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1. The Towers

The towers
Built of stone of all kind
The guardians
Of all species
The dimensions
With every possibility
This purgatory like void
I will take the first step

This is the secret mankind explores all the time
This is the secret man will never expose
Oh lord, tell me why were here!
What's the purpose of this dream

For ages we have wandered
Through the gates
For ages we have wondered
Which gate should we choose

But all the gates are closed
To those who do not know the answers
To the riddles that the guardians
Present to those who trespass
Oh lord, tell me why we're here!
Oil lord what's the purpose of this dream?
Is it to gather knowledge
And to take it back

Is it to prepare myself
For what's coming next

I wrote this part last night with the lizard king
But i no longer remember what he sang to it
I hope that i will see him again
So he would tell me how old is the snake

For ages we have wandered
Through the gates
For ages we have wondered
Which gate should we choose
For ages we've had the knowledge of the ancients

And maybe we will know all the answers
Before our world ends as it is

2. Channel Sleep

A day of hard work is through
I'm more exhausted than ever before
Its good to lie down on my soft bed
And to see what's on the channel sleep tonight

A few disturbing visions
News tell about rotting corpses on my backyard
Tonights movie is about love lost forever
My favorite series with the episode called "pain"

Suddenly i see with my eyes open
I hear a strange eerie music flowing around
I try to move but all my limbs are numb
Then i can feel something is looking at me
Beside my bed is sitting a man

He has no face
He speaks a language
Unknown to me

Behind me, at the door, there a shapeless form
That came through aeons, now to finally take me away
Over my body, there are ghosts dancing
Wraiths weighing a thousand tons
They came from hell to take me

Now the man is sitting no more
He jumps on me and grabs my throat

I am choking, i am choking, choking...

Suddenly i can see with my eyes open again,
I am almost drowning in my sweat
My room is bright, i can look around again
I can move my limbs, it’s all quiet (for now)

3. Visions

I had visions of things I always wish to see
I kissed your lips and together we flew to the moon
I had visions of things I never want to see
I ripped off your heart not even knowing the reason why

I am not sure if I am ready to face you
Cause my dreams seem so real
That I cannot tell the difference
And I don't even want to find it out

Pain (and suffering) I wish to see
Beneath the sky painted with dreams
Bleeding through the wall of sleep
Pain and agony I have to see

These visions are full of love and death
I cant tell the good ones from the bad
Sometimes visions of death give hope
When visions of love cause pain

These visions that I see
Reflect the darker side of me
When I think about those images
I know they are not reality
But many times it feels
That their meaning is
Not just black or white

Like when I see myself stabbing you
It sometimes feels like the right thing to do
And when I see myself hanging from the tree
I feel that I could finally be ready to die

Satanic visions
Of suicide
Divine visions
Of eternal lies

Hanging from the tree
Jumping off the tower
Drinking the poison
Taking the last breath

Satanic visions
Unholy incantations
Dancing with darkness
Throughout visions

4. ...they All Await Me When I Break The Shackles Of Flesh

Who are you?
You who are looking
Back at me from the mirror

That image in the mirror
Why do you remind me
Of someone I used to know?
Everything has changed suddenly
Vet it all began long ago

My mind destroying itself
Dark corridors and empty chambers
Inside of me
Armored doors and locked shutters
Cover my mind
Is the door closed forever?

The demon of fear and lies

I cast my soul into hades
And I hope that it will all be over
Waves of despair flood my mind
A thousand years of solitude
Dark red flow
The river from the other side
I cut the gate open
So he may ride through

Who is that person?
Who has been honest to no one
Blindfolded by chaos and deceit
False scenes and masks
Where have I been?

I have been away for so long a time
My search is never over
But the closer I get, the more I feel
All the emotions deprived of me
Through the unknown and beyond
Pain and fear, sorrow and exhaustion
They all await me when
I break the shackles of flesh

Jaakko Oksanen ‒ Bass, Lyrics
Jiri Pyörälä ‒ Drums
Rolle Heinonen ‒ Guitars
Markus Heinonen ‒ Vocals, Guitars, Lyrics

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