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1. As The Line Between Machinery And Humanity Blurs

Every thought catalyst reaction
Nerve synapse, mentally slavery
Disembodied, controlled minds
Sharpened tools, bloddy knives
Electric chips, machines controlled
Boy to your masters, your minds not yours

Dead-end eyes, stainless heart, digital mind
Your bodys not yours
Your minds not yours
Your thoughts not yours
Your wills not yours

Elastic manipulated, mass produce
Pre-consumer, post refuse
Encrypted placed, within activated
Run your course, psychological malfunction
We all break down, we all stop

As the line between machinery and humanity blurs

2. Who Died

Who died in the systematic procress that we call life
Each indiscriminate event leading itself to the total destruction
The total nihilation of the beauty and spark of mankinds history
Each failure is so symbolic of whats past and what yet left to be

Un-dead or am I reall dying
Whos to say that this is eternity
Devoid of serenity
Brings us closer to a label of hell
Here we go are all we all dead
Whats the stop, wheres the end
Whats the stop, where do I end

Save me from my sins
Save us from the demons within

With another gone in this war to stay afloat
In this turmoil known as daily life breaking human spirit
Lack of love abundance of dusgust

Whos dead am I dead
What is death
Whose to say that this is life?

Oh god the pain of the response
No reaction or are we indifferent

Well whos will save us or are we already saved
Well whos to say we need to be saved anyway.

3. Love Is Illness

My soul it screams for you
Can you not here it
My arms reach out for you
Why cant you take them
My heart burns only for you
Can you extinguish it
I love only to be loved by you
Why cant you love me too

I long only to be held and care for
Why cant it be
Am I to die alone and bitter
What the hell is wrong with me
My face is blackened and my eyes are sewn shut
With fear and sorrow
I no longer wish to love anything
Just cut the heart right out of me

Sometimes I choke on all the false love
That infects me
Sometimes everything is not enough to cure
The sickness inside of me

I did it all cried black tears for you
Why cant you see see
Like a vampire biting my heart
Suck the love right out of me
Dont even care as my blood stains the floor
Cannot be cleaned
You cut me out and tore me through
Six feet unders the place for me

I feel it all as it sickens me
It feels like I'm dying inside
Because of the love I gave that cant be returned
My longing for instability is a personality flaw

I trust you with respect
And you tear me down

4. Bleeding Hearts Shed No Tears

After all that has transpired
After all thats taken place
After all the stab wounds
And just just before my death
I rise pheonix, like anew
From the still burning ashes of false hearts lies
To fly once again, to shine from within

Dismember my myself
Severe my viens
Poisen myself
A heartless joke
Slash at my neck
Gouge out my eyes
Screaming in agony
You pacify me.

Bleeding hearts shed no tears

Soaked all the way through with remorse and regret
Fire to purify my soul and blood to replenish it
I search in hopes of completion to justify my love for you
Nothing ever ends where our souls begin

Nothing can save me from myself
You keep me safe
Resurrecting my love
An angel like you
Can never fall
Heaven I found
Right in my arms

I found love in you
I find truth in you
I see light in you
And it horrifies me.

5. Never Too Far Gone

Sometimes things turnout the wrong way
You gotta stay strong, you gotta move on
The hardest lessons are teh ones that keep you stunned and speechless

I fell the pain
I feel the hurt
I fell depression
I live in my strength

Remember that your best friend is the strength in your heart
The fire in your soul
And the love in your eyes

Though its been said many times before
By smarter people with larger minds than mine
Love in your heart
Love in your heart will conquer all.

6. Of Gods And Monsters

Strength comes from within, not from above [x3]

You do not giveth
Therefore you cannot taketh away
No being is my master
I am not a spiritual slave

Heavenly father
Rightous son
Holy Ghost

In my brethren love and freinds
I need no divinity on which to urge my soul

Strength comes from within, not from above [x2]

7. Dinosaurs Became Extinct

You had anger pulsed rage
Unexplored pathways; limitless boundaries
A voice above the dim screaming so loud
And now you are the masses

You used to run so fast
Where were you going? (NO WHERE!)
I've seen the path you took; it leads in circles (COUNTER PRODUCTIVE!)
Exhausted by your slavery, you are broken (NOTHING NEW!)
Preach words you no longer believe in, your time is gone

Words are empty as your heart
Your lies breed hatred and contempt
In your grasping, we won't help as you're consumed into nothing

Your lies defeat your purpose
Your purpose is only lies

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