Dark Lyrics


1. Stranded

you're all fucked up
you're all afraid to see
that your clocks tick away your life instantly

we're all fucked up
just open up your eyes
you can't stop us now

look at you
and look at me
all that you see is our supremacy

this is life
and all you do
fucked up cause we pass through

2. Vessels

something that guide you through your life
behind the mist of blinded eyes

something is haunted when you're fall asleep
because in a dream
there is no safe place for me

i hear voices call me
i can not be only one
bring light into darkness
sources of the voiceless souls

can I save myself from
just leave to oblivion
wander through the spaces
searching for the safest place

souls into a limbo
torment with no reason here
i'm stuck here forever
in a parallel between our worlds

silhouettes fill these universe

no one can save me

one day i start realize what i beg for
with empty vessels i fill for a no one
ascetic way of life is something i can live and die
my soul and feelings is a thing i can't see through my eyes

mirror of soul is a thing i can hold
maybe someday all sins flow away through my wounds

modern sun will take down away every day
but if i can i will push on a replay
something just pull away
it's an emptiness inside of me
the path of god is a lie that lead you constantly

3. Oversighted

i find that all you believe is a lie
with all the grace that you hold on inside
your life made of condemnation and praise
nothing to do but your hands are raised

the most are blind and it will always prevail
but ones who sighted can look behind the veil

think about that the pen is mightier than sword
you believe in a lies that someone put in a word
weaknesses remains a weak there is no strong
look through my eyes and all you see is wrong

they never had a faith in me
so why i should believe in what they say
how they were able to get so much authority?
they try to bow me down for watch me pray

i'm not the one to admire
i find your weakness in what you desire
show me an icon i will call it a fake
your beliefs built on the mistakes you have made

let's call it a global conspiracy
but it's an eyes that won't looking at me
call me pathetic i will stand on my way
so you will fall apart with nothing left to say

blood stained letters will take you to enslave
with empty voices that guide you to your grave

history is mark those who benefit from tribulation
possessed of keep your mind above insanity
we sail in a sea of depression
search for a key to the mind of humanity

you honor the things that you shall fear
the final repentance with third eye blind
so watch a gates as into the mirror
trying to see the light behind the leaf

4. Malice

i can't remember when we used to start
this conversation out of boundary
every night i used to fall asleep
in a bed built of my sanity
i know the time but i can't really remember
any signs that show me a place
what day is now please tell me
my thoughts went outrace

add a feel of sanity to my existence
i'm not the one on this scene of senses
ascension is the point i'll try to fight
my future is the burden i should leave behind

oh life you try to bow me down
tilt my life down on the surface
to watch me hit the ground

feelings of what used to be
holding me at the same place
trying to reveal me
meaningless guilt for you forever
courage of those fucking days
bury me me at the same place
negative in the same way
sorrow waits for embrace you now

now whats your fucking price bitch?

my idea become an endless treason
the reason you still there a pointless breathing

this comfort drag me
in the further depths that i grown within
this is a progress
your search will always take you back to me

tomorrow wait for
another story you will tell around lately
this road will always
always lead you back to me

grow seed in me

and if you thought i forget everything you said
and everything i lost and everything i get
you'll better run away look back at me
because i can't forget thing we call reality

5. Whiteout

this world is on the edge
my pledge is about a question of the age
how is it possible not to see the change?
this is the way we want to turn the page

the stars will collide out of our sight
oh god there is no sunshine
to enlight this satellite

someone's watching at us from the outside
inside we are all about to fucking die
your life means fucking nothing
why don't you even try?

the truth is hiding in the skies
behind the curtain of the clouds
there is still reason to try
open the skyline and walk on the other side

what the fuck do you think we are all about
miserable things on the ground
i find us nothing know we're all about
we meant to see something more in this world
but someone hide it all from everyone
we meant for something more

i swear i never saw a thing more beautiful in this world
we are all seems so small
i want to express this but i cant find a word
these stars have shown me the way
forcing me to stay

you will never know
as i saw things different way
you will never feel the change
look at the star array you will never be the same
open the gate
lockup this narrow cage

6. Highlights

you wake me up
and now i never want to close my eyes
our lives are filled with misfortune and break up
but you're the one who helped me to stand up

standing here broken but not alone
i hope it will last forever
we are exist till world will gone
and after years
i still believe you are the sun
i'll hold you in my arms
till dusk chase us down

thousands of words in my head
begging me to understand
maybe it comes to an end

give me a sign a shining star far from here
where you will be if i still stand here?
this is the way i will decay as i stay
i saw this world through the eyes of foreigner

we sinking with the ship we've made
it's not a place we'll stand together
it's not the place we always be there
let's encounter our faith
walking through the darkest days
with all the fears we had
and all the chances missed

no afterwords we grow stronger
on the way we reach the stars
we watch the highlights getting older

Thanks to new_xaker for sending these lyrics.

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