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1. Moonlies

As a poisoned present
A statue carved in jade
The stone that steals the hearts
From unfaithfuls
Dethrones your kings

Look at me
And feel the pain
Mixing with the taste of blood
How the arrows of time
Tear every second apart and
Invoke the dawn

Have you seen how the moon lies to us?
Listen the howls of despair

What will you do
Without the crown of pity?
You'll have to fall and crawl again
It will guide you, the taste of sin,
Through the path of solitude

To disappear when we love
And become a shadow
That will dissipate

A nightmare invoked
In a sun that has died...

2. Dust Of Oblivion

Before the clouded thought
Of ideas that fall long enough to die
In the taste of rebel poetry

Converting luciferian verses
Into the only colour that my soul can paint
A new covenant between solitude and grief
Signs from before that emerge in this present

New thoughts appear
With sublime words carved in a mirror
Before my thirst for pagan knowledge
Are we going to die?

Lay your restless body
Over used silk, entangled in the sand
Even if your flesh's destiny
Has been carved in your chest

Travel inside my hell, eternity ends here
Beg for me if your senses allow it
Create a theatre out of this misery
And I'll be the nucleus of your hell
Kiss me with the warm breath of your sin

Part my soul from this body,
The creation of a nocturnal nightmare,
And as I let solitude pass
I become the dust of oblivion
A creature crowned before a nameless epitaph
A blank stone shredding ancient scripts
Melancholy, grey as I am
I will stare at these landscapes of eternity
everlasting, macrocosm, everything

I will sail through dark seas of tears
Towards the unknown to reach what we're looking for
Your existence poisons my soul
Is this my prison?
An abysmal burrow of tortured harlequins
Who mourn laughing the arrival of their second death
I hear the lonely cry of the crow
When pain stimulates my soul

I shall remain in silence
While the tragic embrace of this doom prevails

3. Conspiracy Based On Silence

All histories resumed in a verse
Are prayers that were not heard
By the insane past
That saw us fall

Decaying before an awful sight
The sun cries for us all
As death will at last
Rule in our hearts

Turn into mourning storms
They carry me like dry leaves to dispel the autumn

Conspiracy based on silence
Destroys softly our hopes
Devours our roots
I close my eyes, where brimstone tainted tears are born
They Recall the beginning
Back to the very doorway of Asterion's labyrinth

Remember once more your astral insanity
And spawn your doom
Remember your origin
You've played with the dagger of sin
As you heard the Declaiming of
Luciferian verses that your tongue has never met
Because you're afraid

4. Iblïs

Darkness calls
Enveloped in your cloak
I shall never bow before a Clay man

I am Fire
Breeder of your sins and pain
Sneaking whisperer in the hearts of men

Wind-curved sand hills
Landscapes of your misery
My burning realm of mirage wealth

The wind that scatters
What the future was made for

I walk stealthy through these hallways
Invoking with my dual tongue
The wonders of a virgin kingdom
Endless wishes
Curse what the Gehenna will not grant
Because of my wreath

The wandering being shall walk with shivering steps
While his fears will be reflected every night
On a moon abandoned, left on her own

I will hold your back with my claws
Stimulate your heartbeats
Wishes, sins will crown your victories
I'll announce your soul her doom
Bodies return to the original dust
My hands will write with cloves the future

I will seduce with sneaking movements
The tree of life to grow the fruit of my will
Feel my taste, the nectar of my tears
Poison you souls with lies
Feel the pain, the woe and the fear
I'm the eye-stealer crow

5. Zerzura


6. Nailing Nightmares

Towards the shadows that shred
To prove how time dies before our eyes
To feel the fading pulse of life
As it walks slowly to it's pantheon

My mind seeks hopeless
Some silence between the screams that are
Ripped off from my throat as if they were
Lightnings of a raging sky

Every time the scars are open
We cherish our lost twilights
Your blood in my tongue
A thousand spirals of exotic scents
Artificial paradise
Concubines dance for our desires
Everlasting is our hate
As it mixes with the wind

Evoke your madness
The black smoke will never let you breathe
This land is full of crows
They show us the great conspiracy

As we travel with our souls
Along with their stone carved lovers
The ruins of unknown futures
Bleed and weep under a striated sky

A secret is hidden
Between endless nightmares
We cover our tears
With rain in the sand

Nailing nightmares with my Claws
On the womb of your memories
Breeding insecure and warm sins
Leave our eternal roots

7. Between Your Walls

Shadows rise beneath your feet
Endless torture
I feel the flame of dawn
Embracing a dreamless night

The forbidden fruit dampens my lips
Reveals the secrets of a paradise
Forged by the desire of an infinite time
Face to face
Yearning disappears

I have seen wolves howl at the moon
Reclaiming freedom
Their tears flow like rain
Moisten my soul after each battle against solitude
Spirits sink into my wildest form

My breathing became the nightly pulse
A wandering song about the end
Between those two cold hands
That caress the memory,
The mystery of your birth
The Silence inside

My desire,
Death was forged by your will
When the sun gave us the first dusk
And the night was forever crowned

Carnivorous winds
Carry me deep into
The eerie wealth of certain death
Beyond the labyrinth's threshold

I will finally rest once between your walls

Our memories are replaced
With infected tears and a taste, oh, so bitter
This is Nowhere
A place where only dreams prevail
A place where nightmares are our parables
That we somehow decipher
In the depths of despair

8. Quicksands

We all steadily travel to the unknown
We all know this is the end
We all will be forgotten
We all walk towards Zerzura

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