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1. Funeral Throne

Under the dirt
where maggots feed
in a coffin sealed by stone
sacred bones dwell
awaiting the rebirth
buried long time ago
by our ancestors
to ensure our home

place of our ancestors
to keep the memory of old times
keeping the reminder of real gods
keeping the reminder of truth

take a look what we are doing
cause it may be the last time you did
make it up to our karma
or die by the hand of living dead

funeral throne!

2. Globalistic Culture

Look around you there is nothing to see
Except the asses and pumped up tits
glittering faces and silicon lips
empty brain hookers won the round

In the bus
on the streets
all over earth
globalistic culture
is bringing the dirt

Money and fame is all they need
they will ride thousands of cocks to fill their greed
Hookers don't see that their soul bleeds
globalistic culture upon them feeds

Fancy haircuts,polished nails
fags acting like victims all desecrated
shitting about their broken hearts
their life is same like their fate

Like all fashion they will die
but its existence won't make us cry
we will withstand and breed
upon our anger we will feed

3. Decomposed

All the time of this world
is yours to cry
the reasons for your quick demise

To become one with the earth
To hear the answers to all questions

Your brain is dead
Now you're a corpse
Your brains is dead
Now you won't care

Your brain is dead
It's the end of life
Your brain is dead
Empty gaze to nowhere

Stench Still Bliss Dust



Now you're a mineral

4. Dead Inside

We are all dead inside

rotting inside my own shell
I'm dying
I don't have a future
my vranium is
a bag of rotten gus

Dead Inside

my mind is rotten
I'm already dead
in this empty shell

I'm dead
Dead Inside

I'm dying cause of pain
I'm dying of mental starvation
I'm dead
I'm rotten

Dead Inside
I'm Dead
Dead Inside

5. Rotting Meat Factory

No fresh meat only rotting flesh
can satisfy my hunger
since my childhood I couldn't eat
I wanted rotting meat

a local dog hit by truck
lying near road for days
stench,death,immense decay
maggots in its body

it calls me come taste my
rotting flesh,as I come
flies spread around
I put my hand in its entrails
fell the maggots in your hand
fell the smell of feast
eat the rotting flesh of dog
drink the juices created by festeration

kill the all make them bleed
spill their blood make them meat
rotting meat for me

catch the victims make them bleed left to die in a rotting pit
after they die they start to rot
and when they do I'll begin my feast

6. Black Soul Vomit

Misanthropy,depression,suicidal ideas
that dwell inside your mind....

Feel free to vomit

Vomit the pain from inside
that is like cancer
eating up your guts

release yourself
from that vain
don't forever
rot in your pain

The sickness and emptiness
form of well known mental disorder

make the stomach bleed
you must break free,
from the thing inside.

vomit that gathered through time
vomit that kept you behind

behind life behind reality
in your mind locked forever

7. Obsessed

Torn between two realities
lost inside maze of torment
echoes screaming through the distance
reality changes.

Blood inside me boiling,
head to explode,
defences collapsing,
ancestral call grows strong.

Body begins to move
to unearthly sound,
glowing bridges appear,
in distance in orgy creatures collide.

Through anger,through laughter

I'm dying,I'm screaming,
I'm dying,I'm bleeding

Sweat on their face,unseen threads pulling,
skies screaming in red,serpentine flesh

Whispers inside my head,my arms begin to move,
strange circles appear,a ritual of doom.

8. Concrete Prison

Forever kept self inside
for better tomorrow,
they prisoned ourselves in
objects full of emptiness

they poisoned our land,
they poisoned our future,
they poisoned our brains,
they'll poison our children

in the graveyard
for our souls
buried within
like ghouls
the prison
made of concrete
in the shell of their hell

We all live in concrete prison
we dwell in our rage

Concrete prison we dwell in it,
Concrete prison we die in it.

9. Engraved Memories

I see corpses
vultures fly around
as their bodies
rot on the sacred ground
I see terror
fear is all around
as I hold my rifle
I will shot man down

I walk in the street
battlefield is gone
no bodies no blood
there is no war...

I can't escape from them
from engraved memories
all my spirit
roams corrupted
I see terror
fear is all around
as I hold my rifle
I will shot man down

from the forgotten past
it is possessing me
as my body
somewhere rots gutted

I can hear them
but I can't see them...

I can feel them
but I can't find them...

I want them dead
but I can't hurt them...

I want to shoot them
but I can't make them bleed

I start to run
and try to hold my line
I take the gun
spot and aim the enemy
I see them
I'll try one more time...
to kill them
to win this battle...


10. Cenotaph

[Bolt Thrower Cover]


Alone you stand - The final parody
Destined to silence - A memorial to mortality

Carved in stone - A tribute to the dead
For nameless victims - Whose litany is unread

Never Forgotten - War's memory lingers on
A dark reminder - To mankind's oblivion

This solemn image - Constructed with resolution
A monument - To war's terminal conclusion


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