Dark Lyrics


1. The End

Lightning flashers in swollen skies
Thunder rumbles, angels cry
Storms are coming from heavens above
The beginning of the end, has just begun

You were told (to clean up your act, you've got only one chance)
You've been warned (the wrath of the gods would come in every form)
You should have known (to scorn mother nature, deface her creation)
It's now too late
She is judge and jury time to ate your fate
Polar caps melting, tides on the rise
Volcanoes erupting, lava slides
Temperatures rising, planets dying
End is coming, people crying

Lightning flashers in swollen skies
Thunder rumbles, angels cry
Temperatures rising, planets dying
End is coming, people crying

2. Forgotten

Time marches on, you are left behind
Nobody cares if you live or you die
The powers that be they just can't find the time
To care for their own, now that's surely a crime
What can you do
When they turn their backs
While feed other nations
You know it's a fact

Forgotten no one to turn to
Forgotten society's burn
Forgotten left on the street
Forgotten should never be

We police all the world but we still fail to see
The problems that plague our democracy
The lack of humanity boggles my mind
While the government plays deaf, dumb and blind
Deaf, dumb and blind
Deaf, dumb and blind
Deaf, dumb and blind
You're like a disease
They won't look for a cure
Just let you fade away
Won't have to see you, anymore

3. Sleepy Hollow

Demons on his black steed
Racing through forests night
His heads is nowhere to be found
It's a terrifying sight
Hew scours 'round the countryside
Silver blade in hand
No citizen is safe tonight
He gets what he demands

In sleepy hollow (your head is up for grabs)
In sleepy hollow (fear for your life)
In sleepy hollow (it's you he seeks to find)
In sleepy hollow (beware the night)

When you least expect it
When the horseman strikes
He flies out of the darkness
You sense something's not right
He wields his sword, you hear the steel
He's bearing down on you
You pray to god to spare your life
Then slice, you know you're through

He's got some heads, now you would think
His nights work was through
Not until the sunrise, will he stop hunting you
His stolen skull must be returned
So he can rest in peace
Until then it seems my friend
You're probably dead meat

4. Tortured Existence

Blood is spilt, the evil one laughs
Shrouded in darkness, longs for the past
Black-hearted creature, night in his life
Curse of the undead, remains his plight
Lovely young victim lies dead on the floor
Draining her body, precious life force
Quenching his thirst, to keep him alive
Lord of the shadows, no rest tonight...

Kneel! Give praise! To the king of the species, hunts by night rests by day
Bow! Down at my feet! Your doom is impending, you life will end as I speak
On your blood is where I will feast
Driven by passion, got you in sight
Soul has been marked, no hope to find
Unholy presence, begins to take hold
Evil surrounds you, body grows cold

Insatiable lust, taste for the flesh
Erotic fantasies, mind never rests
Burning inside, down to the core
Tortured existence, can't be ignored
Oh please! Help end my tortured existence

5. Soul Taker

A story is told, of a demon like man
Way back in the dark, a forsaken land

Taker of souls into the depths of hell
Taker of souls on earth he dwells
Taker of souls can you hear the cries
Taker of souls why do they have to die
A legend tells, of the vicious beast
Attacking the land, killing the weak

Hacking, slashing they fought the beast
Bodies lie scattered slaughtered sheep
Take on this creature, may be too strong
Fate of the village, destiny's born
Oh destroy the beast
Oh destroy the beast
Fought like true soldiers, for family and god
Losing no option, carry on
Women and children lives are at stake
With blood and sweat they died that day
Oh destroy the beast
Oh destroy the beast
Destroy the beast...
He'll take your soul, to hell, to hold
You'll never, be free again his servant until life's end
Can't fight this unholy force
In hell, life takes it's course
In hell, life takes it's course

6. Jack

Dark and gloomy London streets
In the shadow lurks this evil
Twisted soul, his heart grows gold
Anger brewing, tension seething
Psychopath is on the loose taking life, his hatred crime
No one stops this savage beast
From terrorizing your and I!
Respected by day
A hunter by night
The devil incarnate
Many demons inside

Hiding and watching your every move
He senses the kill closes in on you
The smell of your blood is like a sweet perfume
Pain, suffer his gift so cruel

Why do I do, the things that I do?
What drives my insanity
Nothings clear to me
Why (you didn't have to)
Why (I didn't want to)
Why (she was innocent)
Why (I don't care)

Killing's my pleasure, nothing else can compare
A sick nasty habit (a habit) catch me if you dare
I defy those in power (what power) find me if you can
It's best if you hurry
Before I strike again!

7. The Conquerors

Victory and glory
Are all that you see
Conquer your enemies
Before they flee
Look at the fear
It gleams in their eyes
Realize tonight they may die

What will they do
Where will they go
Surrounded on all sides
Fight all their foss
Warriors we are
Fight to the death
A spirit born in us
To conquer our quest

We are the conquerors
Hail mighty warriors
We are the conquerors
Fear mighty warriors

Victory is ours now
So much blood on my sword
Enemy's beaten
Kingdom is ours

8. Return To Mordor

9. Raging Fist

Seasons change like night and day
This one being night
In shadows of solitude
Situation now arise
What's this they tell me
The tale of his sins
En route to emptiness
Relive the brutality

Here the raging fist
Feel the stinging kiss
Riots incite underground
In search of the man
Lifetime on the run
Oh what misery
Dragged through the mud and stone
The trial now unfolds
Violence and terror
It must now be told

Child on the run
What has been done
Prayers can't you see
Don't deny me
Master I beg you
What should I do
Silence! You're guilty
I hereby sentence you...now!
Mother don't forsake me
I'm your only son
I never bore you
As far as I know

Years, tears pass on
Inside the cell
Eyes, dead on me
What's on their minds
Silent and afraid "mercy"! I cried
Now I'm surrounded
Situations done on me

10. Until We Meet Again

The days pass us in time
I don't want to learn of life too late
And then when they are gone
We seem to fill up with self hate

I wish I could have been
There to say my last goodbye
You never knew I cared
But then I never thought you'd die
I wonder why it was
I acted like a careless fool
I stand here all alone and wonder why is life so cruel

Your memory's forever, it can never die
Until we meet again
I know you're in a, in a better place now
In your loved ones embrace
I can't forget the day
That brought the news that you were gone
The pain inside my heart
It never stops, it just keeps on
I never got to say
The things I think and really feel
I wish this were a dream
Oh how I wish it wasn't real

Your soul will last forever, it can never die
Until we meet again
I know you're in a, in a better place
In your loved ones embrace

So as I sit here in my pain
I wonder of we'll meet again
And if we never meet again
Forgive me please for what I've been

Line Up:
Bob Mitchell – Vocals
Pat Marinelli – Guitar
Mike Benetatos – Guitar, Back vocals
Felix Torres – Bass, Back vocals
Mike Sabatini – Drums

Thanks to sh_wildchild for sending these lyrics.

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