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1. Machete O's

The flesh has been prepared,
aware of the horrific
punishment for its existence.
To receive ingestive union.
Soon to assimilate
into the murderer.
Soon to assimilate
into the murderer.
Deprivation. Incineration. Polychotomy. Mastication.
The particles separate
unable to defend against
the uniform identical teeth
dissected for sustenance.
Swimming in blood.
The desiccated flesh
begins to disintegrate,
accepting the symbiosis.
The onslaught continues as another round begins.
The flesh enters the murderer's mouth, crushed and torn apart.
Carelessly removing the victim from existence.
No remorse as the next piece is aligned for obliteration.
The particles separate,
unable to defend against
the uniform identical teeth.
Dissected for sustenance.
The flesh has been prepared,
aware of the horrific
punishment for its existence.
To receive ingestive union.
Soon to assimilate
into the murderer.
Soon to assimilate
into the murderer.

2. Sub Atomahedral

When you come across a roadblock in your life
knock it over it’s just a sign it poses no threat to your journey
when you come across a wall in your life
and you cannot climb it or kick it down
remember you’re mostly made of space
just focus and separate
it shouldn’t be that difficult you weak human
like a jigsaw dislocate and fit the pieces through
concentrate to disperse your being to a cloud of vapour
like a ghost
like a phantom
like a million needles piercing at once
each fragment dancing between the particles of the wall
no care for obstruction no care for barriers
blowing through the microscopic dead forest
like freedom solidified
the personified mist cachinnates at the physical rules imposed by the wall
nearing the end of its casual passage
as the journey ends the fragments pause to reconsider
reconstruction and contemplate new-found power
they made it this far beyond all human belief
a witness stares in confusion at the red mist
mind flickering at the effluvial monstrosity
the red mist soars at the victim
and unintentionally inhaled
to invoke the atomic break
down from the inside
newly formed particles
celebrate their release
to join the red mist’s conviction.

3. Rave Particle

The day to day minutiae
details of tonight’s tedium
fed to us by the rave particle
glow sticks and fourier transforms
moving in unison
algorhythmic oscillations
of membranes and strings
an overseeing eye in all places at once
vision spread out among the bodies
rippling through a sea of tired souls
targets locked onto those who cannot continue
the neon paint covers the walls, floors, limbs, faces
waste of a perfectly good drink
their bodies become one with infinity
but we do not dare stop to grieve
the rave particle will always be watching
the sinister dance modulator
don’t anger the rave particle
I’m free.

4. Hmm...That's Quanteresting

To analyze second hand data
to see if boyle’s law and charles' law hold true for hydrogen and carbon
dioxide under certain conditions
therefore we are looking to see if the pressure and volume of these gasses is
proportional at a fixed temperature and if the mass of these
gasses increases and decreases by the same amount as its temperature on the
kelvin scale
the mathematical relationship for boyle’s law is p1 v1 = p2 v2
the mathematical relationship for charles’ law is v1 / t1 = v2 / t2
the pressure of hydrogen gas does increase proportionally with volume therefore
following boyle’s law
the volume of hydrogen increased proportionally with temperature therefore
following charles’ law
the gas laws apply better to hydrogen
i suggest this because the results for hydrogen increased
in a more regular manner than those of carbon dioxide.

5. Boolean Operators: You Either Love Them Or Hate Them


6. Occlusion HA

Who is this?
Every few days I sit and wonder
Who is this?
When it happens everything stops
Who is this?
I've never seen you before
Why is this happening now?
leave me alone
when it happens just stop
I can't tell whose hands these are
How did I get in this body?
Why is it moving on its own?
Whose body is this?
Like staring at the back
of your own head
watch the automation
I'm just staring at my stare
Like a puppet
but the strings aren't visible
Puppeteer caught inside
the strings seep inward
like an exoskeletal pilot
the aircraft trapped
as malleable core
bending to the external will
Outside looking in.

