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1. Before The Battle

2. Defeat And Revenge

[Lyrics by Oscar Martín]
[Music by Oscar Martín]
[2001-2003 ]

Look at this cold battle field where death reigns every where…
My blood is seething in atrocious hate
My heart longs for revenge for all our companions death in fight.
Our defeated enemies writhe in pain over the snow.
We must kill all of them and show no mercy.
We won't bury you, we will leave you here
so the ravens will devour you.
May be your bones would serve as example for those who
would try the same in the future.
I am in agony lying on the snow
The dead gathers around me
I am resting over a puddle of my own blood.
Life is leaving me…
What am I doing here so far from home?
What did thy forced me to grasp a weapon by a reason unknown?

What kind of death is this away from god's sight and my beloved?
I never thought my death would be so ill fated

I hear the cries
from my dying companions,
at my side…
Their frosted faces, their silent tears …
Our enemies are finishing those of us still alive
Like if we where rabid dogs
I know I would do the same
and I know that soon it will be my turn.

I feel lonely and forsaken
Here I lie crippled and deadbound
Better if they put and end to my suffering
The angel of death waves his scythe a few meters from me.

Damned all of you that you dare to challenge us!
I hope you will burn in hell.

3. Into The Unknown

4. The Music Of Erich Zann

[Lyrics by Oscar Martín, inspired in HP Lovecraft's tale with the same name. ]
[Music by Oscar Martín & Lourdes Gallardo ]
I have never again found the Rue d'Auseil,
from where I desperately flee, that night.
It has disappeared off the maps.
No one has ever heard of it, this place where I was living.
Everything started the night
I heard strange music from the peaked garret overhead.
The person who lived there was an odd old viola-player,
a mute man named Erich Zann.
I heard Zann every night
and, although he kept me awake,
I was haunted by the magic of his melodies.
I was uncertain if any of
his harmonies related to music I had heard before.
I couldn't get those unusual notes out of my head,
those notes that I have had often hummed and whistled
inaccurately to myself.
Why did he cast a startled glance toward the lone curtained window?
I don't believe that his affliction with strange fears and nervous disorders is
connected with his music, there's something more...
The awful, inarticulate cry which only a mute can utter,
and which rises only in moments
of the most terrible fear or anguish made me
run upstairs towards his garret
that night.
I thought I heard an exquisitely low and infinitely distant musical note as an answer somewhere above and beyond the lofty wall.
Some kind of evil presence seemed to be coming from the unknown places of the universe. With his music he opened the realms of space, and the outer demon taked advantage of it.
It would be useless to describe the playing of Erich Zann on that dreadful night.
It was more horrible than anything I have ever overheard. As if his music could close the door
to those weird evil powers entering in our world.
At this juncture the shutter began to rattle
in the howling night wind which had
sprung up outside as if in answer to the
mad playing within.
Then I shouted in his ear that we must both flee from the
unknown things of the night.
Nevertheless he neither answered me nor abated
the frenzy of his unutterable music
Suddenly out of the blackness the madly sawing bow struck me.
When my hand touched his ear I shuddered, though I
knew not why -knew not why until I felt the still face –
the ice-cold, stiffened, unbreathing face
whose glassy eyes bulged uselessly into the void.

5. Sailing To Another World

[Lyrics by Oscar Martín & Sebastian Gonzalez]
[Music by Oscar Martín & Sebastian Gonzalez ]
Watching over the horizon
All this years remind behind
And the long awaited day
has to come soon
Too many nights longing to see my face reflected in your eyes
Dreaming that I'm again by your side.
It has been many weeks sailing the ocean waters
That keeps me away from my home and my family.
But this weather is arising my suspicions
The wind is getting stronger and rain falls with anger.
Oh My dear! The ship is sinking
There's too much water foam and screams coming from every way
The terrible waves shakes and splits the ship in a half
Seems to be the end for all of us
People cry resigned knowing what is going to come
Whatever happens I'll always love you and I'll fight until the end.
I only remember a desperate escape: fire, lifeless bodies…
The pressure collapsing my inner most deliverance
I fought to reach the surface and finally breath
Clinging strongly to a floating piece of wood.
Miraciously the night forgave my life the stormy sea, throw me to the coast
Before I lose my conscious I perceived the taste of my home shores.
Where am I?
I have recognized this soil as my own land but it is if I where in another world
The sky is always grey, and the storm doesn't seem to want to leave alone.
An eternal twilight crowns this weird insane earth.
I reach my city, but is in ruins and forsaken,
As if there would have been no life in a thousand of years.
Maybe I am dead or have the world died around me?
I feel so lonely, exhausted and cold…!
Nothing to feed me moreover in the
Darkest moment I hear murmurs
From hostile presences searching for me
Like shades starving for life.
They want to finish with me I know
I don't know if I would escape
I don't know where to go or what to do
But I will…
I will fight…
For my life…
Until the end…

6. Shades Starving For Life

Óscar Martín — Guitar, Voice & Keyboards
Sebastian Gonzalez — Bass
Daniel Pradillos — Drums
Inés Seisdedos — Keyboards
Erik de Cruz — Voice & Percussion
Jesús Villalba — Violin

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