Dark Lyrics


1. The Very End


[Words from the booklet:]
Humano capiti cervicem pictor equinam
iungere si velit et varias inducere plumas
undique collatis membris, ut turpiter atrum
desinat in piscem mulier formosa superne,
spectatum admissi risum teneatis, amici?
Credite, Pisones, isti tabulae fore librum
persimilem, cuius velut aegri somnia vanae
fingentur species, ut nec pes nec caput uni
reddatur formae. 'Pictoribus atque poetis
quidlibet audendi semper fuit aequa potestas
[From Horace's Ars Poetica]

2. The Disinherited

They are the bastards
the children, the phantoms
...the evil, the bloody
...the unloved, the unborn...

Induced abortions...
Hordes of headless babies...
Elephantism and deformity...
Resulting of rape...

They are the disinhearted
never loved by their parents
They appear in my nightmares
and in my thoughts
every time I close my eyes

My parents hate me...
...I know that soon they'll come
I'll be past of them forever
I'll be past of the disinhearted

Finally they've come to take me away
I saw them floating through the windows
whispering my name coming for me...

I hid myself under the bed but it's useless
They all know where I am
They whisper my name...
This is the farewell

3. Le Nebuleux Sentier

Après la tragédie dans le tunnel blanc de lumière
j'ai revu mes ancêtres, qui m'avient montré le chemin
Ceux à qui je me confiais et qui avaient disparu
J'avais toujours su qu'il y avait quelque chose d'autre

Un jour, j'ai reçu la véritable preuve
tombée à lendroit où j'étais
Je ne devais pas sortir du chemin
mais après tant de temps, je croyais entendre
les voix de certeins qui étaient restés

Même si je savais que je ne devais pas le faire
je me suis eloigné quelques pas du nébuleux sentier
Quand je n'ai plus entendu les appels, je me suis aperçu
que j'etais perdu, que je ne retrouverais pas le chemin

J'ai marché à tâtons dans ces abstraites limbes
Et j'y flâne encoré, errant sans succès

Parfois j'entends des voix?
Je crois meme distingues des silhouettes et des visages
Je suis de plus en plus perdu
Je sais que jamais je ne pourrai sortir d'ici
Tout comme ceux qui me parlent parfois
Nois nous appelons tous entre nous
Mais ne nous trouvesons jamais...

4. Die Letze Fuge Vor Der Flucht


[Words from the booklet:]
Der Zeit ihre Kunst, der Kunst ihre Freiheit

5. Trapped In Flesh

What the hell do these brats
know about something like that
Are they trying to scare me?

They could never scare me because I am fear
I could make them die of terror, if I wanted
but they don't deserve such a merciful death

Soon when I recover my powers
I will shatter them
I will torture them until the end
Now they run around the trees of this forest
Trying to scare me
trying to make feel that they are ghosts
because they think I'm crazy...
Everybody thinks the same!

But theey don't know how mistaken they are
One day I will have the last laugh

I'm going to make them suffer
an infinite pain and the calamities
of a miserable childhood
like they have done with with me

And they are trying to scare me
These fools are trying to scare me!
I'm a demon trapped in a kid's body that longs for its freedom
They think themselves evil
Soon I will show them what the word evil means
I am evil!

I'm going to kill everyone
and mutilate their bodies again and again
They don't know with who they are dealing with
I'm the incarnation of hate
the grudge son
and the heir of vengeance...
the heir of vengeance!

Trapped in flesh during a whole lifetime
Incarnated within a cage...
Those responsible are going to pay for it
to this life form
I who have been since
the beginning of the universe

I'm going to fill their minds
with the worms of madness
before I finish with everything
No one shall ever laugh at me no more
when they will discover what is beneath my skin

6. Yearning For Blissful Moments While Standing Upon The Ruins


[Words from the booklet:]
Si può?... Si può?... Signore! Signori!... Scusatemi se da sol me presento. Io sono la Musica vedrete de l'odio i tristi frutti. Del dolor gli spasimi, urli di rabbia, udrete, e risa ciniche! E voi, piuttosto che le nostre povere gabbane d’istrioni, le nostr’ anime considerate. Il concetto vi dissi... Or ascoltate com’egli è svolto. Andiam. Continuerà!
[From Leoncavallo's Pagliacci]

7. Sombra Y Silencio

Mi vida... ¿Dónde te encuentras?
Abandonamos un mundo sangriento
después de aquella tragedia de la que apenas ya nada recuerdo
y ahora llevo morando años y años de locura
en esta infinita negrura
en la que me he despertado

No consigo ver nada...
Mis ojos no se acostumbran a la impenetrable oscuridad
Vista que no recuerdo haber tenido jamás

Mis manos... a tientas no encuentran
nada solido a lo que aferrarse
No logro, hallar referencia
de donde puedo encontrarme

¿Acaso, alguna vez la tuve?
No consigo pronunciar silaba
ni emitir sonido alguno
ni siguiera escuchar mi propia voz puedo
En silenciosas tinieblas me encuentro

