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1. Revel In Desecration

The begging eyes of a dying priest
The red tears from the dead believers
The burning temple of the god that died
The beautiful sight of the slaughtered god

Revel in desecration
On your knees
Now pray to your fuckin' lord!

Blind eyes staring towards the sky
Searching for their tethered king
The vision of heaven a divine mirage
The beautiful sight of a slaughtered god!


Now we are standing in
The remains of a slaughtered god


2. Homicide

Slaughter awaiting, lust in my veins
Adrenaline pushing me on
A being supreme, need no motive to kill
Just flesh to fulfill my desire

Wielder of death, set on to kill
Enforcing the laws of my will
Ruthlessly killing, my next victim dies
The fires of hell in my eyes
Give into lust, blood must be shed

Seething with lust, going in for the kill
Harvest the innocents life
Mankind diminished to kettle to me
Reaping I'll take what is mine


A lunatic's ways I've embraced with my heart
Homicides guiding my path
No longer human, a killing machine
Equipped with the will to succeed


3. Stench Of Paradise

The stench of paradise
To fill your shell
Increasing servitude your guiding light

Hide behind your savior
Embrace the shallow ways
Cover your eyes so empty
It's the way it must be

Memorize the empty eyed
Silken words to cover lies
Human trash to feed your pride
Cursed mastery

Let the stench of paradise
Fill their hollow shells
Recite your empty words
It's the way it must be

Merciless menticide merciless paradise

Stand before your shattered light
To be judged or washed away


Defile to redefine
Throing minds to fit your needs
Like a plague! Your empty words
Arrogance exalts your self

Meet your god and meet your doom
Giving back what you gave away
Feel the stench of paradise
It's the way it must be


4. Weed Out The Weak

I will force you to kill your brother
I'll ruin your sense of love
You'll never see smiles again
Never feel comfort in lie

The losers you see in your friends
The mirrors barely alive
That join forces
To make lower levels of life

Cause I'm your new god
You sold your soul to me
Your hour in heaven is over
Your lifetime in hell is to come

The dealers provide you my soul
You pay for my visit with time
I smile at you when we're together
And laugh at you when you're gone

I love to see you struggle
You parasite of the streets
Modern leper of decay
I laugh as I weed out the weak!


Death camouflaged as freedom
To much is the way it will be
When I rule you through that needle
You know I destroyed you indeed!

5. Forsaken Son

Forsaken son
Kneel down with me
Entrust the father your agony
In house of god
The place of peace
Where in your demons'll find release

We will require blind faith
Devotion to our cause
We cannot lose control

Forsaken son, give into me
The holy father will set you free
You'll be at peace, if you obey
Out to reach paradise you must stay


If you betray our secret
If you betray our cause
Hell awaits your soul

Forsaken son, you're now my slave
Give me the pleasures I'll crave
The house of god, the place of lust
This is the place where you placed your trust

6. Infuriation Scalp

Blind deathrage to the hilt
Relentlessnest goes over the top
Nation cringes in total dismay
Fear strikes - a necroshock

Insisting on your charades
Conforming in your parades
Demanding that you are right
Humiliation is strong tonight

Dormant aggression wide awake
Something familiar's the matter
Vicious forces are building inside
Approaching the mind of the scalper

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