Dark Lyrics


1. Crossing The Stygian Lake


[Words from the booklet]
If you want to enter in hell, then you have to be ferried across the Acheron
but first you must pay to the ferryman Charon
The fair is a coin if you are dead, but if you are alive, you need a golden bought
If can't pay the passage, you will be damned by Charon
to wander on the banks of the Styx for a hundred years.

2. Out Of The Cave

All my life I've been chained
and forced to watch a lie
Shadows over the wall...
I thought nothing existed but this

I was mistaken
One day, when I turned back and I saw the burning fire
I wondered if it would be something more
That's why I united the ties that bound me
and I stood up from the floor when all mankind lies
absorbed by shadows and I walked towards the opening

Finally I am out of the cave!
The light of the sun blinds me!
The absolute knowledge and the ideal world
I have arrived where no man had before

I have beheld the real world
Now I know what my duty is
I have to let them know what I've seen
I have to enter the cave again
and wake them up

I would never imagine this! Non one wants to listen to me!
No one wants to believe in what I have seen outside the cave
Everyone prefers to live with their illusions forever
That's why they have condemned me to death
and my only crime has been to try to show them the truth.

3. Imprisoned Forever

Many eons in a slumber
I woke up in an unknown place
A prison cell with a candle
that never extinguishes
No doors and no windows...
No way to escape!!!

And I hear steps from the outside
I call them but no one answers my cries
I have broken my hands and torn off my nails
by biting and scratching the walls

Dreaming of freedom that I will never reach
I'm puzzled. Where am I???
Please, someone answer me!!!

A nightmare is this prison forever I'll stay
Desperate beyond belief
Please tell me why I'm here!!!

What was my crime??
Why me instead of someone else??
How long must I stay imprisoned in nowhere??

Give me back my life!!
Take me back to the place
where you captured me.

Why I can't remember anything??
Give me back my memories!
That's all I ever had

Is something there outside????
All these years trapped
in this dark cell like a rat

Maybe it's my fantasy??
Too much monotony!!

I'm a prisoner in a room
where there's no entrance or exit

I think I'm going crazy
I can't remember how I reached this place
Maybe I've always been here
and that's why I have lapses of memory

Perhaps it's just my imagination
but the candle fades away
I feel so cold, and as the light dies
my life goes out

This light is the only thing
that keeps my mind sane
in this cell of loneliness

The darkness is covering the cell
Here I am completely blind
I'm just hoping to die soon
not to lie forever
trapped in this eternal gloom

4. The Very Beginning


[Words from the booklet]
The beginning of everything. What was the beginning of the very beginning?
Was the very beginning the very end as well?
Or are we part of the beginning of something else?
Before the beginning, it was nothing: the really void
If there is a beginning, then there must have been a non-existence state
in what we call existence - universe - reality
What did the change from non-existence to existence?
Maybe never has been any beginning or any end,
and the universe has been always.

5. Weird, Imperfect Symmetry Of Creation

Glimpse the angles, and vertex of madness...
...imperfections of reality
where demons travels through the hyperplanes

Glimpse the bounds of Tindalos...
...outer-planer creatures
There's no place in cosmos to hide of them

Glimpse the impossible geometric shapes never dreamt...
as polyterons, and politopes...
with dimensions never known before

Glimpse... glomes... tesseracts... rotatopes, spherinders
and the infinite-dimensional hypersphers of Yog-Sothoth:
The door and the key


Behold the figures of infinity
Behold the perfect paradox
The most absolute symmetry
in the most absolute chaos

Behold the infinitely big superstring
that will vibrate forever with infinite energy

It will destroy the reality and won't left life behind
the hand of gods can't interfere
It's a power greater and older than them.

Gaze the unexplored corners of the universe
where no light has ever shone...
...Lost stars whose light won't ever be seen anywhere

Gaze the ravenous dark holes
that swallow entire constellations
...the destruction of the matter...
...and beyond the black horizon...

Gaze the worm holes...
...the portals out of time and space
that would let you go backward and forward in time...
...it's the threshold to eternity

Contemplate the center of the universe and what remains...

Contemplate the imperfection of the lines and the bends
that causes absolute madness with just one sight
If you do it, their shapes would swallow you forever
in their damned axes and vectors

Contemplate what an eye haven't seen before...
...spheres where you may find universes and other realities
where madness and destruction
are the beginning and the end of everything

Contemplate the end and the beginning of it all
Big Bang and Big Crunch
The cosmos expansion and the contraction...
...it's the breathing of creation!!!!