En mi cuerpo y en mi alma hay metido
un terrible y vasto frío
Sufro el perverso hielo...
La total ausencia de calor... luz y vida
Siento ese dolor... y desasosiego

Tengo miedo porque no estoy sola
Algo acecha en las sombras
que se divierte con mi desgracia y se burla
que me golpea y me muerde

Me transmite sensaciones y pensamientos al corazón
Juicios que quiero oir...
Ideas que me enloquecen

La sombra quiere que olvide todo
que me disipe en la oscuridad y me convierta en lo que es
Estoy atemorizada... temo no encontrarte jamás

Espero que no te hayas disipado ya
y seas o formes... parte de la opacidad
Mil años hace ya que me encuentro
Errando ciego en esta densa tiniebla

En todo este tiempo he hecho el esfuerzo
de recordar quién soy y de dónde vengo
porque sé que cuándo me olvide ya todo habra acabado
No poaré aguantar mucho más sus torturas y humillaciones

Y me confunde no lograr recordar si era hermosa o no tu voz
¿Quién ha muerto, amor. Quién ha muerto?
¿De quién es este llanto que no escucho?
¿Quién ha perdido su razón?
Quisiera confesar la locura que supone estar consciente
cuando todo alrededor es inerte y despiadado
la tortura que conlleva el ser durmiente
...Que no puede dormir...
...Que no puede soñar...
...Que no puede morir...
...No puedo dormir...
...No puedo soñar...
...No puede morir...

¡Dejadme descansar en paz, sombras!
Dejadme vagar por esta negra tierra
hasta el toque de las siete trompetas...
Lo prefiero a formar parte vuestra...
a toda esa maldad que os aferra
y aquella a lo que representa

Sin descanso... solo quiero descansar
y saber al fin de nuevo qué soy
por qué sigo aquí
por qué vine y por qué no marche
¿Por qué marcharon todos cuando yo no me he marchado?
¿Por qué has marchado, amor. Si aún no sé vivir yo sola?

...Si ya no soy...
...Si no sé morir...
Si eres tú esta sombra, o siempre lo has sido
Porque te amé (como se ama a través de las heridas)
y porque te amo (entre mis labios con el sabor del miedo)
dame caza al fin, u otórgame la verdadera muerte
Pon fin a este silencio, porque esto no es morir
Sólo queria vivir contigo...
Sólo queria vivid...
Sólo queria...

8. Insignificant Among Insignificance

Invisible parasite plant
from your earliest childhood
you have fed on the most unclean dirt

All over your stems runs
the putrid sap with the stench of corruption
You have sprouted from an infected seed

Engendered in the worst den
guided by the twisted hands of chaos
headed straight towards your perdition

You have grown up watered by evil
You have drunk the waters of vanity
Being impregnated by the dew of falsehood
Knowing what you would become absorbing it

What are you looking for, evil hypocrite?
What are you aspiring, absolute corruption?
You are an invisible plant
You are an invisible parasite in a sea of parasites

You steal treacherously
the substance from the plants
of your habitat
which shine because they haven't
been fed with the same
poisoned essence
and you try to make it
miserably invisible... miserably invisible...

Poisoned and putrid plant. What do you want?
Your odious roots tear off the unique sterile properties
of an increasingly sterile earth
and you propagate your intoxicated presence
which made you loose your innocence in such a miserable way

Then you have reached your goal...
What would mean this negligible goal?
What is the season for your existence

What is the season of your plague?
Why are you everywhere
bleeding and tearing this sick world
and turning it into ashes

Scorn drives me when I see how you grow
and propagate your sick breed
everywhere I look

Then you have reached your goal...
What would mean this negligible goal?
I long for your extinction

What is the reason of your plague?
Why are you everywhere
bleeding and tearing this sick world
and turning it into ashes
I yearn for you disappearance

You want me to become one of you?
You want me to become one more?
You want me to busy my feet?
To turn them into roots
I won't be by your side
neither plant nor buried
I'll be far away
from your

In my own pool of water
ingrained in my soil
Where you will never come
and which you will never find

You are insignificant in a society
in a world, in a planet, in a galaxy
and in a cosmos
even in your own reality...
The more we generalize
The more insignificant you are

You are an insignificant particle
in the great void
I'm not of your kind
I will transcend
and I will watch you from above
I am god now and I'll never stop despising you
putrid plant

Wither away with all your kind
and stop poisoning reality
Your extinction is insignificant
it is insignificant
Your extinction

Insignificant among insignificance

9. When Everything Fades Away


[Words from the booklet:]
Nihil est in intellectu quod non prius fuerit in sensu
Distingue tempora et concordabis
Cuilibet in arte sua credendum est


Pablo Parejo — Drums
Antonio Herrero — Keyboards
Jesús Villalba — Violin
Óscar Martín — Guitars, Vocals
José Martínez — Bass

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