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1. You Have No Idea

We're always running late
But we don't give a shit
We'll show up when we want
You have no idea
Shit is getting done
All the kids in the neighborhood
Dancing in on their tippy toes
Watch out
Tossing turning bounce
We came from the underground
Spreading life into every crowd
This is to show you where we stand
And where we once stood
Let us show you what were made of

2. Jacuzzi

This is where we separate
And go our own selfish paths
This is the same shit
I always speak about
No matter how it changes
I still suffer
No matter how it changes
I keep moving on
Oh god I love this
Screaming my lungs out
I hope this gets to you now
Ill get under your skin
I hope you learned a thing or two from my words
They can guide you to the top
This will bring you what you want
Now I wish for more wishes
Try to tell me to fucking stop
I wish for more wishes
Keep this up reach your top
Now I have this in my hands
So what will I do stay or run away
Run away

3. Look At It This Way

We all know how we got here
Forget about introductions
Spitting out lies and truth in my face
Wipes our very existence from my eyes
Ill just let it go
This is how it starts
Now I'm standing on my own
No need for any rumors 
So fuck them all
You'll have to just let it go
This will stick with us
For the rest of our lives
I know you're better than this
Because I know you better than them
I know you can rise above them all
Play the role that you want you be
Don't let them rot us away
This is what I call
The healing process In progress
This is what they'll say
That I'm naive and
I'm fucking out of my mind
And I'm lost for eternity
I don't give a fuck what they say
Because I'm already gone
I'm finding my way home
I'm already gone
You know I'm already gone
I'm already gone I'm done
so fuck them all

4. Governor

Since I was young
I never thought that I
Would have this mess inside my head
I don't have the guts to say it
That I may be lead to a fucking bitter ending
But I can't go back and remove what's wrong
I will learn to live on my own
And for that I thank you
What's said and done
We've made our vows
I promised myself that I
Would be a better man
In the long run ill learn from my mistakes
There was something I left behind
It was a person who made me feel alive
Yet I feel ugly on the inside
But I've found my place in life
Where I want to be
I'm sure of it now its a place of
Love and heart
I hope she knows how she means to me
If I could turn back time would I change anything? defiantly not.
Staring me in the face my better half
Well I hope you know
How you mean to me
All things aside its along stretch from here
But I'm in this for the long run
And we'll stay the same with nothing in our way
We'll have long nights spent right
Until the break of day
Showing all that we are
Something of beauty and grace
And we'll stay there all day.

5. Something Different

This is something new to me
I can't explain this feeling that I have
A mix of nausea and no assurance
Throwing caution away
Has never been me
I can't just sit here wasting time
I know I have a passion for this
But I fucking can't get rid of it
This feeling I have
Ah fuck it ill just go down with the ship
I can't just sit here thinking of what could be
Ill seize everyday,
ill live every moment in the moment
Because I'm alive and I find my self safe and sound in the music

6. That Night At Doms

I see my dreams up upon a shelf
It seems as though I can't reach
At least I can say that I made it this far
And stayed true to my self and I not
Listen to them
My mind is bursting with dreams and Motivation
Hope is not lost
I know I can persevere and rise above from the ashes
This is my dream true want and need
Ill pick up the pieces of what I call life and string them together to try to make sense
This is my time to shine
Ill hold my head up high
This is my time to shine
Ill walk through crowds of disappointment just to be where I know is right
What will your piece of paper say if you have nothing to show for it
You're emotionless your views are the worst part of it
What will your piece of paper say if you have nothing to show for it
This is my time to shine

7. Uncommonsense

Why does it seem like your always holding me back
Fingernails bit so short
I can tell that I'm losing sleep and I'm losing me
Life is to short to take the easy way for everything
One to many times I've had to hold my tongue
I'm fighting an impulse
I have missed to many chances to take any chances
I want to say I've lived my life
This comes as no surprise, I've been safe
I've been mild, I know I wasted much of my time
Now I have no limits
I will stay this way till I die
Now I've been carrying this weight
On my shoulders
Its crippled my spine
Well you can't help me
I need to do this for my self
My conscience can't take it
Ill make up for all those things I've lacked
Ill make my fears run
Ill make up for all those things I've lacked
And what's held me back
For all the time I wish I had ill make up for it
My fear of dying fear of being alone
My fear of failure your said and done
So say goodbye
I will carry on
My life is to short to take the easy way for everything

8. Crooked Necks

I've been meaning to change the ways of my past
But I'm going out of my fucking mind
Then you come along
And put a spin on things I cannot help my self from thinking about this
simple decision
Why is this so damn hard on me
I've been taking some time to figure it out
I'm sitting this one out
So why do I keep coming back,
Coming back for more
How could something never end if it was nothing to begin with.
I've been meaning to change the ways of my past but I'm going out of my fucking mind, then you come along.
Why is this so hard on me

9. Light Up

Ill hold your head up
Late at night where do I stand
At this point in time
I want your head on my shoulder
But I can't tell
Where I am in this dark place
I've never been here before
Don't let go of my hand just yet
Cause I can't tell who I am
Well let's bring this back to where
It started you and I were separate pawns
In this game of life where we would stare back and fourth
Well I tried my hardest to be with you
I held onto those little strands of hope 
and they've gone oh so far and I wish you knew that you are not alone
Now I sit and think about how you should know
By now you should know 
You are my inspiration.
Now I don't know if I can do this on my own give me some help, give me a sign come to me.
I never thought I'd feel alone together,  the weight was suppose to be gone but now its truly here.
You give me my true and honest smile  that is brighter than the whole entire city, 
and yours lights up the night so we can see each other
with hopes held high that we'll be together again and ill hold your head up
I hope that you remember when I lied
My life makes me think of you.
Remember I lied
My life makes me think of you and I
Just so you know
My nights are not whole

10. Burnt Out

I'm a so called singer and song writer
For all you know I could be making this up as I go
Turn on the radio
Don't touch that dial if you wanna hear something without soul
What your force fed you can't swallow so now its stuck in your head
Well applaud a plot against the audience
Its your money their after
They say its not for me
I got something to stick in your top 40
Top fucking 40
You're maniacal your bar cannot be lower
And your ignorance shows when you set them on fire
Buying into their Hollywood lifestyle
Their was a time where people cared about your music and not your money
Rock and roll has lost its soul to a brand new devil
Rock and roll has become this second rate bottom less artist pit
Where's your heart in that
There's no place for you in this world
Your fake

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