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1. The Eyes Of The Dead

Watching with pride this once so beautiful scenery, silently, eternally
Reminding of times before warmth and light
Were violently swept away, a path of decay

Azagthoth rising - desolation

The creeping chaos, no longer sleeping in the dark
Once again haunting the scene
Destructive forces, a beginning, an end
The source of life - doomed to die again
A trip through the darkest void

Yog-Sothoth rising - annihilation

Crawling mayhem, feeding the spawn, breeding the seeds of fate
The ancient ones return to this world
The circle closes, a prophecy fulfilled
Embraced by the dark, on wings of death we fly
A journey to the other side

Kthulhu rising - 666

Through the eyes of the dead we're watching the scenery, silently, endlessly
As the memories of warmth and light slowly started to fade away

Now as we've finally died
We leave our bodies behind
And with joy and delight
We travel through time

Now as we've finally died
We're at one with the night
In blasphemic delight
We sweep through the sky

We're riding through dimensions, watching the worlds with the eyes of the dead

2. At Night They Fly

The sun disappears into the horizon grey
And the moon begins to glow high above the sky
In the beauty of darkness between gathering clouds
In the absence of the light in the glorious night

Great black forests surround the throne of the almighty dark
Howling wolves conjure the creatures of the night ...celebrate

Golden arrows rain from above
Ripping the dust clouds apart
Spreading an inferno of flames
Over the withering flowers

Shadows rise from the ashes of their burnt burial ground
Leaving their tombs behind, embracing the night
Into the skies they wander, this night they live again
Hidden in the dark protected from the sun

At night they fly, at dawn they die

Behind the warmth of the day, behind the faded light
In darkened powers they reign in the realm of the dead
Where demons spread their wings and cross the ancient sky
And the shadows in the night sky stare dismal unto the earth

Awaiting the morning light to die
At night they fly, at dawn they die

3. Under The Flag

Troops of damnation rise from the east
Spreading death and destruction across the land
Declaring war ... hordes of evil march

Assassinating suicide, terror rules the scene
Violence, machine gun fire
Hostages in fright, bombing raids all along the way
Prepare to die, prepare to bleed
Prepare your soul for this defeat

Utter devastation, bloodshed divine, messenger of doom
Holy persecution nowhere to hide
Prepare to bleed, prepare to die
Prepare your throat for your last cry

Request to the "holy war"
By a malicious preacher's fundamentalistical teachings
Of a storybook written many hundred years ago

Mindless misguided fools hidden among all of us
Waiting for the call of the suicide command

Never show mercy, never hesitate
The preacher has spoken, unite under the flag of Jihad

Chase the unbelievers, kill them one by one
The war has begun, are you ready to die?

4. Blind Obedience

See the depths of unconsciousness
And heed the written call for all ages and times
But deception, lies and deceit is all you will find
On your way to extinguish your mind
Paying homage to a fantasy divine

Lead a life in obedience
For a god created by men who never wanted to die
And pray with your face down and ass to the sky
Day by day, dedicate all your life
To give credence to a fantasy divine

Blind obedience - do as they told you
Never question why, never comprehend
This be your fortune, joy and lust denied - blind obedience

Strive to continuously walk the path of confusion
Forget who you are and thrive in total delusion
And confess, repent all your sins
And indulge in sacred disillusion

Drown your spirit in fallacy
Rape yourself in a deadly dull encasement
Follow followers and writhe in self-enslavement
Be obsessed, apologize for being human
Remain in mental derangement

Blind obedience - guide your way
Close your eyes and stop to think
Blind obedience - mind astray

Blind obedience - light your path
For a lifetime struggling
Be a gregarious animal - blind obedience

5. Fortapt I Dødens Favn

Når vinden blåser og sola legger seg ned
I kald vinterstid
En ensom ulv, fortapt i skogens mørke
På vandring til sitt siste hvilested
Fra månens ansikt skinner kvelende lys, et lys så svakt og blekt
Minner om gamle tider som nesten er glemt forsynker dypt i dødens evighet

I frossen jord, et sted i evig stillhet
Forlat av gudenes velsignelse
Der natten sprer seg og frelsens nåde venter
Visjoner reiser seg fra sjelens dype sår

Besatt av tidens forbannelse

Omfavnet av dødens klor, renset i blod
Den ynkelige kroppen dør i stille og ro
I dødens kalde favn frigjøres åndens makt
Da sjelen trekker seg fram gjennom skjebnens veldige port

Den siste vandringen, fullført i fandens landskap
I tidløs ensomhet
Omgitt av nattens grimme, svarte skygger
Fortapt i dødens kalde favn
Når evig søvn slukker livets krefter skal sjelen dra sin vei
Et siste åndedrag blander seg med skodden og blodets varme svinner hen

