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1. Hors D'oeuvre


2. The Human Nature

Never wanted you to say you're better
Never wanted you to be together with him
All the times you said it wouldn't matter
All the times we shared our common thoughts on this
Yet it all turned out this way I guess now
Think I'll let you try to save yourself from me
Happiness can be a false illusion
When your heart speaks louder than your mind

...erase my life

I must fill my head with things to do now
Mustn't try to heal my pain with worse deeds
Love will always trick you in the end so...
Take good care of those who drift into your dreams
One day you will find that only person
Who will make you feel so happy and complete
Try not to make so much harsh mistakes dear
Try to search the inner strength in you

We are the human nature
We are evolving past our needs
We fill our heads with laughter
Into a world of fantasy

3. I've Learned To Hate

Open your eyes, what do you see?
What? Are you afraid of me?
Yes honey, it's me alright
I did give up without a fight
Didn't you say I was too nice for you?
Don't run baby, I'm not that kind of fool
That's right, hide under the bed,
'Cause we are going to stay up late.

Bet you haven't learnt what I always used to say
People always change dear although many ought to stray
So I came to tell you I have learnt with you as well
It has come to my attention you like pain though you won't tell

So fierce you were without the need
I missed the chance to fulfill your pleads
For all you wanted, all you yearned
Was to feel the fear my eyes could give
You longed my hand would feel your skin
To pound it deeply and trim hard in
To leave the mark of filthiness
And break the pride of innocence

You'll pay the price

Flee not from me once again now that I'm no longer sane
Let me take off all your clothes and tie you up to this chair
Look at my face when I speak; crying won't help you at all
No one will hear you my love; not while I'm doing you harm

I feel comfort in hatred
Now I know how you really felt
All the times I was aching
You were laughing to my disgrace
I feel comfort in hatred
Hadn't you kicked me away
I'd never lose the blindness
You caused me in my dismay

Now that I've shared my thoughts with you
Spare me from your hypocrisy
Come now and be a nice little girl
Let me make you ache with joy

And when you are cold
I will let you sink
Down where you belong
It will make you think

What do we lose when we are alone?
What are the odds? What do we lose?
I'm just a poor bastard without a home
Drifting from light to dark all alone

4. Next Step: Another Illusion

In this alienated world it's fucking hard to live
You don't know who's in or out, nor where you've to fit in
And when you think on who is out, it makes sense suddenly
Just after false conclusions it gets pretty clear to see:

You've betrayed yourself

This is my way
A restricted world formed around me
This is our way
What binds us all in total despair

To leave this process is practically impossible
The hardest battle of all time is the one you fight against yourself
It endures for a whole lifetime and there is no time left to die

Because running, oh, that would be very easy
But today I realize what really matters
Is accepting the fact that I'm part off all this
What once again binds me to you!

I can't take this "love" no more
Where people feel pity for me

And merely for a lapse I could forget it all
Create realities but I'm tired of this power so false

Hate, madness, deception, sadness
Are not enough to delude me any more
The real responsible has now just come forth

Always so close and coward
From now on you can really grow
I despise this false love
People feel for me you know

5. Is It?

Had to wake up
My stomach was drilled
But nothing just seemed to make sense
The blood in my nose
The marks on my skin
My head was an absolute mess
My wallet was empty
And so were my pockets
I couldn't even start to remember
As a note on the doorstep
Caught my attention
"Sold you!" and a telephone number

This isn't right
Not in my mind
What is all this?
I must be blind

Right after dialing up
A sweet voice answered the phone
"I'm yours if you'll be mine
Last night you were pretty wild"

She hanged up
My head was thrilled
But nothing still seemed to make sense
The marks on my nose
The blood on my skin
My wallet was an absolute mess
My head was empty
And so was my doorstep
I couldn't even get my attention
The telephone on the doorstep
Caught my number
"Wake up!" and please my intentions

