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1. Intro


2. Voices In The Dark

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord my soul to keep
If I die before I wake
I pray the Lord my soul to take

No one can protect you now
Can't be real you question how
World of darkness, world of fear
Lost in your sences, Satan's near

Voices in the dark

Cries of sorrow, cries of pain
Razor sharp needles pierce your brain
Mounds of bodies, lakes of blood
Putrid stench from the boiling mud
Pealing flesh from across your back
Weakened state the demons attack
Feel the blood drip down your spine
Pray to God for the last time

Voices in the dark

God won't help you, he don't care
Life long servant, this isn't fair
Cannot hide you wicked ways
In dark shadows conscience stays
This is a nightmare, hope you wake
your fucked up soul is mine to take
As you let go your last breath
Legions of the Dark celebrate your death

Voices in the dark

3. Infected

Deviant mind on the prowl late at night
Need some love
backseat ride,lose your pride
Lose your mind, no control, takes its toll
Remorseful soul, life of hell, cannot tell

Fight for your life, wait for death
Time is short, infected
Shell of a man, your weekend state
Now it's too late, lifeless
Never woulda thought it would end this way
I'm losing faith, infected
The fight is done, disease has won
Your existence fades

Unemployed, going broke, you're life's a joke
Wasted day, wait for night, losers plight
Back for more, next score, lowlifes whore
Empty mind, satisfied life is good

Feeling strange, not quite right, don't know why
Feeling sick, thinking twice, regret your life
Days of hell, no way out, as you scream and shout
In your bed, full of dread and you're better off dead

4. Rebirth

Evil life, full of sin, there's a demon within
No remorse, no regret and the date is set
In the chair, we flip the switch and we watch him twitch
Bulging eyes, the smell of flesh, may God bless

He's unearthed
It's Satan's curse

Underground he rots away with slow decay
Signs of life from the dead. He's alive again
He roams the night. Human prey. It's Satan's way
Rips your flesh and tears your skin as the devil grins

Feel his stare from the night. He's watching you
Feel his breath on your neck there's nothing you can do
you try to run. You try to hide but you will die
He sinks his teeth deep in your throat and sucks you dry

5. Make Me Suffer

Long spiked heals. Leather and lace. Put in your place
Darkened room. Cuffed and chained. Pleasure is pain
Welts on my skin. I Beg for more. Dominant whore
I feel the need to beg and plead as I bleed

Smell of her sweat infects my brain. I'm going insane
Faceless mask starved for air. Strapped to the chair
She leads me on, I like it rough. It's never enough
Red hot wax drips on my skin. I'm giving in
She wraps her hands around my throat. I start to choke
My head is light. I'm blacking out, excitement mounts

Make me suffer

Knocked on the floor, she steps on my chest. This is the best
She knows the game, I want to scream. The girl of my dreams.
I fight the urge, I struggle within. She will always win
I'm getting close, breathing hard. Mentally scarred
The time is right to to end this game. I scream her name
I feel like a bitch but what the hell, she'll never tell

Make me suffer

6. Lead The Blind

Holy front led the way. Lost your mind
Sacred day. Shame and greed. Do your deed
Pay your dues. Live a lie. Justify
Confess your sins, feel remorse. Stay the course

Lead the blind all the way. Judgement day
Threats and fear. Lies you'll hear. See the light
Lead the blind. Pray with me. Get on your knees
Endless life. All you'll need, guaranteed

Holy sin, tender skin, trouble within
Protect their own. Deny the truth. Secret booth
Keep the faith. Secrets safe for today
Pay 'em off. Hide the facts. Cover your tracks.

Tree of life. Adam and Eve. You must believe
Seventh day. Rest your soul. Pay your toll
Book of lies demonize criticize
Believe or not for me gallows tree

7. Possessed

Sadistic butcher, years of pain, tyrannical reign
We live in fear. Afraid to speak, he keeps us weak
We scrounge for food out on the streets
We have to eat
He rapes our women. He kills is our men.
We cant "wim"

We are possessed
Trying to live our lives
We are possessed
You must hear our cries
Possessed, hear our cries

Frontpage news every night. See our plight
Day to day its clear to see we must be free
The war begins with the flashing lights of the surgical strike
Our homes destroyed as the troops deploy
Now we feel annoyed

Hostilities end. Shock and owe as the troops withdraw
We're free at last/ A life long dream or so it seems
Months go by now he is back on the attack
All is lost. There's no escape. We accept our fate

8. Blame

Cant live in this world anymore
Fingers point at you. You settle the score
They can do no wrong, so they say
Corporate lies and greed is their way
Destroy all that's real. They don't care
Fight for what is right, if you dare.

Who's to blame
All the same
Who's to blame
What a game

Send our boys to die, ego trip
His own private war. Never quit
People have no say. Wasted words
No democracy, how absurd
Not too late for us to fight back
It is still our right. That's a fact

Big house on the hill doing fine
Who will pay the bill? You and I
Limos, private planes. All first class
Nothing but the best pompous ass
Elected as our voice got him in
We made the wrong choice. No one wins

9. Dark Ritual

Ancient world. Miles away where demons play
Ritual dance. Around the fire. Flames grow higher
Spirits rise from the grave and possess the brave
Hunt begins, rapid pace. Painted face

Ritual sacrifice, chaos time to die
Ritual sacrifice, chaos take your life

Enter camp, dark of night with prey in sight
Moving slow. Silent crawl with you back to the wall
Caught alive. Gagged and bound. Not a sound
Prize of kings. Royal treat, blood filled meat

Table of stone. Sharpened steel for the ritual meal
Remove the heart. Terror filled eyes as you cannibalize
Offer the gods an empty shell. Destined for hell
Who'll be next in the stew, it could be you

10. Waste Of Life

Born to a bitch. Born to ill. Swallow your pill
Waste our days. Turn to the pipe. Pitiful life
Unknown father. Whore of a wife. Get your wife
Darkness reigns in you soul. You'll never be whole

Waste of life. Waste of death, suicide
Stick the knife in your throat. piece of shit
Why wait? Don't hesitate, take your life
One slice. End your life. Suicide

Useless, unemployed. Can you feel the void
Monthly check. Free of charge and you're living large
Societal drain, put a bullet in your brain
Ease our pain
Procreate like you will breed your hate
Takes no skill

Praise the Lord in your cell. What a waste of time
Fictitious front for the man. You're running a scam
Out again, like before and you're looking to score
Circle of life
Circle of death
Take your life
Your last breath

11. Tazer

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