7. Hendecimate

The secret organisation hidden deep underground,
fabricating sinister aural weapons of psychotropic force
to tear the mind into the depths of obfuscation.
The test reveals the subject
scream and cycle nonsense.
Brain leaking from the ears
in an attempt to escape.
But the attempt proves useless
as the effect grows stronger.
Finally war is upon us.
Excited about the terror.
We prayed for the day
to at long last
employ symphonic slaughter.
Bringer of confusion.
The grinding assault validated our theory.
Liquefied grey matter colours the charred ground.
Scattered ramblings of the weak etched into the soil.
Served only to further force the survivors
into the dark spiral.
We will honour the day that the legend hendecimate
was unleashed upon those who dared question our rhythmic integrity.
The hendecahedral memorial will be constructed in the square
to stand in threatening power for eternity.
The plaque will read: "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!".
Further upgrades to the legend will be continually added,
to remain as the dominant force in psychotropic weaponry.
You will never predict the
torturous cranial journey.

8. Oscillicision

Various things were said but I don't think they'll regain consciousness
after that veritable bubble bath of mind games
Regaling in light of the events that transpired
think not of the grenade that affected our fiscal stability
those things are expensive you know
Unable to break free of the iron clad carapace dependency
I may be experiencing a seizure
Oh a free jacket why do the sleeves have locks?
Resulting in my eventual desire
to startup a interperceptually challenged arboretum clause
Forged from the charred remains of that
ludicrously oversized golden ethereal foam finger
And now ladies and gentlemen we present a breakdown with the wrong instrument
Ahh, it followed me home
the black and white dentigerous wooden frame
Haunts my discordant disarray
with its hidden organized melodic string accumulation
Aww, you’re such a di -.. .. -.-. -.-
The lobotomy had better come quickly
I can’t stand the sight of needy eyes
I need to hide the mind intestine
Seriously it looks like an organised intestine
I’ve seen how they look at me
Jealous of protection against the mindreading thieves
Be wary of any lurking genies
and various other precious common thoughts.

9. Slaughter Of Elyzium

Some days, the weather is so nice, you just want to take a walk
Take to your footpaths and go for a picnic
While you're out there why not mercilessly grill some unsuspecting animal
The shade cast from the trees
like a weave pattern on the ground
Take a stroll, perceive
the various floral sequences littering the beauteous courtyard square
My heliophilia radiates as the geographical mirror clones the prime star
Causing increased levels of halcyonic excitation
Engaging in such events will fulfill your vitamin d quota
A twitch
A hint
The light begins to fade
You can't expect everything so perfect to last forever
Magnified, the thunderous roar of a legion
Stampeding towards the purified light
A twitch
A hint
The light begins to fade
You can't expect everything so perfect to last forever
Oh no I think that they finally found us
The swarm is consuming the harvest
Insects relentlessly chew at the raw flesh
Unable to cease the destruction
The once peaceful elysium slaughtered by the base instinct of the hexapedal
Will our souls ever be complete after the war?
Will we ever reclaim all that was lost today?
Yeah, just go to the store.

10. Black Holism

He walks but no-one sees him.
He is all, he is nothing.
The lightless one shall soon be present.
Excaecat ut videamus. (he blinds so that we may see)
He has come.
You sense his lifeless aura.
The sensation you experience is the osmosis affecting your physical form.
Deconstructing you atom by atom by atom.
Unwillingly joining his cause.
Yet the exempt few,
rejoice the union.
No-one sees because the light has been stolen from the world.
Compressing the lives closest to him compressing to a singularity.
The lightless one has granted true believers the chance to see.

11. Schrödinger's Buttered Cat

The last lyric in this song is true
I tear my mind apart
and if I put it back together right
I'll have someone else to tear my mind apart for
I am the liar I am the urge
I am the loop I am the beginning and the end
Chronal signatures linger from the inevitable place in space
Linking the present and future in so indelible a way as a
means to encase the advancement of plans to enhance once upon a time
A circular system inverted from outer elements to fold the line
Holding the light for the hole in the night that closes wide
I crossed the seven bridges
so you'd be tempted to follow
The world flipped inside out
A creaseless blue green orb
Inside and out
Alive and dead
Black and white
Yet to be observed
All and nothing
The Lightless One bares everything and nonexistence
He looks up to the sky, he has completed his task
Finally a journey of a thousand suns has come to an end
The Lightless One has enlightened all he could
to continue his existence
until the next hunger
The first lyric in this song is false.

Thanks to toxorp for correcting track #7 lyrics.

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