6. Peering Through The Reflection

[Words from the booklet]

There was a traveller and studious man, that in an expedition found
an ancient grimoire of an ancient civilization yet unknown by men

The book became his obsession, and during eight months was his only focus of attention,
During the greater part of the day and night he was locked in his studio room
His family was worried
When all of them shared the time together, during lunch or dinner,
they noticed that he was absent-minded
Rarely he talked. Always daydreaming.
Always thoughtful about what he had deciphered from the book since then.

He had discovered unusual things about the mirrors
It is known that mirrors were used the first time in the classic Greece
and they used it like we use it nowadays
But in this book was written that a thousand of years before the mirror had another use

The mirror was created to give a clear reflection,
and it was used for many kinds of black sorcery
Through the reflection they could see many things
...past ...future ...present ...other worlds ...another dimension ...another realities....

This man went even farther. He went beyond of what dared the most insane sorcerer from past
The mirror can show many things, but could show the dark reflection of this world as well
It is a window to hell
Never happened where you are looking into the mirror for a long time that
you start to feel that the one reflected is not you?
Then you have started to peer through the reflection by chance
The longer you look into the reflection, the clearer you see the differences
First the reflection becomes different. The room reflected becomes another weird place
The one reflected becomes any other thing, and finally there's a moment that you see it clearly...

That is the way this man used to peer at hell
No wizard has been so insane to try it
He expended hours, days, weeks and months
enclosed in the bathroom looking inside his reflection
He learned so many things that it is better not to mention
and he beheld so terrible things that are better not to describe or name
Those things are things that no human must behold

He didn't know that peering through the reflection is really risky
It has their fatal consequences
At the same time you watch, you are watched too,
and maybe when you come back from observation
Something that is better to stay in hell would use this way you have opened,
to cross through the reflection
It could be very dangerous for you, or for those who live with you

Is that real, or are just ideas resulting of an obsessed and insane mind?

7. A Step Through The Reflection

Half of me has woken up this midnight
Half of me has died, I feel
Some doubts fly around me
Something worse than death itself

Just another joke running around my head
beating me behind my eyes
I have left the horror and the terror of my heart
from the coldness of my hands

Just a nightmare left behind
A practical joke of my subconscious

My blood turns into ice in my veins
My wife lies dead at my side
with two bleeding holes
in the place of her eyes

A light beams though my head...
A vision of the killer...
A splinter pierces my heart...
Reality becomes pain...

I swallow a scream so I won't wake my kids
Again another strange feeling
pushing me to see their room
Silent scream comes out from my soul...
Oh no!! All death!!

Wandering in my house like a lost ghost
trying to rebuild the facts
A voice, a dead voice from hell warning me:
"The murderer may still be here
just a step away from you
You will recognize him
Maybe he is closer than you think. Now go!"

I can't stop the tears falling from my eyes
tears of horrible sorrow
and pain deeper than the cold night

Remembering everything, my family, my life...
Afraid at last of being the next
in this horrible line

Getting on my feet, gathering all my courage
Going to find the man
Going to take his life with my own hands

Sneaking in the ball, I see something at the end
A man, the murderer... I'm going to kill him
I can see the killer smiling at me
so close, so near...
In a new step I see the mirror

"You have unbound from bell your inner beast
when you peered through the mirror"
Everything has been my fault
Why I've condemned myself to hell??

The killer with my face...
The blood still in my hands...
Now I'm trapped in a dark realm
and he has crossed to the other side

My reason falls into darkness forever
My evil soul has come alive
The smile of my reflection...
I now be will freely enjoy his crimes

He needs more blood, needs more lives
And I have no power and I have no way
to leave the world of reflections
He has stolen everything from me
and has taken my life

I am a slave of his movements
when he is in front of a mirror
Now I know the grudge
that he would fell all this time

"This is the price of peering through
the dark realms of reflection
Something would cross to this side"
Through the glass you will see him
Something from hell longs to be free

8. In Fairies Garden

Night is falling, dreams are calling
Crystal lights behind the trees
Glittering madness in fairies garden
Closer to this mystery

Enter here and see your dreams: dancing mindless
Leave yourself and fly away: kiss the fire

Nothing seems to be like what I have been
Stars fall in my eyes, strange dreams haunt my mind
Faeries take my hand, music leads my heart
Dancing 'round the night, leave my fears behind

Something thrills me,
my soul is tingling
fighting with my heart
No more magic,
my mind is knowing
I see the hands of time

Outside the sphere I see the sun
that sinks a thousand times
The lady of madness warmly kisses
the surface of my soul

Pain... all my might is in vain
Cold... scars are marking my soul
Shades... my soul is praying for death
Fear... I don't know who I am

My mind falls apart
No more laughter
I see no tomorrow
Oh, queen of the night, queen of the light
take away my sorrow!!

