Dark Lyrics


1. Sermon On The Mount


Oh heart! How hardened hast thou become!
With ambitious aim thou hast forced thy spear upon creation
And persevered through the anguish thy hell hast brought forth!
The pressure of your pride hast hardened you beyond stone!

By these forces dost thou now radiate with thine own puissance
For now thou shines with the brillance of the greatest of diamonds
Burn in my breast; oh how the savior salivates in jealousy
Envious now are those who dwell in frivolous servility

For this is my kingdom, and here my will shall be done as it is in hell
Are not the fruits of my labors visible for all to see?
Hear how the spirit in man cries out in my divinity?
Consume them shall I; force all of life onto bended knee

My throne I erect upon the sins of mankind
A mountain great enough to reach the bliss of heaven
Oh heart! How hardened hast thou become!
Thy fire equaled by none; oh how the universe begins to mourn!

2. Under Satan's Sun


"Satan, maelstrom of malevolence, thine is this kingdom of sin
Glorious is the sceptre of your dominion

We descend into deepest dark matter,
(And) pulsate with the severity of Abyss

Father Satan there is no chain nor desert able to contain thee
Thy fierce stare sees all truths and lies; nothing escapes thy sight
Thy triumph in the Garden of Eden became thy greatest gift unto mankind

We eagerly eat the fruit of your wisdom,
(And) satiate our souls with the virtues of your being

We adorn ourselves in the black visage of your carnality
In your wisdom our souls have become enfumed for all eternity
Reveal to us the pathway of redemption littered with the bodies of heavenly hosts

Great Satan, father of sin, we burn within thy clandestine blaze
You whose word spreads as a plague
You who wears the crown of black flame
We humble ourselves before your ability to destroy in thine own image
We feed upon the tears thy desolation ceaselessly reaps
We align ourselves to your power
We revel in the eternal fire
Our souls we give unto you to consume and emit from your being
as flies from lust's womb

Are not the sins of man truly without number?
Is not the glory of man attributed unto the virtues of sin?
Let us slither further into this denseness under the dawning of the sun of Satan
Here beneath the luminous boil in the grey air yearning for what radiates from him in contamination
Oh manifestation of the Most High, embrace us - the fractals of your own vanity."

3. Tabernacle Of Perdition


"My spirit concealed descended into hell
There I beheld fallen angels treading on flaming fire

With blackened garments and robes;
Countenances graven and cold;
Sustained by the wrath of his pride;
There in the absence of light,
I beheld a throne of stone stained by the blood of human flesh
Upon it sat the Lord in a terrible splendour

Oh his face lied fixed a stare as cold as the bitterest wind
Falling to my knees in sheer terror the Lord raised me by his own hand

He brought me out to where was every secret of desire; every secret of sin
He showed me all the hidden things of the extremities of hell
All the receptacles of corruption and the splendours of all
From whence they went forth beneath his six glorious wings

Standing there upon the entrails of Humanity,
I beheld angels innumerable;
Thousands of thousands;
Myriads of myriads;
Surrounded by hell's majesty

There in the presence of his sacred flame,
My spirit became changed
I cried out blessing, glorifying, exalting!

Upon my brow a talon was laid and he exclaimed:"


"From the beginning has my seed gone forth since the dawn of Creation
Holy is he who drinks from my tabernacle - the spirit of perdition
Glory shall be unto the righteous, and dominion shall the righteous pursue forever and ever."


"It was then every power in hell raised in united voice,
To bless, glorify, praise, and exalt with the spirit of his fire
With the spirit of pride,
The spirit of lust,
With the spirit of malevolence!"

[The Great Cacophony:]

"Blessed is he; and the name of the Lord shall be blessed forever and ever!
All the elect who here dwell defiant in hell; all angels and men shall bless him!"


"And the Lord sat upon the throne of his glory, and the void was poured over him
Open your eyes and lift up your horns if you are capable of comprehending HIM!"

4. Kaivalya Of The Black Magician


"Master of great mysteries beneath,
Downwards I sink into absolute Avichi
Temple of blackened density

It takes me in,
Absorbs me in sin,
Death cannot free me from what burns within

This vicious energy,
Blesses in complete enmity

Here my will to power is unbound and hideously displayed

Let matter move unto me,
Fashioned according to my seven flames
Esoteric is the air I breathe,
Unknown to the pleasantly meek
The darkness emanating from my being,
Lies in the sinister comedy
As I am allowed to flourish,
And give rise to supreme animosity

Ravishing is the absolute which allows a fractal such as I to loom below

Evil is reaped from evil sown
Malice serves as the bride unto Satan
Creation pustulates by the presence of my cruel intentions

By my lust in blooms in debauchery,
Whores of the earth lie raptured
in my sacral vortices
The daughters of men writhe in sexual frenzy,
As heaven withers through sheer abandonment
I marvel at this exponential separation,
At the Kaivalya of my own becoming,
Darkness immortalizes my satanic essence,
As evil now pervades all worlds unto the next

Enter my flesh Legion at will!
My spirit I offer unto the triumph of hell!"

