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1. Ilahiya Khinzir! (All Hail Allah the Swine)

Ilhiya khinzir!

Inna rabbiya khinzir
Wa raka 'tu lil khinzir
Nafara minnil khinzir
Wa baka. Wa baka

"Ibni liy a ma 'badan
Ma 'badan lil khinzir"
Wa banayna lahu ma 'badan
Wa nakahna mislal khanazir

Inna rabbiya khinzir
Wa raka 'tu lil khinzir
"Hal yu' jibukal ma'bad
Ya jalalatal lil khinzir?"

"Ah ma hazal ma'bad!
Jannaton lil khinzir!
Ah ma hazal ma'bad
Mamlakatul sarasir!"

Innahu khanaziriyy. Khaneth.

Ilhiya khinzir!

[English transient:]

My god is a swine!

My lord is a swine
And I knelt to the swine
The swine was repelled by my presence
And it wept. Oh it wept

"Why don't you build me a temple
A temple for the swine"
And we built for him a temple
As we were fucking like swine do

My lord is a swine
And I knelt to the swine
"Do you like the temple
Oh. Your majesty the swine?"

"Oh my what a temple!
A paradise for the swine!
Oh my what a temple!
A kingdom for the roaches!"

He is swinelike. Effeminate. And an effeminizer

My god is a swine!

2. Fornication and Murder

My lips crack in longing for cunt skin
My fingers strip the flesh of each other
Obsessive and necrophiliac. You once said
You once called me fore you bled

Let me feel your screams
Caressing my neck
And whisper in my ear. How
You want to be tortured

Post mortem adoration
Post mortem and a bit further
The logical succession
Fornication then murder

Fellow fear. Draw our mouths opened
So we mime the typical. Human outburst
Will our screams carry us above the clouds?
Will our hands and eyes be satisfied with this red?

Heed. I said heed!
Listen to the voices of death
How he approaches!
Leave. Oh reaper leave!
These are not dead bodies
They're just too satisfied

My licks leave a trace fire
Burning faces spiritual torches
Red hands drawn on your ass
Splendid beating. My love expressed
Our fierce bites tear our flesh away
After death we will be refreshed

The reaper comes in spite
And it disturbs our privacy
But my friend
You obviously don't know the two of us
Come what may come
We will never ever cum

She's filthy
She's dirty
She's all I ever wanted
And she's greedy
And I'm needy
And I got but my life to give I swear
And a hold
Which heals my soul
A hole in the field next door

So I am digging
Well excavating
Call it what you wish
And I kiss her
And I throw her
For I thought she was the one for me

But now she's sleepy
And it's creepy
So I cover her and go home
She stopped breathin'
And she is leavin'
And I'm back to where I was before
But I am filthy
And fuckin' dirty
And I have no respect for love
So I'll be searchin'
And I'll be findin'
Some bitch sick enough for me

Yet this reaper
Will never leave her
Until her body is his
Therefore people
Like a fucking eagle
I'll be contemplating over you

Sweet murder
I have an itch my friend which only you can scratch!


3. The Fine Art of Arrogance Part One (The Icon and the Cattle)

What strength! What might!
What beauty do I exhume in the midst of you
Yes demeaning are my words
And subtle the pain I induce
What pathos. Yet what might!

And I walk till the end of the cliff
I stretch my hands like no prophet (before)
A flow of divinity flows in every vein
Cleaning me from all human filth
Cleaning me from all human shite

I smile for I shudder
I shudder and release a laugh
The muscles of my lesser
Melt the mounts around

My chest thunders and burns you bare
They can all die for all I care
My chest showers a subtle wonder
And upon your cranes it shall thunder

The icon and the cattle!

What strength! What might!
What splendor do I drip
What warmth in my face so pale
What nectar did I sip or inhale?

Oh what glow I make in the middle of the night

We are the fire!!!

4. Collective Suicide in the Boudoir (Feeling Wonderful Tonight)

The razor is sharp
The mirror is cracked
Angels playing harp
And my suitcase is packed
The light is dim
By bottle cries for kisses
My razor is trim
And they both tire me with their hisses
I slice myself a smile and let it flow
(Slice! Slice! Slice! Slice!)
Some angels smile. Some others' tears flow
And they all wait for a while
And some even help me with my suitcase
And I. Bothered though flattered.
Let them and enjoy the night
And I cannot shake off the sentiment that I am feeling quite wonderful tonight
Slice yourself a smile and let it flow
(Slice! Slice! Slice! Slice!)

5. Puking Under Radiant Moonlight (Followed by a Century Long Ejaculation)

Why don't you surrender to the most beautiful rays of sleep
And convulse epileptically like a lover on a wet bed?
And while you scream in your sleep
Your lovely streaks of sweat write my name

Puke on the satin embroidered with flowers
Flowers as radiant as your vomit on my dark and Semitic skin
Shudder while you hear the poetry I recite
Poetry so goddamn revolting

Blame me not; it's my sick muse and her venereal diseases...

