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1. Ravishing Beauty pt.1

"Do you think the day will come,
When beast and man will worship our kingdom?
For all that I was will die,
In the ravishing beauty of your eyes."

2. She, the Lust

Pushed against a stone wall,
Your heat betrays in darkening eyes.
So smooth and moistened skin (of yours),
Our lips entwine in crimson wine.
I wake up in the morning
And feel your naked skin alive,
In thoughts that sad emotions hide,
We live each day as if we're about to die.

Fly away into clouds of grace.
Read the stars again and again.

Seas arise as thunder strikes in furious cries.
We hold ourselves,
In motion for the fate of God.

Beauty withering my sanity,
Mending our bodies,
So close to the sky.

Through the stars we will ride,
Past the sun burning wild.
Face the dark; Close your eyes.
Sing for me, sing forever more.

Fields of tall green grass.
Swirls of high emotions from your eyes,
They reach out to me.
And their colours,
Oh, how they touch my heart again.

3. Ravishing Beauty pt.2


4. The Crown of Uncreation

Hear you softly.
Growing lies cold as ice.
Treachery true to me.
Heinous child that here dies.

I lived and died with you.
Tears did fall when love was true.
Hold me now in blood and awe,
Hear my heart despise this world.

From the dark I came to live
And here I see what dies in me.
Has my soul been torn apart?
Or has it burnt to my rotting heart?

Far gone sun behold with me,
The sky's so dark and will always be.
Truth or lie, it matters not,
I hope one day the end will come.

"An awesome wind of despair suddenly ravished that once noble land.
Thorough incandescence desintegrated all those whom to the sky reserved

In the end few are left,
Hunger strikes from life to death.
Steal the poor and kill the rich,
Armageddon has its test.
For some years men will die,
Life will simply cry goodbye,
Then we'll kiss in ecstasy
And die for all the lies we've seen.

5. De Sombre Amour et Souffrance

"Les cygnes de la nuit pleurent sous une ciel brumeuse et l'obscurite total
de minuit. Et l'homme se presse pour vaincre la beaute d'inocence; la beaute
de la vie. Donc l'homme ne sait pas ce qui l'attend. Une mer de peine et
souffrance. Les quatre figures impitoyables montent l'un pres de l'autre au
sus des nuages orageux de destruction. Peut-etre c'est temps pour que
quelque autre prenne leur place dans le trone du monde. Peut-etre le temps
a atteint sa fin, sans la pitie d'une minute."

6. In Vain I Cry

I seek the unknown lands,
Aware that he is close
And though he steals my breath,
I'll make him die alone and cold.
I look up to the sky
And see the stars collide.
This is what we've become
And now it's time to die.

See the spirits leave their bodies,
See the end of time approaching.
Christ achieved his master plan,
To bring the envy to his hands
And though our lives are short,
They show us what we (all) live for:
Nothing at all my friend,
You have been fooled forever more.

I wear the wrath of God,
His army seeks my body
And as I run forsaken,
I fall beneath the sea of life.
The darkness shrouds my vision,
I hear not what is spoken.
A figure robed in hatred,
Holds my hand and flies away.

I dissolved inside a story;
A systematic mental change.
And as I set myself to worry,
I felt the tear drops fall as rain.

"Seeing the agony of the unborn burnt my heart in a well of fire. An agony
never felt before, which transformed itself in pure hatred."

I disguise the sky.
The darkened entrails befall upon these wasted lands;
A sign from the fallen one who seeks his freedom
And end all hypocrisy.

7. Paean

The reign of earth will end here utterly
And by the eye of Ra behold its final doom.
The nightless sky burns home and field,
As some try desperately to flee into the moon.

From the stars came unknown saviours,
To free man from tragedy.
Giant forms of celestial bodies,
That took man away from here.

Eternity as I've always dreamed,
Thus we've been granted a second chance.

Cries of joy; Joyous cries of human tears.
Our own tears; The same that bled for many years.
A million cries; The voice of children with hoping hearts.
We are free; With courage even death we'll beat.

* l/m by Salles
Pedro Salles: Vocals, Guitars & Synths
Nathan Thrall: Drums & Vocals
Raphael Gama: Bass Guitar
Alexander Wolden:Guitars
Bruno Campbell: Synths

Thanks to nathan, henzo for sending these lyrics.

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