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1. Prelude To A Dream

2. Forest Of Sound

Lost in time, the long river of words
flows through a forest, over her blinded eyes.
The stream is dying the trees,
waves around her frozen gist.

She hides the voices with crics and tears,
in the eyes the voices disappear.

All around her face the trees are so high and cold,
the rain now is whispering her name
but she will not hear a word.
Sounds of falling stars,
voices in the cage shinning from the path,
dreams surround her mind
tears in the night the sun has dried.

Water flows in her voice
fading shadows leave the day,
the moon still shines.

3. Wind Of Illusion

She walks away along the hill
as running drops upon a dream,
the moonlight is shinning in the sky of winds.

The dark night falls into the sea
and rising sun lies on her sleep.
Summer is coming...

Her eyes will feel the light of ancient silence
until another day will come.

Outside the door the ice dissolves the horizon,
water falls from the hidden cries.

The breath of rain lies on the ground;
dried by the voice of her prowl,
snow mountains full of empty sounds
graze her warm hands, full of the sky
and fill the space behind her eyes

The last breath melts away
wounded by wind of day.

Changing words rises on
the sweet sea of her lost dream.

4. Deserts

Drops of her life
falling from her blind eyes,
the liquid sands
rise from this desert land.

Flying in the wings of the night,
the path is clear
made of the stone of tears.
Outside the cage there's a man,
he gets the key
to open their locked dreams.

Falling water from the sky...

In the rain of ice
she cries in the cage
like a broken glass
covered with pale dust.

All this desert land
drowning in the sand
like her blinded eyes
darkened by the time.

Clouds open old doors
to leave ancient nights.

Falling water from the sky...

5. Waterfalls

Gardens made of still water
rise their face on a frozen forest.
She drinks the sand of the lie
while islands lost, dissolve the time.

The ice is forming all around her deep eyes
now ancient gardens are flying on the water.

The long river flows through a forest
but now she sees he's dying,
for all the time has passed
the man she sees was crying.

Running to freedom waterfall cries,
open its gardens to leave the world of dreams.
The sun is shinning reflecting the sky
over the garden to leave the world of dreams.

6. Memories

Wet drops; woke up the little man,
his eyes see a magic garden.
Day by day the heaven
seems to be without end.

Beautiful leaves fall in eden,
so he tries to climb hits walls...

Ice fields and glass forests
lie down under the horizon,
moving ground far from the sky
(moving ground far from the sky).

Winds blow dust of thousands centuries
remind memories of life,
the old valley echoes with far voices
living warm shelters of dreams.

7. Cristal Eyes

Watching through your crystal eyes
I fly in the wind of your lies,
the wind brings me back by the sea,
where the foam of the waves
melts with dreams.

Crystal drops play with your candid lips
while your bitter tears voice
whispers "I must leave...",
willow weeping has died
by the lake of my dreams
and the dreams hide your face by the sea...

Waving through the ripples,
the entrance to reality
disappears into obscurity.
The dream becomes reality
and I can't leave this place,
falling in your deep crystal eyes.

8. Inside The Moon

The time has gone
my little angel,
the sky is waiting
I feel I'm leaving you,
the wind has told me
that I must fly away
from all the dreams you have,
and the dreams I had.

You will write
my name in the water,
a word of love
you'll say to my grave,
but a day will come
in which you will now
your life must go on

...and' I'll be alone without you...

Sands of time
surround the voices
as all the shadows
reflect the water.
Winds are leaving
the ancient sounds
made of the dreams we had.

Night still shines
inside the moonlight,
the sun is rising
upon the mountains,
inside the moon
the dreams closed the doors
around their waterfalls.

9. Unlocked Dreams

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