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1. Nature Laughs Last

[Music: Dany Leblanc]
[Lyrics: Alexandre Leblanc]

Polluting machine driven by greed
He turned against the source of his life
Stealing and killing, he fights his own kind
Instead of sharing to survive

Rationalized, the resources fade
he doesn't understand the mistakes made

Climatic system reversed
The planet strikes back against his cancer
An attempt to break the curse
Of this careless kind who took away his power
Fertile ground turns into desert
Tropical land morphing to winter
Extreme melting at the poles
Ice turns into invading water

Global claustrophobia
As the land gets smaller
Earth wide paranoia
As the planet unleash the fury

Believers shall scream apocalypse
Engulfed in their ignorance
No god will save their soul
As the mother of all things reply

Like suicide to win a war
Eradicate the surface
Put asleep for centuries
Destroying the world to build anew

As this era ends abruptly
A new cycle take place
All the ones who exploited before
Will be forgotten in history
Unconscious that they burn it fast
Unprepared for the final blast
Nature laughs last

2. Evolution

[Music: Dany Leblanc]
[Lyrics: Alexandre Leblanc]

Born of chaos from the dawn of time
A cellular rejection claiming the world
So-called masters, self-proclaimed kings God-like phenomenon

Centuries of war and conflict
Exaggerated industrial growth
In the name of stupidity, they don't realize
Neglecting the earth, a self-demise

Living in false guidance
Hypothetic version of the origin
Believing pretentiously
Foolish version of the truth

Survival instinct to dominate
Obsessed by greed, religion-blinded
All this science is pure illusion
And they call it evolution

Economy over ecology
Breaking the balance
This madness won't stand eternally
Pushing the planet into decadence
At the end they will pay for their defiance

Satisfaction of needs has a limit
Accumulations of profits are endless
History of humanity
A quest for power
The peak of his maturity
Is nuclear fire

Unaware of the repercussions
Absurd progress leading to extinction
Lack of respect for nature
Doomed to a complete failure?

Every race seems to be destined
To perish under the hand of man
When none is left to destroy
Mankind will eliminate itself

Crushed by the same nature
They sought to control

Environment into depression
A culture aiming perfection
Turning to global regression
And they still call it evolution?

3. The Invisible Force

[Music: Dany Leblanc]
[Lyrics: Alexandre Leblanc]

A new beginning
Cold breeze bringer of spring
Blowing dust away
The old will shine again
Regeneration, a natural process of living

Breathing, to reborn into new skin like snake
Reason, brought back to life, a perpetual movement
Of truthful wisdom
Eternal means of communication
Abstracted creation
A profound yellow

Omnipresent in its form
The invisible force
A quest for oxygen
Fill our lungs with power to carry on

Untouchable - like thoughts and spirit
Uncontrollable - like passing your hand through it

Cyclones to dominate
A ruler in absolute gravity
In my absence suffocate
Tornadoes to destroy stability

Sword of justice
Natural disaster retaliation
Catastrophic weapons of conviction
Hail to the mother's revenge

Intuitive scream to provoke the wind
Like a cloud invading
Essential speech to awake the mind
Like a ghost haunting

Like a ghost haunting
Essential speech to awake the mind
Like a cloud invading
Intuitive scream to provoke the wind

Aerial master of persuasion
Divine king of transparency

Purify the surrounding
Consciously filtering the poison
Purify the body
Endlessly clearing the vision
Purify the soul

Omnipresent in its form
The invisible force
A quest for oxygen
Fill our lungs with power to carry on

Untouchable - like thoughts and spirit
Uncontrollable - like passing your hand through it

4. Solaris (Revive In Thermal Aggression)

[Music: Dany Leblanc]
[Lyrics: Alexandre Leblanc]

Power of cosmic origin
Misunderstood by the ancients
Elevating the race above
Central point of dismal evolution

False mastery of the element
The passion of the sun
Enlightenment of the dance ablaze
Hypnotized by the symbol of south
Anger of dragon grows

Red is the vision, waiting below
Transformed: a vindictive glow
Adapting to a destructive form

Under the rules of the nature
His will burst out of control
All hopes are melting within the core
Burning forevermore

Incinerate the surface
Leaving the horizon to ashes
As the cleansing evolves
The place is laid for renewal

Natural instinct to purify
True display of ruthless courage

Fire is hatred for egoism
Lust and jealousy, gluttony and envy
Roasted to the bone

Relentless flames of redemption
Procedures condemned to combustion
The phoenix reborn
Revived in thermal aggression

Everlasting summer
Solar energy
Infamous fever
Volcanoes fury

5. Aquatic Redemption

[Music: Dany Leblanc]
[Lyrics: Alexandre Leblanc]

Feeling, dreaming, flowing, it nurtures the earth
Morphing the shape
Cleaning, washing, filtering, it purifies the heart
Fashions the landscape

Unstable - as the wave breaks the rock

Mysteriously swamped through thoughts
Devoted to an internal serenity
Inside the womb, the fluid of life
Outside the tomb, apathy for the coward

Another world lies profound
Million phantoms deep
Crystal clear abyss in which we fall
Like a heavy depression, covering all

The lost of eternal compassion, is the result of immaturity
Release the river...
In a struggle to break free

Emotional - as the storm brings sorrow
Aquatic redemption for the worthless breed
Emerge into unstoppable flood
Pouring fatally with no chance to breathe
Supreme rebellion of the planet's blood

Ocean of tranquillity, resting peacefully
A motion so calm, sleeping temporarily

Do not awake the sleeping water...

