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1. Ashes

Under your dark cascading blanket,
I closed my eyes and such
A tender swift caress
From the evening summer hush

I savored your very lips
From the black of air you breathe
I lusted for the crisps
That I tasted from your teeth

Addicted to your charm,
I was in for a swirling hell
From the demons that caused harm
To the skins of my own shell

I lived for the beating lie,
The very poisons of my life
Oh, fuck. I'm gonna die,
And I'm in for a lot of strife

It had been centuries ever since
When love had paved its way
From the clock of greatest sins
It ripped me, failing you to stay

Do you remember back in the day in spring?
Through the music, we used to sing
Songs of love and joy and light
Music flown from silver flight

I always knew good things come to end
Like how the flowers close in snow
I knew wounds cannot be mend
When you watched the blood to flow

My heart bled while you stood to stare
And new seasons blew my silver hair
Yesterday’s gloom chains my soul
On my chest, betrayal drilled a hole

I thought tricks were only done by clowns
They never tend to lie
As I walked in empty halls
All I see are grayish skies

I cannot believe, as I carried you
In my lonely seeking arms
You were painting other hues
In our canvass, blue and black

Severed by fissures from the earth
I fixed the mess you made,
Learned love from a woman since my birth
That love was always something meant to stay

Love was meant to fill you to the brim
To help you grow and rise

2. Knight Lacking Silver Armour

You were a rose with hidden thorns
That I foolishly come to touch
I have to stop, thoughts of scorn
There's no diamond in the rough

You gave birth to crooked fears
Never thought, love holds such grim tears
I'm tired of swollen eyes and broken hearts
Why draw blood on damn old scars?

I'm left wondering to myself…

What if I don't make you happy?
What if I'm not enough?
And suddenly you confirmed…

I was almost, and almost was never enough
You left 'cause I wasn't a prince,
Just a knight lacking silver armor
You never wanted me, you were never happy
Because all of that is found in him

Crimson lips held poison in her tongue
A love not as perfect as the tales
Tempted from the ceiling to be hung
'Cause love was never meant to sail

Like the darkness of my room
I quivered at my chilly gloom
Like the sadness in my smile
I sobbed without a pleasant style

3. Fire (Ekpyrosis)

We're learning to talk
Before we can walk
Take the right steps
The truth is you're already there

The fire is what completes us
You're a disappointment
You gormless human being
Take off the mask

To deny yourself is treason
We are becoming angels
Illuminating the world
The transformed humans
From the divine realm
Composed of pure

Decoding dimensions
This is multidimensional
We are flying in the fire
Illuminated vessel
Resurrected, flesh of the higher

We're learning to talk
Before we can walk
Take the right steps
The truth is you're already there

4. Through The Threads of Reality (Alaya III)

I am grateful for the day, mostly.
But sometimes,
A discontented haze glazes appreciation for life,
For the clockwork hum of functioning anatomy,
Or the birds singing chorally
And allowing us to enjoy their melodies.

Some days, it's easy to forget
It's easy to drown out the sound,
Let something else consume us instead,
Leave blinkers on red
Before apathetically resigning to our pillow
And whispering to it our melancholy.

Some carry their past as a dead weight,
Making it harder for them to cross the finish line
For the races, we start and finish every day.
I harness mine as protection,
A key to the future
Where all that matters is the present.

Every day is a journey,
So I pack my bags ready for what happens next.
I make my travel guide
By formulating the ways
I can purge my mind
Of the burdens which relentlessly scratch away at the base of my skull.

I still hear the echoes of idyllic idioms which are never grounded in reality.
"Time will tell…"
"Time is the greatest healer…"

Imagine, if we were taught what freedom really tastes like.
Imagine, the sticky-sweet nectar of mental liberation
Being dripped onto your tongue,
Allowing you to savor how it really feels to be free
From insecurity,
And panic attacks which rip the ground from beneath our feet,
Draw sensation from our lips,
Makes our rhythmic pulses feel like lacerating stings.
My afflictions aren't my enemies.
I wear them with no hostility, knowing I can take them off
With wishful thinking,
And relinquishing the sinking feelings
Which pull me down when I entertain the idea
I need to be punished for being human,

There were days when I afraid of the sun
And the rays which illuminate everything I didn't want to see,
There were days when the only safe place was the space in my dreams
Where I could run free and explore new realities under my own orchestration.

Now, I embrace any effervescence the sky throws my way,
I pull it towards me and live fully
With my open eyes and open mind opening up new possibilities,
Every day is a new premiere
And everyone has an invitation to the theatre.
The ticket is my smile,
The price is peace.

I seek to spread addiction to being inspired,
Instead of what will make you numb and wired.
My work started with me,
But it will end by showing the world we're all one.
If you take my view,
You'll see what I see
And it's so fucking beautiful to see the delicacy of our temporary existence,
And our impermanent nature laced with humility and compassion.

My work is for unity, one destiny. All in harmony.
Peace has been there all along
Hiding in the shadow of materialism and conformity.
Social constructions attempted to mold us,
But let's shatter them to dust
With the pride in our uniqueness,
And understanding of the purity in individual presence.

Let your dreams carry you,
Be whatever awakens you.

5. Sleeping Dogs

I'll open my eyes
If I feel it's true

I've given it time
Don't be fooled
By her playbook
Hit from the back
Strung from the hook
Not desiring
For a fake polished look

I see your eyes
They see past me now
What does this teach me now
We say we've grown
Out of one's misery
A wall was built
I'm lost in this world

I'll open my eyes
If I feel it's true
I'm always empty

6. I Am That I Am

The creative principle
In the sea of wisdom
The infinite ship of light
I am that I am

The glory of the son
Shines past me
The glory of the moon
Shines on me
But I will sail the ship of light
The divine spark
The creative principle

In the sea of wisdom
The infinite sea of light

Progressive in nature
Eternal and blissful
Increasing duration
In spiritual existence

Challenge beliefs
Break the barriers

I am that I am

7. Hostility

I am being
Sitting with life
Nothing defined, or known

Everything is as it is
I now have my own place
I am content
With what I have

But, happiness isn't defined
By situation
I will forever wonder
In the unknown

Whilst knowing
I don't need
To play any role

Everything is as it is

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