Dark Lyrics


1. The Black Woods Theory


2. Fiery Mysticism

Her vision is misty as smoke
Mists and the smokes of dark
Desirable fullmoon is near
In air her vison as spark

Fire's tongues is tickle her body

He was waiting all who here and now
Path to eternity
He was waiting all who here and now
Blood on the cold couch

Sweetness of suffering
Excitements of lust
Let's fell!
...cold like by needle

Here and forever

Pitiful was called to himself
When gates to the air he closed
Ugly creation, insanity myth

You are all here and now
Let stretch out your hands
Your master don't blind you're by light
By light from the heavnes of lies

Your life burns and burnt
The flames of the end
Our flag is still risen
Rising and immortal

Eternal fiery mysticism

3. At Nightfall

And only night give me salvation
From the sunlight of ruthless
And only moonlight reflections
Give me deliverance from the horrors of days

At nightfall my mind becomes clear
My body start fills by power
(power of supernatural)
It's was given by Black Gods

Beast is come out from lair
Ancient instincts are filling my mind
Nature is call me to unite
To unite with her at midnight


Fullmoon light
He coming out from the thicket
He demand
That yoke of the sun will be broken

(...demand the clearance from the horror of sun...)

"Let my Black Gods stay with me!
From the white light
Let they set us free!

We're will together break yoke of sun
We're will together going to stars
We're will together ruling this world
And nothing will can break us!"


4. Path To Burning Space

On the east a new light rise again
From darkness
Let stars, daughters of heavens
The path will shining for a man
They are alight together
And fly about from one place

Come to oneself where power of the law
Gods was going

Wake up!
Do you hear a noise of surf?
They are alight together
As summer lighting
Stars is burning

Black heavens by clear shadows
They are clear and bright is cover up

"Gods, give me the children!
Burning daughters of heavens, give me the riches!
Come to oneself beneath the defence
We're will becoming fathers of bold sons
Gods will giving that... heavens and earth"

5. Necromantical Screams

[Celtic Frost cover]

Necromantical screams
Only you are deaf
Is there life beyond death?

You entreated death, the answer will come
Oebris of faith, even you are false
Immortal morals, catch up with time
Vault of darkness, filled with hate

Deny life, addiction to death
Procession of damnation, expulsion of light
Hazardous ways into the rush
Soul is frozen and flesh is weak

Necromantical screams
Only you are deaf
Intelligence is mute...

Respect and thoughts, buried long ago
Pleading for the end, blind and dumb
We won't feel, there could be more
I will remain alone in the dark

...only you are deaf

6. Ad Infinitum (Dark II)

[Lyrics: Henry L. Oldy "Living in a Lost Time"]

...Я шёл один в ночи беззвёздной
В горах с уступа на уступ
И увидал над мрачной бездной
Как мрамор белый женский труп

Влачились змеи по уступам
Угрюмый рос чертополох
И над красивым женским трупом
Бродил безумный скоморох

И, смерти дивный сон тревожа
Он бубен потрясал в руке
Над миром девственного ложа
Плясал в дурацком колпаке

Он хохотал, смешной, беззубый
Скача по сумрачным холмам
И прижимал больные губы
К холодным девичьим губам

И я ушёл, унёс вопросы
Смущая ими божество
Но выше этого утёса
Не видел в мире ничего

Я шёл...

7. Dying Emotions Domain

Land is soak up blood by ages
All is forever here
Where sun forever goes
Where fires was burning
Where sunset still live

Step by step... in chaos of unbeing
Step by step... in abyss of darkness

Fear for fear
We're was laid in fear
Blood for blood
We're was wanted by blood
We're live in fear... life of illusions

Dying emotions domain
Here hate is respect
Here power no for turning back
Here power and might for stand above

Difficult way through the fear and pain
Strong, be a stronger!
Bold, be a bolder!
Let's hell burning red,
The sky is denied

Land is soak up blood by ages
All is forever here
Strong, be a stronger!
Bold, be a bolder!
Breaking the light

Dying emotions domain
...Rise above... upward...

8. A Song Of The Night Birds


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