I cannot understand
Why these are not my hands
The ground's up to my knees
And on my bed someone's asleep
I lean forward to grab his arm
And pull his body towards me
But it cannot be true
It's me who's fast asleep

This was my little story
About the reckless horror
Of dreams transformed from glory
Into dark treacherous terror
So pay attention to me
It's for your own sake
Make good use of yourself
And turn away from what's fake

6. So Beautiful I Just Can't Believe

It is time to awake and you seem so insecure
But behold, it is me,
There's no problem to endure.
And you smile fitfully as the sunlight fills your eyes
Could it stop suddenly to preserve this unique moment that is pure beauty?

I learned that hoping to be free of pain from the past
Is just one thing you can't believe, so put it to rest
Although my life was hell back then, I wished to be free
Now all that's left for me to sigh lays in memory

We lift ourselves above all shame
When all seems to be so perfect,
You smile yet again

We hold hands to believe that it's not imagination
Even your crystal tear falls like beauty's perfection
Oh, the smell of your hair it will make me feel much better
In the dark of your eyes we'll be swimming together
I will rest my hands on your skin so smooth and tender
On your ruby swollen lips, I will kiss you forever

7. I Punish Myself

I just can't be honest with myself.
I try to hide all my feelings.
For one lonely minute I awake my senses
And feel so much fright of myself.
I punish myself for everything
But nothing has really happened

I see you in your path
And today I feel ashamed.
All that supported me fell
As well as my masquerade.

You needn't to understand me
Neither do you need to have me.
All emotions swept away from myself
As long as I run from you
I'll be running from myself.

I can speak to you
But I can't hear your voice.
I can see you in my screen
Giving you scent and taste
I choose your colour
And lose myself in simple facts
That only you can understand.

In this equation of feelings
I just want to feel and hug you.
Slowly I get lost
I turn myself to nothing.

Touch my face and
Feel my tears...
Don't worry about me
These are not my first tears
Nor will they be the last.

8. Universal Conspiracy

So bright that I can't see
A power that I can feel
Radioactive as the sun
Our hopes die one by one

In this universe you’re part of a whole
A system completing its balance as a goal
If you lack the slightest conscience of it all
You’ll be swallowed by the alienation of the world

See all from high above
But don’t mistake yourself
After all, you’re still alone
Sensibility is wisdom

Everyone is lost in the mind's collision
The chaos that rules in all ways
They come; they wish to die
Hey you! Let's fight side by side

Down here nothing shows the truth
In a higher plan, you see all energy around you
Running everywhere, and changing
Running everywhere...

The real will to change is inside us
Changes that appear when we’re unconscious
But don’t lose the chance to define them
Before time (and you know why) runs all up again

We will return to the fucked world eventually
Even if we are swallowed by the conspiracy
To make changes to change

9. Selfish

Soon I'll be so far from here
I'll take the path of destiny
Might I find someone for me
If hope must die then I shall leave this world

I am so afraid of life
I just don't have the strength to fight
Help won't come and
I will be losing grip of sanity

I'm so alone
The light is gone
And in my eyes
No one is right

Since I have thus become
Nothing but sad and dull
I run, I fall
I've lost it all
No one is here
No one at all

So see, I am not the type of guy who leaves
When all are staring back away from me
There might just be a reason for all this
Behavior that I'm starting to conceive

As my fear transforms to wonder
Onto the psychology of human kind
And I marvel just how sad it is
The self-pity of a selfish mind

Someone save me from myself

Try asking a simple question
To someone as bleak as I am
I am free

10. L'âme Du Vin

Un soir l'âme du vin chantait dans les bouteilles:
"Hommme, vers toi je pousse, ô cher déshérité,
Sous ma prison de verre et mes cires vermeilles,
Un chant plein de lumière et de fraternité!

