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1. F.Y.I.


2. Conscientious Objector

Conscientious objector the lowest of their kind!
Watching while their brothers die sworn to selfish mind!
Sell mothers to horrid fate to save your world from war!
Turning cheek, spineless weak, peace you must implore!

To undermined the very things that our forefathers died for!
Is slow decay of freedom's way unlock that tyrant's door!
Meet force with force have no remorse if time come you must fight!
Defend defend until the end your freedom wrong or right!

Bring yourself to life; an ugly though to bare!
Us or them then where's the sin; conscience cleared of care!
Able bodied sound of mind, in war it's fair they say!
Justify your train of thought; truly there's no way!


Silent protester won't stop fires burning down your world!
In the end you've proved your point as slavery unfuried!
Priorities yours to make, defense dignity!
Those you kill would do the same! preserve your liberty!


3. Creed Of The Sniper

One Shot!
One Kill!
One Way!

4. Covert Sins

We must way till nightfall for the time when its dark and cold!
Behind enemy lines in the place where we know they control!
Make way to the checkpoint just a few clicks from here on the hill!
Our reinforcements help us to move in for the kill!
Orders are extractions silently remove them quick and clean!
Hostage to the violent, greedy unrelenting new regime!
Closer to their hideout moving in we must be prepared!
Taking many chances, losing nothing by just having dared!

Enter into covert sins with world's alive tonight!
Stalking thrill of mental skill's a game!
Extracting information using anyway we can!
Living edge of death's own dredge the world has gone insane!

Forcing economies in their worst of times to collapse!
Protect their own system to suffer not again from relapse!
Causing bigus scandals from all around the world to appear!
People mistrust leaders, knowing and aware that lies are near!
Supply the weapons let them believe that we're for their cause!
Let them kill each other laughing all the while hear loud applause!
Doing their dirty work conscious won't affect they feel no pain!
Harvest someone else's brutally fought and won struggle gain!


No mas comunista in or near our homeland porfavor!
To stop the encroachment future domination they live for!
Lesser of two evils knowing that's the only one who gets support!
Make sure Moscow's allies in the end go home and loose the fort!
Mistrust hatred and fear start to cause the problems from both sides!
Causing the governments diplomatic walls then collide!
Talk disarmament many reasons put it on standby!
It will never happen reasons all around that you know why!


5. Crush Your Life


Here he comes again with hateful lust to take you down
No sympathy angry disdain for your lower form
Disgusted with your sexy touches into seek revenge
No one knows why he goes out on this demeaning binge!

Crush your life! [4x]

Deceiving them into his tangled wretched web
That he's been weaving silently just for his prey!
this one's no different in his eyes they're all the same
He thinks his next victim is led astray!
When they're scared to death; pleading help he takes a breath
And feels fulfilled getting what he's looking for!
His climax comes knowing he's proved to her forever
That he's the last man that she will ignore!

You'll never change his ways
Your belittlement will save his day!
No matter what is done his kind exists!

Don't underestimate his cruelty!
No morals in this form of sanity!
He lives to feed on fright!

A cloud of hate follows him where ever he may go!
Many have fallen fate to him more than you'll ever know!
His success in mental torture makes him grow stronger!
Walking down to town; menaced mind his list gets longer!


He's here to stay make no delay fight back defend
Yourself if you think you're ready to take him on!
His seductive bout is hard to filter out
It's easy to believe him he's a practiced con
He wants to traumatize first he'll mesmerize
Next force you to concede then fall to evil will!
Terror trained no mercy brained he'd too far gone
To bring around the final step he needs to make the kill!

6. Gutless Sympathizer

The people have chosen decisions were made
We know what must be done to rid the scourge!
Extract all insurgents and factions alike
The search and seizure of them all has begun!
Slowing the process of eradication
You aid and abet the scum that we seek!
Rip at the fabric of our very purpose
Take in the wretched filth "you're so weak!"
Your cause you feel noble to save human life
While they plunder and upset the nation!
An end to this struggle is what we all want
But by your actions this conflict will go on!


You're the gutless sympathizer!
Stand on both sides even wiser!
Treasonist ways a health risk!
Continued support "you'll get fixed!"
You're the gutless sympathizer!
Undermine our one desire!
Deal with you "fine tuned force"!
Told you once there's no recourse!

Many accept the things they must do
They know we can't stand undivided!
Internal struggle something to avoid
The plan to rescue our world means us all!
No one here thinks in the ways that you do
Your opinion will be over-rided!
The overall outcome that you will insist
Is just setting us for a fall!



Time to react is when forces show force
No sense in letting them dig in!
Insist that they think twice before we move in!
Show them that aggressors will not win
Protest for peace love my enemy too!
All you really do is cloud the issues!
You're making a path for them to walk right in!
By acting as if they want peace!
They'll find you and use you to get what they want
At the end you'll get stabbed in the back
Risk not your freedom with enemies!
Fight them until they know they've lost!

Cause not!


7. Church And State

When priests become
They'll have freedom
On the run!
Land of free,
The home of the brave!
They'll force all men
To be God's slaves!

Church and state
Must separate!
It's time we now
Church and state
Can't integrate!
Do it now
Before it's late!

The righteous folk
Turn their prayers to stocks!
God's destiny
Is forced on thee!
Their blind crusade
Turns to charade!
At powers gain
All sinners slain!

[Repeat All]

8. Felon's Guilt

I know you want to lie
I can see it in your eyes!
I see it in your eyes
Still you know you can't hide!

Fellon's guilt [2x]

[Repeat *]

Oh! the guilt is killing you!
It shines right through!
Feel as though you've died!
Eating from inside!
Waiting to be hanged!
Caught once again!
Written on your face!
Self-made disgrace!
Waiting it to end!
Transgression's blend!
Must live with yourself
Not worth the wealth!
Your nerves have had enough
Acting's not so though!
Paranoia's time
Pay for your crime!

[Repeat * 2x]

9. Thinkin'

Thinkin' hopin' prayin' wishin' tryin' [4x]
Thinkin' hopin' prayin' wishin' tryin' [4x]

You think you got a hope in hell
You don't you fiend you just go home
Alone and the proceed to jack!!

10. The Example

200 years is all it took
The rest of the world must take a look
And notice just how far we've come

Once a British colony
We took the freedom that wee need
And put oppression on the run!

Third world countries everywhere
Dictatorships that just don't care
Human rights no issues there!

Civil war a normal day
The people know no other way
They look to us in green dismay!

Understanding endless wars
The answers we're all searching for
when those who fight don't know much more

If they can't stop their ceaseless fights
Then let's step in and set them right
Reality is peace through might!

One thousand years of holy war
To die in battles' whats they're for
Their offspring raised to fight some more

Still killing people of their blood
All in search of Allah's love
The only thing they know to do!

They love to hate the communist
Then sight their guns on Zionists
Another hostage on their list!

Ransom for their evil deeds
A gun or two is all they need
We won't again fulfil their greed!

America's the target now
From people who bow down to cows
Whole over here a stake's good chow!

To tighten up influence grip
Would show them all we're sick of it
Force the end to killing fits!

I'm not gonna take it any more!
No more!

Its not that bomb across your fence
Your enemy is ignorance
Negotiation's self-defense!

Thanks to Damned for sending these lyrics.

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