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1. Vicious Onslaught

The fog of war
It clouds the mind
Your campaign will fall
In banishment
You all will die
Destiny's call
With tortured minds
Infected brain
Poison the head
I kill today
You won't survive
The call of the lead

Fight unto the death
Another life was never born

Black shells of insanity
Munitions fire overhead
Black shells of insanity
Bloody fields full of the dead

A massacre
Beyond belief
Is coming your way
You try to push
Into my world
Now you will pay
A mortar strike
The limbs will fly
There's no return
This punishment
Lessons in pain
Refusal to learn


You will end you life in hell

Black shells
No more dreams or fantasy
Tortured lives
March to death
You will die
Insane destiny
Limbs hanging from the trees
Panic strikes
Chaos reigns
Living your life in hell!

Bodies burn
Corpse filled with lead
Panic in your mind
Flash now you're dead

[Lead - Eric]
[Lead - Marc]


You will end you life in my created hell

2. Death Brigade

We stand against the world
Denying shame and scorn
We march on fearlessly
Into the rising storm

The final curtain
Is all you see
In devastating
No tortured conscience
Will hold us back
With blinding speed
Comes the attack

All hail the death brigade
All hail the death brigade
Can't stop the death brigade
You will all fall to the death brigade

With armaments deployed
Destroying all in sight
No concept of defeat
We always win the fight


[Lead - Eric]
[Lead - Marc]


[Lead - Eric]

A wall of sonic pain
A violent thrashing force
Machine is fed by war
The need for death it's source


Fall. Fight! Kill! "Die!"

3. When Will You Die

As you life fulfills its prophecy
And you feel the pain of death
Devastation fills your mind with dread
And I know that you will soon be dead

Fight your conscience, fill your mind with scorn
Feel the terror take its hold
Drown in darkness take the final step
Trade your life for nonexistence

Pain to the end
No will remains
Death I will send
Paralyze 'til the slow pathetic end

When will you Die

From within I grip your weakened corpse
Suffocate your will to live
Tubes that feed you cannot save your life
I'm the doctor and the surgeons knife


You're trapped within a frozen time
Dark visions of a shattered mind
Deception cracks the lines
As wintered dreams unwind

Remove my mask and you will see
A once denied reality
The path assigned to all
Thrashing and smashing your soul and you skull

[Lead - Marc]
[Lead - Eric]


4. Mortally Wounded

Suffocating scared to die
Lying bleeding on the battlefield
Rushing blood to your brain
Hallucinations wreck your mind

Your face is covered in blood
Now you die
Your life has come to an end
No more time

Sentenced to die
Your demise

Fading conscious, blinding pain
Struggling to stay alive
Deserted in battle
Left to rot upon the plains


[Lead - Eric]
[Lead - Marc]
[Lead - Eric]

Cut off from life
The flames arise
Abandoned hope
Help is denied

[Lead - Marc]

The stench of death
With final breath
You curse your place
Among the dead

Deadly battle, 'til the end
Cut down by the enemy
Mortally wounded
Feel your body growing cold

[Pre-chorus 2:]
Your face is covered in blood
Now you die
Betrayed on the battlefield
Never to rise


5. Blood Seeker

Painted lust
Suffer the ones to die
Darkened night
I see the rising form
In the dust
The bodies are entwined
Now I must
Embody all that's mine

Fate betrays the dead
Chaos within my head
How many more must die
Capture me, hear my cry

Born to live and die in hell

Scars run deep
I will escape the pain
Streetlights glow
The darkness of my domain
Every turn
Becomes my stalking ground
Knife to throat
You'll die without a sound

Panic within will rise
Excitement is in my eyes
Pushing the boundaries
Stabbing you endlessly


Now I have crossed there is no return
Suffer with the rest of the condemned
I am the judge and the jury's eyes
Human - who are you to criticize?
I live between the realm of life and death
Remember the times when you
Betrayed, killed, and lied
This is the parting of your spirit's breath
This is the day no one cared that you died

[Lead - Eric]