"Je sais combien il faut, sur la colline en flamme,
De peine, de sueur et de soleil cuisant
Pour engendrer ma vie et pour me donner l'âme;
Mais je ne serai point ingrat ni malfaisant,

"Car j'éprouve une joie immense quand je tombe
Dans le gosier d'un homme usé par ses travaux,
Et sa chaude poitrine est une douce tombe
Où je me plais bien mieux que dans mes froids caveaux.

"Entends-tu retentir les refrains des dimanches
Et l'espoir qui gazouille en mon sein palpitant?
Les coudes sur la table et retroussant les manches,
Tu me glorifieras et tu seras content:
"J'allumerai les yeux de ta femme ravie;
A tons fils je rendrai sa force et ses couleurs
Et serai pour ce frêle athlète de la vie
L'huile qui raffermit les muscles des lutteurs.

"En toi je tomberai, végétale ambroisie,
Grain préciuex jeté par l'éternel Semeur,
Pour que de notre amour naisse la poésie
Qui jaillira vers Dieu comme une rare fleur!"

11. Fatality Abided

The loss leaves and pain remains
To go in pain, to come in pain.
I find the pain of solitude
Beneath my own wounds
Without matter, without shelter.

Beyond my voice you'll find the torment
And the glimmer of a moment.
The chimera will be broken and all hope will dry up.
The moment halts, frozen
And all reality has become nothing but one archaic instant.

A life that speckled in uncertainty
In your absence...It all became just memory

Fate - At your sight I find my fate
Trace - A sad canvas, yet lonely trace.
Lost - From a last lament
Hate - From a life sent to rest.

Inside the words I lose the meaning
Of a sensation that slowly bitterns.
This pain inside my chest brings longing,
But carries memories of moments still enduring.

I only store in recollection
The moment stanched,
The pain of absence,
The loss of one who leaves...
The life passes, you pass, I pass.

I can't live without a meaning
I can't go on while not knowing
I just can't get through with this

12. Here Am I

As you smile beneath the chaos that surrounds us up to now
And suddenly my heart is filled with a warmth so deep, deep inside
Well, it looks like we are all alone, midst so many desperate cries
Yet I cannot stop to marvel all the sparkles in your eyes
Filled with courage, I am walking towards you
Every footstep is a weight against my will
But I give in...Oh, you're too much for me
I'll return just like the coward I've always been

Here am I; controlling
All the loves you swore unbroken
They'll never surpass me
I must earn the path I've chosen

Take me, take my arms
Break me, kill me now!

Love me, have my life
Burn me and steal my heart!

Can you remember when we were together?
I really don't know if it could've been better
Maybe it could or maybe it couldn't
It doesn't matter anymore; I wish you the best of luck

13. Choices

I'm gone, but just for some time
To see all the beauty that calls for my eyes
Is this the right thing to do?
For now it is better than crying with you

Maybe we all do think too fast
Losing precious time made to last
For all of our loves throughout our lives
Oh, it hurts the most to say goodbye

Girl, when I left you, I always knew
That someone would take care of you
Never had it crossed through my mind
You would wait for me all of this time

Maybe we need to search in our hearts
And look for the answers we yearned for so long
For all of our loves throughout our lives
Yes, it hurts the most to say goodbye

A sign to what you always knew, it's true...
You know, I always thought of you
I always thought of you

But I still remember you
It hurts so bad when late at night I fail to sleep
A vision of what could have been
The doubt comes by and looks straight into my eyes

Here lays a strange kind of feeling
That even irony itself can't explain
While the world is growing larger
Everyone has problems to complain

Cold as the blue sky
I ask myself if this is all a lie
Face down to the ground
Will we ever be in love again?
Please understand
I'm still your friend

Pedro Salles — Vocals (lead), Guitars, Programming
Alexandre Granhem — Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Rafael Gama — Bass, Vocals (backing)
Braulio Azambuja — Drums, Percussion
Rigel Romeu — Organ, Piano, Synthetizers, Vocals (backing)

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