Tears from the sky
Deception of the mother
Neglected, she rises frustrated
For the trust they took for granted
Drown, as your thirst is insatiable
Exploited to the level of obsession

A warning
Blue color alarm
Slowly swallows the sound
The coming of a glacial era

Paralysed by ice
Blinded by snow
A liquid demise
Violent flow

Taste the fury of the element
For you did deserve to be left in the cold

6. Equinox


7. Of Dust & Soil

[Music: Dany Leblanc]
[Lyrics: Alexandre Leblanc]

The empire of man, from extracted material
Built from the earth
A modern myth of metal and wood

Home of the animal realm
Nest for every organism
Living cycle equilibrium
Rooted to the core

The very essence of life on the planet
A disturbance is created, without remorse

Beneath our feet
Lies the symbol of stability
On the surface
Growing lungs forestry

The sand, the rock, the land
The perpetual beauty of mountains
The eternal solidity of stone
Will be crushed from years of abuse

Dirt that gives us life
Ungrateful treatment
Towards the terrestrial matter
Enough is enough

From forest fire and pollution mayhem
The earth eventually responds
By movement of the crust and separation of the ground
She will not tolerate this intoxication anymore

Counter-attack devastation
In damaging earthquake form
Destructive volcano eruptions
Eradicate this pathetic kingdom

Anger of the ground
Breaking the foundation of mankind
The structure collapses in pure
Apocalyptic nature fury

Born of dust and soil, living of dust and soil
Feeding of dust and soil, dying from dust and soil

We feed from dead earth, our death feed the earth
Humanity shall be reduced to dust

Beneath our feet lies the symbol of stability
On the surface, growing lungs forestry

Born of dust and soil, living of dust and soil
Feeding of dust and soil, dying from dust and soil

Humanity shall be reduced to dust

8. Sphere (Rotten And Consumed)

[Music: Dany Leblanc]
[Lyrics: Alexandre Leblanc]

Revenge is upon us
A catastrophic prophecy
Lightning strikes, mountain of fire
Severe power from the sky in anger

A nature uncontrolled
Chaotic nightmare unfold
Pathetic breed in danger
Enhancing the fear of the future

Burning, drying, dead baby
Lying in the desert miserably
A monument of the path followed
Example of inhumanity

Too late to react
Too strong to attack
Elements united in terror

Destitution of believes
Desecration of hopes
Unconscious degradation

Irreversible process
Furious purge
Carnage of biblical proportion

A sphere rotten and consumed
Fruit of life killed from its roots
Broken tree from witch the seed remains

A social holocaust
Fatal retribution
Movement marking history
Changing the world, here and beyond...

9. Hunter Of Seasons

[Music: Dany Leblanc]
[Lyrics: Alexandre Leblanc]

Frozen, lifeless, degrading reality
Wanting to believe the absurd
Hypocratic orgy of thoughts
Deeply plunged in a bemused gullibility

Participate to exterminate unconsciously
Overconfident determination
Persuade of a self-centered fantasy
Bother not of the surroundings
Presented on a golden platter
Purity victim of betrayal
Hitched by an handicap
Trip into dead nature
Seeing yet not the waste

Separation impossible, no self-sufficiency
Devote yourself, divorce from liberty
Destroy your need for security

Weak resting sure upon a dream
A necessity of survival
Selfishly raping what is believed to be divinity
Fear not faithful followers forgiveness it shall traditionally
Soil enriching is all you shall be

Permitting not to, think of thy-self
Now fold and realize your procurement
Overconfident deterioration, convinced of a superior existence
Adapting not to the surroundings, act foolishly betray your roots
Without regard of moral intentions
Scavenger, bastard, profiteer, ignoramus
Supreme being fall before me for then we shall see

Violently storming, modify ecology, breed in dignity
Overpopulate shamelessly, comprehension leads to destruction
Violently storming, devastate ecology

Revolt results in casualties
Comprehension, now it's too late
Earth, point in the universe
Burdened by stirred up ignorance

Of those who turn by turn rip it's distant visions
Mother Nature dissected by the incoherence of humanity too proud
The natural troops shall eliminate all hunters of seasons
But the human race disabled of innate logic
Surely shall succeed to commit suicide well before

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