6. Nebel

Nebel, weisse Schatten des Wassers
In dichten Schwaden tanzen
Quer durch Felder und Wälder
Schatten weich wie Seide vernebeln die Sinne
Die Wahrnehmung entschwindet
Vergangenheit und Gegenwart verschmelzen zur Einheit

Erscheinungen aus fast vergessenen Zeiten
So trüb, doch klar erkennbar
Geister der Erinnerung in Form von dichtem Nebel

Nebel, weisse Wand vor den Augen
Ein undurchdringbarer Schleier über der verwüsteten Landschaft
Wind fegt durch die Kronen sterbender Bäume
und lässt die Zweige bersten
Totes Laub weht durch die Luft in feuchtem, kaltem Nebel

Ein eisiger Hauch von klirrender Kälte
Vernichtung des seins, des Winters geburt

Der erste Frost im blassen Schein des Mondes
Die Zeit regungslos in Stille, Tod und Einsamkeit

Verstummte Schreie, vergessen in den Wäldern
Die Schatten, die einst lebten ... verfallen
Totgeglaubte Seelen, gefangen in der Zwischenwelt
Gebunden an ein dasein im Dunst

Leblose Körper, ihrer geisteskraft entledigt... erfroren
Erstarrt im schneebedeckten Unterholz
Wartend auf das Ende der Zeit

Boten des Todes, Opfer der Schatten
Rilflose Seelen, fern von Erlösung
Gefangen im Nebel, leblös und kalt

7. Beyond The Bonds Of Time

Fly straight across the universe, through space and timelessness
Among the galaxies, reach beyond the stars
A million planets circle round the distant suns
A voyage through the void, a step into the emptiness to break the bonds of time
Into the nothingness

Flee from mortality, spit in the face of death
Leave flesh and blood behind and face the utter dark
The comets that once did bring water to the earth
Will be the guide and guardian to another realm
beyond of what you used to call reality

Beyond all boundaries
Drifting through unknown dimensions
Beyond the bonds of time ..drifting ...fleeting ...unknown

When cosmic rays surround you
And stardust cleans your filthy soul
Perpetually this new existence will unfold
Trapped between the worlds between the spheres
In purgatory you will dwell ... eternally

Earthly life has passed away but still you'll never rest
No pain, no joy nor grief, all feelings left aside
Immortality - a nightmare has turned real
beyond the bonds of time, a point of no return
Deep in the emptiness

8. Invoking The Serpent Of Death

Scorn to the light, erase the stars
Death to the moon and the sun
Open wide the gates beyond
A sacrifice has to be done

Contempt to the earth, delete the sky
Death to the sun and the moon
Beasts of the night rise in gloom
Summon thy angel of doom

...Arise from thy throne ...Appear from the world below ...Rise and come forth!

Descendant of the ancient gods of war
Dreadfully spread thy spawn upon this tainted world
Come forth, in anger rise up from beneath the ground
Thy curse may turn this world to ashes

Seeds of hatred prosper in the heart of man
Seeds of fear benighten body, mind and soul
Frantic screams, cry of dismay, riven by grief and despair
Cries of pain, stench of decay, manifest serpent of death

Let lightning crack to the soil , let fire crawl from below
Flames shall rise into the night, glow in the darkness so bright
Oh putrid human being, feeble creature of light
Recitate your prayers, the end is nigh

With the power of the oceans and the strength of the storm
With the rage of conflagration thy descendant be reborn
Breed thy spawn, thy kingdom come, swallow this world - let it burn
Great demise, no more disguise, manifest serpent of death

9. World On Fire

Black clouds are raging, sweeping through a scarlet sky
The earth is shivering, eruption trembles, burning from within
Feel the heat rising up from deep below
As sulphur rain is pouring down unto the surface
And glaciers melt to steam

A crumbling earthquake shatters the ground
The beast is rising again
All hell breaks loose, the flame's unbound
A world on fire - remain

Black dust is spreading, carried by a funeral wind
Light is fading, the moon, the sun and stars don't shine anymore
Expanding darkness - falling into timeless night
As smoke and ashes fill the sky
And mother earth is burning down to the core

A crumbling earthquake shatters the ground
Mankind is struggling in vain
All hope is lost, the flame's unbound
A world on fire - remain


Apocalyptic prophecy, neverending wrath
Ancient gods will take revenge
Judgement day on the rise
Ending lives in misery, everlasting death
Angels and demons walk hand in hand
As this puny world dies


Devastation, bringing forth the great demise
Armageddon, grand damnation, the final hour strikes
This world collapses like million others did before
As raging flames submerge the desolated landscape
And emptiness will rise

A crumbling earthquake shattered the ground
The beast has risen again
All hell broke loose, the flame's unbound
A world in ashes - remain

The pulse of earth reached its end
As cosmic powers blast this tiny ball
Back into the chasms of oblivion

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