Now the music fades
Someone strange takes me out of here
I can see her face... oh is so sweet
I can leave myself to dream

Seems like I've been sleeping for years
Oh, sweetest voice waking me

A familiar vision of dreams in the mist
Tales from a lost world, waking my memories
I can remember her face in my sleep
She guides me by her hand
but I know the way

Crossing the clouds her hand in mine
So many feelings inside me are waking
Over the seas and the lands
she takes me farther, I'm getting scared

Strange new vision, she shows me a new place
surrounded by a purple sea
She sits beside me and touches my face
Dreams becomes reality

"You know this land
I've seen you fly over these shores
Look inside yourself...
your dreams will tell you
what you want to know"

"Yes, I remember...
I've been here many times flying above us
I can't pretend... you're all I've dreamed for
my whole lifetime.
I have a life, far from these shores
far from your heart
Maybe in dreams, we'll meet again
This is not the end"

9. A Shine After A Thousand Years Of Darkness

[Words from the booklet]
What starts with a simple glow in a place
where it wasn't light in the last thousand years
can wake what has been sleeping since then
Beware of these ancient places
What sleeps is sleeping by a reason
Awake what sleeps before time
may have disasterous consequences
Or maybe the awakening time has come?

10. The Temple

I'm the captain of the U-29229 during the Great War
We have sunk lots of allied ships
One of our victims was stuck to our submarine

He had drowned
We found in his pocket a carved stone
where we threw him overboard I swear
he opened his eyes and gazed at us with derision
Then a curse has fallen upon this craft
Many sailors have disappeared
many of them have gone mad
many think they see the blue
and swelled corpses of our enemies
following us into the depths of the sea

An explosion has disabled our submarine controls
drifting towards the south

The few crews that remain have mutinied
They want to surrender to the allies
and they want me to throw the stone away
It's become my duty to do away with them all
I don't want to fall into the enemies hands

The current has dragged us to the abyssal depths
where surprisingly there is a temple!
I am amazed at the perfection of these buildings
and I can perceive resemblances
with the figure on the stone
With no doubt this must be part of the lost Atlantis

No more energy...
I have been without light for days
I despair...

I know that it's just a matter of time
that the air is gone and I die
That's why I'm writing these lines
I will put them in a bottle
I will throw it into the sea...
I hope someone will pick it up

Suddenly I think I see
a flickering radiance in the temple

Today I feel something new in my heart
The temple is calling me and drawing me closer
I know that I don't have much oxygen
but if I have to die I will die there

Maybe finally I've become crazy
My obsession for the figure has driven me to it
The temple forces me to go
Whatever I try to do I can't resist

No more energy...
I have been without light for days
I despair in my last hours

I'm going to go outside with the diving gear
I know what that means, but I have no fear
I will die placid in the black and forgotten depths
where no man is left behind

And this demonic laughter which I hear as I write comes only from own
...my weakening brain

11. Ode To A Dying Empire


[Words from the booklet]
Another fallen empire. Another dark age for mankind.
A new rebirth. A new age begins.

12. The Scourge Of The Gods


13. The Sinking Of Atlantis

I hear the soar coming
This is the day of the end of our great empire
The scourge of the gods finally has arrived
to slash our corrupted civilization
Our wise men predicted it,
but we didn't want to listen at them
It's too late to restrain the rage of our gods

We will be swallowed by the ocean
to the very deeps of the earth
where every light dies before emerges
All that will remain of us, will be a legend and nobody will believe...
A new age begins, and another dies with us
Our culture and influence in the world will lose its name
No one will find our remains

An awful earthquake shakes the earth
and our buildings are crumbling
The ground breaks itself
and swallows the horrified people!

No one knows where to run away,
A few of them pray in repentance
I feel how the cold waters wet my feet
in the middle of this catastrophy

Waves drowns the Atlantis citizens
as its power destroys the continent
Atlantis is sinking, and all of us are sinking with it
It is dragging us to its unavoidable end

I am floating in the edges of a great whirlpool
spinning faster and faster, reaching the fatal center
where I will be swallowed up forever!!

Óscar Martín — Guitar, Voice, Keyboards, Whistle
Daniel Pradillos — Drums & Percussion
Jesús Villalba — Violin
José Martínez — Bass, Didjeridoo, Guitars (track 5)

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