6. Poserslaughter

Sick of your stupid ways
And your narrow point of view
I'm waiting for the day of your demise
The stain of blood
Will soon be on our hands
Because you stand for all that we despise

We know what's inside
Metal license denied

To crush the weakest will
And to slay the trendy ones
Our pressing goal and our desire in life
With metal chains
We strangulate the false
And dominate this sphere with crushing might


[Lead - Marc]
[Lead - Eric]

Die in pain
Blood begins to spill as we take your life
Gone insane
From the sight of trends they'll never last
Spikes and chains
The hammer will trike a crushing blow
No remains
Memory of you forever gone
Born of flames
Thrash in our veins keeps us alive
Die in pain
Blood begins to spill as we take your life
Leather, Denim, Bullets, Spikes
We are your nightmare, you will die
No remains
Memory of you forever gone

We stand as one
Our destiny
Metal lives on
Armies will arise
We will assault
Until we die
The end is near
Destiny arrives

Our vengeance will be swift
The guillotine blade will fall
Amputate the infiltrating eyes
You cannot hide
True metal shall arise
Exterminate the posers from our lives


Thrash 'til we die!

7. Terminate

Waiting in the night
The jungle breathes with fear
Constant loss of life
Hear the walking dead
M14 in hand
I crouch in pouring rain
Senses overloading
Will this nightmare be in vain?

The tortures of the mind
A raging war within
I won't know I'm alive
Until the firefight begins

In my sight

[Lead - Eric]

Flares light up the sky
See bodies of the dead
This is where they lie
Bloated in the swamps
On this night patrol
The enemy appears
Silhouettes arising
The familiar taste of fear

Firefight ensues
My vision bloodied hues
Programmed to destroy
An instrument of war
Flames consume the land
Killing on demand
A corpse who hasn't died
My politicians lied

[Chorus 2:]
Endless War
Burning hate

8. Sadistic Inquisitor

Marked for extinction
Incinerated bodies, vile scene
Who will be next
Dragged from every home they kick and scream

Tortured to submission
Intimidated now you will obey
This is the verdict
Renounce your ways of suffer in the flames

A knocking door
There's nowhere to hide
Judged forevermore
Guilty of your crimes

Flames engulf your body
See the masses cheering through the smoke
Hooded figures watching
As the pain begins, you start to choke


A bloody carcass entombed
A night of evil and doom
Cold hatred glaze of their eyes
As darkened figures arise
The government will deter
Masked executioner
A rule of darkness and fear
The sons of evil appear

[Lead - Marc]
[Lead - Eric]
[Lead - Marc]
[Lead - Eric]

Sadistic inquisitor
Burn for your crimes
Sadistic inquisitor
No one hears your cries

9. Beneath The Curse

Curse of the dead
Blades of the scythe
Plotting revenge
Seething with hate
Now you will feel
The reprisals of evil

You will die
Mortal dread
Now you're dead

Fallacy - of a blinded mind
Infamy - killing through time
Evil plague - darkness in the land
From the grave - soldiers of the damned

Blood is the fluid
That oils our machine
Crushing the skulls
Smashing the bones
Thriving upon
All the screams of the wounded


Devastate all we see
Barren and wicked world
Killing all in our path
For we have always been
Beneath the curse

[Lead - Marc]
[Lead - Eric]

Axes to grind
Sharpen the steel
Push to the front
Battle macabre
Driven to slaughter
With power we kill


We are all
Underneath the curse!

10. Assassins

Sifting through the shadows
A violent force bent on your destruction
Evil intentions
Seeking the payment assigned

All around
All you see
Shifting faces of the enemy

Burst of fire from the dark
Hunting you until you die
No escape from the fear
You will die tonight
Terror stalking everywhere
Feel their presence, know they're there
Invisible to all who seek

Killers lurking in the dark
Cutting you to pieces
Those who try to fight
Shall die
To appease the need
A demanding sacrifice
Of a human life

[Lead - Eric]

Striking from a distance
Anticipation running through your mind
Cold and remorseless
Targeting your vital signs

Mercenary terror
Paid to kill
Contract on your life
Deadly and evil
Masters of the art of death


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