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1. Intro / Lie And Deny


Each and every morning, millions of urban zombies invade the streets all over the world, struggling to make it through another day.
They lie and deny about their pathetic excuse for a life.
While some of them see friendly knives as the end of the path, others see an atomic dawn as the definite solution…
The ruler of mankind thinks of the option of a nuclear attack to release them from their daily punishment.
They want you to be a part of the mind slavery, but there's another way, it's time to get the arms... it's payback time!!


Pay your deeds on earth, the people you stabbed
And the children you raped
They tasted the blade of your knife, you ate them alive
But now it's your time

Every word you say
Every tear you sweat
Anything you pray
Is a walking step to the chair

They're stretching the rope, they're loading the chair
Let your neck be prepared
They sharpen the axe as you lie and deny
But your death is a fact

Every word you say
Every lie you swear
Anything you pray
Is a walking step to your death

[Solos: Luis / SEb / Luis / SEb]



[Ending solo: Luis]

2. I Want You

Get ready for war
Daddy's proud, your mother weeps
just sixteen years old
you live or die, I just don't care

You're just another sword
defend your land, give us your life
the nicest sacrifice
your virgin body is dying now

Kill the enemy or he'll kill you
When you die, your family gets a flag

Your country needs you, boy
Duty calls, the honor codes
you're falling in disgrace
I don't give a shit, you're just a slave

You're military now
you look so cool in your uniform
stop wasting your life
books are for the weak, and you're a man

Hate the other, kill the rest
Your country is proud
you gave us your blood
When you die...
you just fuckin' die

[Solos: Seb / Luis]

I want you

3. March Of The Urban Zombies

They're just like cattle, watch them march
Home to work, work to home, without a life
No joy in their faces, no hope or fate
Trapped in the rat race, there's no escape

URBAN ZOMBIES!! They're everywhere
Don't let your life end that way
Ignorance is their ally
URBAN ZOMBIES!! Watch them march

You live your life ruled by a boss
He chose your fate, your time, your home
The best wife his money could buy
No bright in your eyes, just a scary stare

URBAN ZOMBIES!! They're everywhere
They'll feed your mind with emptiness
And on the news, they'll eat your brain
URBAN ZOMBIES!! Watch them march

Don't watch the T.V. or they'll suck your soul
Propaganda - Mind Control
Urban zombies, watch them march
I've seen puppets more alive

[Solo: Luis / SEb]

4. Friendly Knives

Bottles of pills appear before my eyes
Vodka and cigarettes were my last lunch
I can't remember what I did last night
I only know I just wanted to die

Will my life end this way?
In disgrace I made myself
Is this world enough for me?
Friendly knives all I see

Broken bottles tried to cut my flesh
On my wrists there's blood, but I feel no pain
Everywhere I see there's something red
I'm so doped I can feel no shit


[Solo: Luis / SEb]

Every night is the same old shit
My body died but my spirit's still awake
I should have known I wouldn't go to hell
Eternal wander... it's my fate.

How did my life end this way?
This disgrace I made myself
Was this world a bitch to me?
Friendly knives... all I need!!

5. Atomic Dawn

Earth's last day / I wake up by / some serious shit outside
Noise of bombs / skinless ones / this ain't a nightmare
I can't believe / too loud for me / the screams, the suffering, the heat
Zero time / the final day / the devil shows his head

Tomorrow will be atomic dawn
Victory's now just a joke
Forever it's ATOMIC DAWN

Earth's last day / I don't know / if I'll live to see dawn again
Cannot die / can't wake up / from this nightmare
Hiroshima / Chernobyl / now for world is the turn to blast
Say your prayers / kiss your kids / there's no tomorrow again

Tomorrow will be atomic dawn
Tomorrow's just a strange word
Forever it's ATOMIC DAWN

[Solo: SEb]

Earth's last day / zero time / look at what we've done
On the streets / skinless ones / troops of hatred
666 / on their brows / the reign of evil has now begun
Hate led us / to our own / self destruction

Tomorrow will be atomic dawn
We slept at the swing of the bomb
Forever... ATOMIC DAWN!!

6. Nuclear Attack

Nuclear attack comes from the sky!
The iron birds drop seeds of death
Bombs of Napalm are coming down!!
Your evil soul won't stop the madness

Victimized by violence
Spilling blood of innocents
Victimized by ignorance
Victims... of hate!

Bombs of Napalm are coming down
When you least expect they'll bomb your town
Supremacy of killer lies
And they don't care when a man dies!!


[Solos: Luis / SEb]

Now there's all done, many people died
He pulled the plug but he's safe and warm
They live in fear, they live in pain
When a man is killed everyone is raped!!

[Chorus x2]

7. The Punishment

Welcome to the slaughterhouse
Why don't you come through?
Here sinners are punished
And innocents, too

They will twist your neck
They will burn your flesh
They will rip your face
And they... will kick your ass!

Welcome to my fairytale
Where you are a character more
Axes, chains, knives and thorns
And your body, of course, are my toys

I will stretch your arms
I will break your legs
I will smash your back
I will crush your head

[Solo: SEb]
[Fills: SEb / Luis / SEb / Luis]

I hope you had fun
I'm glad you liked my games
Now your blood is starting to dry
Game over!! Let's start again

I will open your head
I will split your brains
I will drink your blood
The punishment... is done!!

[Solo: Luis]

8. Payback Time

Harder than everything
Crushing your brain with your skull
Causing your inner pain
Like a cancer in your bones
Faster than ever now
If you try to escape, then you're done.

Poison us, strangle us
Break our bones, we'll be back for more!

[Solo: Luis]

Now! it's payback time for me
No one's gonna hear you scream
Liar! you said your love was real
Cut it out!!!

[Solo: SEb]

HATE invades my mind
And the crap you made me believe
ANGER possessed my heart
So full of hatred and greed
FEAR, the beginning of pain
And the way you have for success
A BULLET to your head
Will finally put you to rest

9. Nephilim

Secret society - the ruler of mankind
Is now deciding your fate
Day by day

Reduct the population
Mankind must come to an end
They're exterminating the people
One by one

Now that the day has come
Evil now rules the world
Cruel and slow ways of death
Taking your life...

Chemtrails, pestilence, figures in the sky
Taking away your chance
To survive

And the politicians
The people that we chose
They lie and betray and deceive
And stab your back!!!


Taking your life... away!!!

[Solo: Luis P]

Nephilim - Ruler of mankind
ID Chip - The way to control your life
Hypocrats - Their words are only lies
Antichrist - The king of Greece shall rise
[Daniel 8:21]

[Solo: SEb]

SEbG ‒ Guitars, Vocals
Luchín ‒ Guitars (lead)
Diego Chored Carrillo ‒ Bass, Vocals (backing)
Max Campos ‒ Drums

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