harm
Together we can beat this thing
Before the damage goes too far

[07. Quid Pro Quo]

"2 years ago

The Prodigy has been living with the Girl for some time now, but her loving attention is not enough. Without the drug, the overwhelming chaos in his mind returns, shutting him down and causing him to return to his introverted self. The the Rival comes up with a compelling but devious suggestion."

[Low Whistle: Troy Donockley]


Let’s make a deal
I’ll get you what you need
You know I am a brilliant chemist
I can duplicate your drug, but my offer has a price
If you want a new supply
You have to help me

Count me in, I’ll do anything you want
But isn’t it ironic?
The fates must be laughing
Your greatest enemy
Is the one who holds the key
What do you need from me?

I’ve found a way to infiltrate the banks
If you can break their algorithms
And bypass their systems
There’s millions to be made, and all without a trace
We can’t lose here

This can’t be true
Now who’s being used?
Don’t let it end this way
It hurts me to tell you, you’re gonna have to choose
What you really wanna do
Don’t let me down!

[08. String Theory]


[Flute: Jeroen Goossens
Cello: Maaike Peterse
Violin: Ben Mathot
Piccolo: Jeroen Goossens
Orchestration: Siddharta Barnhoorn]

[09. Fortune?]

"The Prodigy faces his own dilemma: Should he do something he knows is wrong - and even risk losing the Girl - to get the drug? The very drug that made his life possible? Hoping that the Girl will understand, he agrees to help the Rival."

Our plan has succeeded
We are rich beyond belief
We got more than we ever needed
We’re free to live out our dream

I won’t be part of this nightmare
I cannot live with what you’ve done
Get out of my life

What have I done?
Now she’s gone…
What have I done?
Now she’s gone…

4. Phase IV: Unification

[10. Mirror of Dreams]

"3 months ago

The Girl has not seen the Prodigy since she told him to leave. She reaches out to his Mother comfort, wondering if there wasn't more she could have done."

[Irish Bouzouki: Michael Mills
Low Whistle: Troy Donockley
Cello: Maaike Peterse]

I feel his shadow looming over me
Leaving me defeated and confused
His eyes still haunt me, if only I'd done more
Maybe I gave up on him too soon…

I share your sorrow, but we are not to blame
His heart has always been a mystery

[Girl and mother:]
We'll never fathom, we'll never understand
Did he ever need us, were we real
Or mere reflections in a mirror of dreams?

What holds his future, how will he survive?
Without us to save him from himself
Where has he run to, will he return?
I hope he knows I wish him well

It's up to him now, there's nothing we can do
I fear we cannot give him what he needs

[Girl and mother:]

Are we but phantoms inside his tangled mind?
Will he ever need us, are we real…
Ore mere reflections in a mirror of dreams?

[11. The Lighthouse]

"After being rejected by the Girl, the Prodigy turn to his only friend, the Teacher. The Prodigy needs a safe place where he can work on the Theory of Everything and take time to sort himself out The teacher knows of the perfect place – there's an old renovated lighthouse up for sale. After pulling off the bank scam with the Rival, money is no object: the Prodigy buys the lighthouse and retreats there, virtually going "off the grid." The teacher is the only one who knows his whereabouts, and checks on him every day."

[Cello: Maaike Peterse
Contrabass Flute: Jeroen Goossens]

It's time to put things in perspective
Find your way again
Let me take you to the lighthouse
Where you can hide away

I only want to be alone
To work the numbers on my own
I need to show my father
I need to show them all… I am the one

Your time has come

To unlock the equation

[Prodigy and Teacher:]
The Theory of Everything

If you're troubled by the visions
The chaos in your mind
If the voices start to whisper
Call me, day or night!

Don't worry, I'll be fine

Don't underestimate the danger

I'm gonna make the theory shine

You'll regret it sooner or later

I need to show my father
I need to show them all… I am the one

Our time has come

I will find the equation

[Teacher and Prodigy:]
The Theory of Everything

[12. The Argument 2]

"The tension between the Mother and the Father comes to a head."

Without him it's all over
We've got to bring him home again

He doesn't want to see you
Can't you get that through your head?

But you can make him listen
All I need is one more chance

No! I can't take any more
You never gave a damn!

[13. The Parting]


After months of fruitless
arguments with the Father
the Mother finally takes action."

And so it ends
It's time to let go
My spirit is crushed
Forsaken and cold

I'm leaving you
No tears left to cry
You'll never change
I've made up my mind
This is goodbye

So this is the end
How can I go on?
My dream's unfulfilled
And now I'm alone

I let them down
I pushed them away
No reason to live
I'm ending this pain
There's no other way

Only one thing left to do…

[Orchestration: Siddharta Barnhoorn
Guitar Solo: Steve Hackett]

[14. The Visitation]

"Last night.