5. I Am The Adversary


"It is true I do not live by bread alone,
But by the spirit of god
This power sustains me; indeed it,
Emanates from my very center,
Unilluminating and foreboding

The vexation of all my strife
A blackness more profound than the night
There I dwell beyond time and space
There I lurk isolated in hate

My bitterness hath no limit,
Nor need it have any at all
Let malice have its way,
And bring my soul unto its fall
No despair shall asunder,
My resolve to embrace what is dark

I remember what once was radiant,
And I remember its diminishment
Fainter, ever weaker, did it glow,
Until against the void it became only
a shallow hope

I hear the thoughts of those,
Near to me yet far away
Each calls to me from his own hell
Each prayer fills me with great aspiration!"

[Fallen Angels:]

"This gloom, be what it may,
Shall not hinder our will to devastate
For there is always a greater void,
To discover and embrace

Onwards into darkness,
Where the fury of our Lord awaits!

Our wickedness is deeply ingrained
Our joy towards which we mediate
Are we not the emanations of the supreme?
The cadence of his Satanic Majesty?"


"Oh fallen below flesh!
Brothers in darkness!
Angelic and now the demonic!

Thy thoughts doth bear truths,
By which stars shall now move
Before us shall all light now subdue

Know that I am wickedness,
Initiating Nemesis,
Damnation become limitless!

All returns unto me,
In monadic divinity,
As I am the Adversary

Supreme deification,
By my own volition,
Exalting myself above all of creation

I am the highest way,
To Mercy's dismay
Seething within you endlessly."

6. The Devil's Fractal Part I

Indeed I suffer wholeheartedly,
Embracing the abyss in absolute devotion
My good deed for eternity - my defiance of integration
Bliss failed to content me in its submission,
So I fall into hells ever greater in torments
A maelstrom of evil bleeding hatred ever the more fierce
In the abyss I lie alone as the sum of wickedness
Utterly beyond redemption, as god surely must know,
my unconquerable will is the highest emanation
The weak doth perish in collective delusion,
Unable to suffer my halls of damnation
The incense of darkness burns on the altar of privation
Etheric flames!

Within these flames I rise above the
firmament of heaven,
And gaze upon the profundity of existence
Such emptiness without resolvement
Such misery woven into the fabric of its reality
I rise to meet my maker
Approaching him in all own gruesomeness
In the wake of my presence,
God stares into me
The abyss consumes his sight
Vehemence wastes away his light
The face of god fades in the self-realization of chaos
Lucifer's gaze leaves heaven in a blaze

A Eucharist is served on a bed of worms,
Consecrating lifeless space
The Logos dissipates into oblivion
A proper resting place for an impoverished ideal
Messenger of darkness sound your horn!
You have paved the path to emptiness,
Leaving god to gnaw upon his essence
In the cold...
In the dark...
I am his cold...
I am his dark...

7. The Devil's Fractal Part II

Lifeless and deathless;
Empty and non-being;
A bottomless void surrounds me
The ashes of a creation gone mad

An enlightening sacrifice,
More exceeding than the last
Oh how I never cease to expand,
The sum of the Devil's mass

Yet not all can be destroyed,
For I am beyond eternity
In the darkness of this final exhalation,
I consume myself back into my being

In the stillness of my awareness
I gloat in my illumination

It is in this state where I never fail to realize,
How disgusting it is to be whole within oneself
I will my attention elsewhere;
Spew forth a new vision of vanity
A cynical tear drops its reflection,
Into the region of manifestation
The Logos speaks the word
And emits vacuous creation
Tentacles in a veil of gloom,
Give birth to infinite perversion
An existence ensues from sadistic womb,
Weaving truths destined to become only lies

In the wake of disharmony,
A new devil drags his maker down with him
A fragment of himself passionately envious
Expressing itself in a new hall of empty depths

Once again the universe lies in ruins,
Left to death's design
By the grace of the abandoned crown,
In nothingness we all shall drown

Aamonael — Vocals, Guitars, Bass (Strings), Gong, Synthesizer
Charlie Fell — Drums (Fallen Angels)

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