Puking under a romantic moonlight
The moon will carry you above and scream in your belly
Making you pregnant with seeds of anger
Convulse as you fall
And women who never fell
Thus never felt
Have no tales to tell
Women who never went to hell
Simply have no tales to tell

Vomit your love in my mouth
And I surrender myself and bow...
Sodomizing your bleeding heart
Sodomizing your faith in God
Well. Technically
I'll be fucking him through you
Take a shit darling
Take a shit darling
Never care for what you spoil
Never care for what you kill

Open your cunt to the world
Bitching like a nun in a hot summer day

She's bitching like a nun
I'm sexy as Jesus

And the dying was never this easy
And might I slumber
And might I die right now

6. Misogyny When We Embrace

(This one goes out to the one I love)

Grinded pill
So very ill
A dreadful hill
I will introduce to my nostril

And I will shut the light
And hold you tight
A loving bite
A snatching bloody bite

Show me that cunt of yours
Under this red, red moon
Might I cum soon?
(Very unlikely)

Love me till I'm dumb
Fuck me till I'm numb
Oh give me some
Oh give me but a little little itsy bitsy bite

Vitriol! Oh Vitriol!
More pills Lord Benezexol!

The banshee's call their love they send
"Bang the wall. My dear friend
Bang the wall"

Bang the wall!
(And her lovely forehead was adorned with scarlet)

I shall always be fucking you so lovingly
I shall always be snorting your sweat
I shall always be injecting your sex in my veins
I shall always be fucking
Loving you
Fucking you
Loving you
Fucking you
(And aren't the two the same?) She answered me so I tapped her gently on her behind to congratulate her on her dedication

She smiled to me and her teeth were red...

7. Necronarcos (Tame You Death)

Have your fill
Have your fill
Have your fill of excess and sex
Have your fill of sex and hexes
Have your fill of sex and curses

Oh yes my friend I know I can
Oh yes my friend I know I will
Join me in my hellish rides
With Necronarcos on our sides
Oh yes my friend I know you can
Oh yes my friend I know you will
Go to heaven and get back
Unless of precious will you lack

A holocoaster ride till the end of the world and back
With necronarcos in our veins
And I in decadence went there and danced

With necronarcos in my veins
Yet he who decides to go and intends to be back
Has to have a colossal will
And from another hellish ride. I walk away with pride
With tons of poisons in my veins

8. Curses! Curses! and Never Sleep...

I have no desire to sleep
My body crumbles before me. Yet my mind threatens to stay awake for the rest of the day
Oh I swear. For the rest of my living days
Rays of light awakening all entering my room uninvited
They invite me to partake in that world which I always called 'theirs' for it's so cold out there

"Shiver me timbers" say all the trees as I pass underneath
These cinders of livers. May they be forever be strewn abound in my realm
As we quiver and linger. I sing them songs seldom sung before
We then wonder and shiver and the sight is a sore to loving eyes

I have no desire to sleep
For my body drops of overflowing Ka. Wasted oh so wasted
And my mind cannot tolerate any longer that hunger
And these songs that I sung her
Go on a little longer
And torment already very very very tired nerves

Curses! Curses! And never sleep...

9. Thousands of Pissed Motherfuckers...

March! Stomp the world under your shoes
Never look back at what you soil. Boy
I said march. Cities are pebbles in our way
The world is ours. Ours to destroy
Listen boy
The world is ours. Ours to destroy
The world is worthless
So worthless. We might as well end it all

They have no right to life
They have no right to strife
The world to stomp under our shoes or be stomped
What do you choose?

Homo sapiens creatures swarming around us
Elite intellects stepping on their shoulders
Ayat's unholy legions will be unleashed upon the world
Thousands of pissed motherfuckers

The colossal cattle follows the strapping shepherd
Walk behind my steps you idiotic bipeds
The human race is worthless oh so worthless
Pull the fucking plug. Nothing else worked

Thousands of pissed motherfuckers marching

Fuck your god. Fuck his temple. And to all of you I cry:
Fuck you!
Fuck your worthless lives. Worthless swine. Same old
shit. Nothing fucking new! Dismiss life. Dismiss
tomorrow. There is no hope at all
To all the young around. Listen. This world must fall

How much have you descended? Show me how low
Answer you fucking masses. Show me how low!

10. Such a Beautiful Day! (The Exaltation of Saint Francis)

Here I am
My clothes are dangling from my fingers
And I throw them away
What a beautiful day

I have cried and I have wept
I had fear and I despaired
But now I have taken my skin off
And I throw it on the ground before you
What a beautiful day

And the thoughts that it was once mine
And that it might be back again
Only makes we weaker
For I have given everything away

What a beautiful day...

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