The Prodigy has been working on the Theory of Everything for months now. He's totally exhausted, but is sure that the final missing piece is just around the corner. Then one evening he gets an unexpected visitor."

I'm down here on my knees
Feeling the weight of shame
How could I have done this
To you, my son?

I can't believe my eyes
Is it really you?
Why should I forgive you
After all you've done?

I was driven and blind
Not so unlike yourself
We can still work together
If you allow me

Why should I give you a chance?
Why should I trust you now?
Ha… I bet you are helpless
Without me

If we join our minds
Then together we can do this

[Father and Prodigy:]
We both want to be the first
We both want to change the world

We can work all night
'Til we find out what the truth is

[Father and Prodigy:]
We'll solve this mystery
Be a part of history

I'm so damn close

I'll fill in the blanks

I could use a hand

Just give me this chance

[Prodigy and Father:]
For we're on the verge of a breakthrough

The meds help me to see

It's too late to stop now

I'll take just a few more

Just 'til the answer is found

[Prodigy and Father:]
We can make it,
We'll find the truth

Let's join our minds
It's our destiny to do this
We're going to be the first
We're going to change the world

We'll work all night
'Til we find out what the truth is
We both know we'll never sleep
'Til we make this quantum leap
We are in this way too deep

[15. The Breakthrough]

"Together with his Father, the Prodigy works feverishly all through the night. He takes a far greater dose of the drug than usual, thinking it will help him see the solution."

Isolate the graviton

Verify the Higgs-Boson

Photons, hadrons

Gluons, fermions

Demonstrate the tachyon

Find the missing baryons

Neutrons, protons

Nucleons, electrons

Ride a wave of gravity

Unravel super symmetry

Position x, sparticles

Momentum p, dark energy

Einstein's relativity

Meets Heisenberg's uncertainty

Causality, eternity

Singularity, infinity!

Eureka! We found it, we broke it

Eureka! We solved it, we did it!

Eureka! We made it, we cracked it

Eureka! We nailed it, we got it!

[16. The Note]

"The Prodigy is exhausted by his mental efforts, and – on the verge of collapse – summons the last of his strength to write a note for his friend, the Teacher."

Dear friend, my work here is done
Science has evolved
As the sun set on father and son
The mystery was solved

I'm broken, I'm falling apart
Slowly fading away
I'm sorry… I took it all too far
Thank you for… your faith…

[17. The Uncertainty Principle]

"8:03 this morning

On his daily visit to the Lighthouse, the Teacher is stunned at what he finds: The Prodigy is slumped in a corner, totally unresponsive, his hand clutching a crumpled note. The Teacher reads the note and immediately phones the Girl, who rushes over to the lighthouse. When she arrives, the Teacher can hear her hurriedly saying goodbye to someone as she bursts into the room, fumbling to put away her phone. Her eyes are already red from crying, but a flood of new tears erupts when she sees the Prodigy. She turns to the Teacher to find out what happened..."

His mind took flight
And his eyes have lost their light
All we have to go on is a note

They changed the world last night
Working together, side by side
His father is the only one who knows

You haven't been told?
That was his mother on the phone
There was a tragedy last night

His father can't have been here
It had to be a ghostly dream
For at the fall of day he took his life!

[18. Dark Energy]

"The Prodigy clearly believed that his Father helped him. But how is this possible?"

[Cello: Maaike Peterse
Violin: Ben Mathot
Orchestration: Siddharta Barnhoorn]


[19. The Theory Of Everything Part 3]

"9:46 this morning

Upon her arrival at the Lighthouse, the Mother breaks down at the sight of her catatonic son. She desperately needs to understand what happened there the night before."

[Violin: Ben Mathot
Cello: Maaike Peterse
Flute: Jeroen Goossens
Orchestration: Siddharta Barnhoorn]

They were seduced by the mystery
Something forbidden was uncovered here

My husband

My love

My son

All lost

[Mother and Girl:]
Our world is not ready to know
The Theory of Everything

We need a future to build
A new role to fulfill
We've got something to give
We'll find a reason to live

[20. The Blackboard (reprise)]

"The present.

Everyone has left the Lighthouse but the Teacher. He stands staring at the blackboard, trying to make sense of the tangle of equations. Then he makes a startling discovery...."

[Cello: Maaike Peterse]

Will we ever understand
How two different hand styles
Came to grace this blackboard

What unseen forces did conspire
Uniting a father
And… his son…

Ed Warby: drums
Arjen Anthony Lucassen: guitars, guitars (acoustic), bass, mandolin, keyboards, analog synthesizers, hammond, solina strings

Vocals by Michael Mills as the Father and Cristina Scabbia as the Mother.
Piano: Rick Wakeman.

Thanks to alumit, paulacepeda95, rad.zivert for sending these lyrics.
Thanks to david, gondsm for correcting track #1 lyrics.
Thanks to C.Santos, victorvet for correcting track #4 lyrics.

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