Dark Lyrics


1. I Bury My Head In My Head

I bury my head in my hands.
I can't believe the words coming from your mouth.
How can you be so inhuman?
Can't you ever learn from the past?
Your ignorence overwhelmes me.
Now try for once to listen to your own words of hatred. Wake up!!
A dark soul of evil speaking words of impurity.
And you'll die with the words of regret on your lips.
Hiding behind your children.
To create an innocent image.
You took their lives away. Without a second of hesitation.
There is no word strong enough to describe what you deserve.
I hope you'll burn.

2. Catalyst Of Terror

Nights of endless fullfilled with days of torment.
Men turn to killing-machines.
Streets turn to battlefields.
Where we shed the blood of our brothers.
Constant warfare.
Narrow minds controlling the troops.
Stealing the lives of the innocent.
Claiming to uphold peace and order but it's nowhere to be found.
This world is not your kingdom.
The greed lies within your blood.
Created by your cowardly ancestors.
Women and children soaked in blood; cold and terrified.
Never give always take.
Some day you'll all go down.
Begging for forgiveness.
You justify these actions with your trust in god.
In your god I don't trust and I'll never put my life into your hands.
I'll never fight for your empty causes.
But you won't tear me down.
I'll allways fight.

3. Bringing It All Together

We coming full force with all we got, 'cause we got nothing to lose.
Only a feeling in our hearts that we will pull through.
No looking back, 'cause past is past and that time has passed.
Straight from my heart I'll tell you this is where we belong.
This is our scene and we stand strong.
Bringing all the kids together with open minds and open hearts.
You can call it what you want cause we just don't care.
Our unity can't be beat.
Metal, punk or hardcore we stand as one, we stand strong.
Bringing it all together.

4. Ignite The Fire

What's done is done and what's said is said.
Still we live on no regrets.
Can't change the past.
So let's try to make the best of the years to come.
Ignite the fire to brighten this world.
And make the path of darkness disappear.
I will not go down without a fight.
At least we can fuckin' try.
We have the power, we have the strength.
Together we can make a change.
I walk this path for those who lived and died upholding their beliefs.
For those who ever remain true.
Remain true.

5. Embrace This Hell

I wrote my statement in blood and all that I have sacrificed to put an end
To their cries.
Was blindly ignored.
This is your time to die.
One last breath and it will all be gone.
My scream for justice disappears into the night.
This is what we created, driven by greed.
All heavens angels can't save us now.
Down in guilt we're sentenced.
To a lifetime in agony.
Consumed by despair we tear this world apart.
Every part of me aches.
I can't taste the disgust on my tongue.
Don't know how much longer I can endure this hell.
I see we're falling apart.
If you love this world so embrace this hell.

6. Unreacheble

Eternal upgrading standards.
Unreachble but still we aim to become anything but ourselves.
We accept everything though it rapes.
We accept everything though it kills.
Now I search for truth in all that I got left and I'll find salvation in
This world demands perfection.
They're killing us everyday.
They're raping our mind with false hope of a happier existence.
I'll rather be imperfect of perfection.
Life is pushed aside.
Profit held so high.

7. Black Nails And Bloody Wrists

Dry those bloody - wrists and let's take a walk on the wilder side of town.
The night is young - my darling and you're so fuckin' beautiful.
This love could be - undying if you'll let me into your life.
My hands are shaking - and blood rushes to my head.
Hearts pumping faster, faster than ever before.
I wish that you were mine forever.
Dark days of sorrow will be your road to disaster.
Take my hand and let me show what this life could be.
Things have been so fuckin' crazy but it's such a tragedy.
That you saw this life as your enemy.
Embrace yourself and follow your heart.
Together we'll make it through.

8. Dead Man's Hand

I'll rise from the darkness and wander towards the light.
In search for reflections revealing the truth.
And sky turns red like the sun fades away.
The beauty of truth is cast aside.
Honesty becomes yet another lie.
Now I read the truth in a dead man's hand.
As I stare in the nothingeness I realise this world has gone to hell.
Burning for the consequences.
Paying the ultimate price.
One broken promise, another lie.
As we drown in empty words.

9. Resistance

The fire has awaken me in the ashes of my loved ones.
In evil they tear the flesh from the bone leaving no one behind.
Never will I give up as long as children are enslaved.
Behind your mask of greed you're fragile and
All the money in the world can't save you from me.
Everything that was cared for was taken away.
Now I'm lost in misery.
They may shetter my bones but they never kill my urge to fight.
This world of injustice.
A capitalistic regime.
Heaven is lost forever only hell exists.
Endless rain pouring down while the blood drips from their wrists.
A call for resistance.
With such will, to end the killing.
Until my very last breathe I'll fight you with all I've got left.

10. Lost To The Madness

She didn't walk, very long.
Until she went too far.
No turning back, it's too late, devastated, falls to her knees.
All her pain unleashed in one scream.
One step too far is what killed her.
Forever lost.
And I shed a tear for every beautiful face lost to the madness.
She went all the way ignoring all she learned.
I'll never forget your face, it remains in my heart.
I'll never forget your remain in my heart.

11. Wasting Days

I wish that I could say "I live each day as my last".
Cause one day will it be the fuckin' last.
To me it seems so wrong to waste our precious years.
In this world of slavery, oppression will be our decay.
Set yourself free and fight back.
Take back what's rightfully yours.
Everyday is a struggle to survive.
Just trying to get by in this life.
Take your fuckin' life back!

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