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1. Quest For Immortality

[Lyric by Andrea Martongelli]

There was a man long time ago
He tried with his army to conquer the world
Defending the secret of the eternal life given him by God
He flew to the sky and the secret'd been lost

Messiahs of death don't want me to ride
Blaming my wishes, confusing my mind but I'm
Protecting my fate from the chains of the lord of the evil reign
I don't wanna be a slave of pain

The flight of the warrior'll stop the demons' raid
Black knights, evil messengers have to burn in hell
We wait for deliverance, let the proud man ride
The law of the sword,you know, don't forgives who cries
Fly with the forces of light
We'll be together tonight, believe in me, I will lead you

Riding fast on the burnin' wings of Pegasus
Magic powers I will find
Tonight, tonight he's going to be immortal safe will be my soul
The light will break the sadness of this tragedy
But now is time to strike
Don't fear this evil night...

Oooohhh... Oooohhh... Oooohhh...
But evil presences are wasting the sunset in the sky
Obscuring the way that will change my life
The lord of the dark has nothing to say
His black magic powers are fading away
I'll come to my people, I'll use my own gift the world to save
And'll be your own shelter, catch my hand...
and the story has come to the end...

2. Voice Of The God

[Lyric by Andrea Martongelli]

On to the snow, in a desolate moor
We're marching through thunders, we follow the moon
A new day is rising, it only can tell
What will be our fate...
The swords now are shining, we're ready to kill

Searching a new way to scrub all my pain
But sword shocks and blood are contrasting my aim
What now I need is a stronger defence
Help me if you can...

Now heaven is falling, the snow's turning red
Night riders fight with a sword made of steel
trying to defend our king
a great scream of victory'll rise from the voice of the Gods

Sorrow and destruction have found now their way
We've got the right but it's so hard to say
A million of soldiers have died without fear
Feeling deadly shivers...

We roam through the mountains, we fight to survive!
Silently, across the snow plain, we look to the sun's shining high
Searching for a new horizon we're proud to belong to the king

3. Sun's Temple

[Lyric by Andrea Martongelli]

Since too many years the wicked tyrant's trying to waste our life
He's sowing the terror on and on
We're living like preys, we cannot escape and find a place to hide
The risk of a slaughter is too high!

A shadow of pain falls like a veil our eyes to penetrate
This fraud's a creation of the king
He promise a wonderland, enjoying in drink our blood every day
Now is time to kill him face to face!

The glory of my father set me free
The golden knight now lives inside of me
My promise of defending my own land
Becomes reality

To the temple of the sun, now I am marching on
Nobody can change my own will
I'll ask for living in a wonderland
This sadness has to end
My mission will be glorious

Oooohhhh... Oooohhhh... Oooohhhh...

The glory of my father sets me free
The golden knight is flashing on to me
Erasing all the evil I've maintained
My promise of defending my own friends!

4. Starchild

[Lyric by Andrea Martongelli]

The daylight has faded, the wind's blowing strong
The black night is spreading her voice
I can feel his soul, not far from the mounts,
He's ready for destruction!

The wizard foresaw he would spare anyone
Get ready for Starchild's return
Accused, whipped, than burnt, as the wicked Satan son,
The ashes are turning to stardust!

Fireballs , thunders're coming, straight from the sky
Crushing, growing, exploding, breaking the ground
Blazing fire is burning, in every place
Now is time to land your, lethal attack!

No, no more future, the avenger is coming soon
Don't try to hide you are going to meet your doom
Fast like a thunder he will strike and you will die
Take your last breath then you won't see the light!

He flies over the world, through stars he knows the destiny of us all
He flies over the world, Starchild, we want to be your force!

5. The Wait


6. The Night Of The Vampire

[Lyric by Andrea Martongelli]

Another time
The candlelight
Burns out when the clock strikes the midnight

It seems to sense
From everywhere
His fury's rushing much too fast

He rules the underworld until the night will come
And sets him to attack and suck your blood
And when the night comes you'll find no place to hide
I'll try but I've lost my sight!

In the night of the vampire the evil spirits grow
And search for the victim of their lord
You can feel the killer's arising from the deads
His spirit will live for the eternity!

I'm loosing control!!!

In the night of the vampire the evil spirits grow
And search for the victim of their lord
In the reign of the mighty what a mystic atmosphere
The end is getting near!

See the fear in your blind eyes, the mirror of your fate
Be proud and wait, it is too late, the course is coming down

Take my blood, I know my destiny
But listen to the words I have to say to you
I feel the loneliness, the darkness frightens me
Now I am ready to die!

7. Earthquake


8. Noble Sword

[Lyric by Andrea Martongelli]

Searching for diamonds and pearls
Ready to conquer all the world
I am the keeper of your fate

Made by the goddess of the moon
My blade burns to strike the fools
So let the battlefield be mine

This is the time, here is my shout
I am not frightened by the crowd
We'll do the revolution

I have seen through the gates thousands men full of hate ,they are coming!
Hypnotize, terrorize everyone you will find on your way
Only you can resist ,you're my cover, my shield, feel the fire!
As the magical spell will be spread I will conquer the crown.

Noble sword ,prepare yourself for the war
Fight!don't give up!
Between fire and blood lies your soul
Noble sword,
Fight 'til the end of our time,noble sword... ATTACK!

Uniting my forces before the final battle,calling to me
the power of the wind
Awake in me the spirit of the steel, and soon I will find the way

I'm wondering why they cannot see the future, running to death
They're goin' to pay their price
Enclose the fools, create a ring of fire, nobody'll go out from here

Noble sword ,prepare yourself for the war
Fight!don't give up!
Between fire and blood lies your soul
Noble sword,
Tell me who will be the next!

9. The Damned Ship

[Lyric by Andrea Martongelli]

By the sun , against the wind , we are crossing the seven seas
Mighty men are undertaking a neverending trip
Side by side , day by day , incessant is our fight through the hazes
Let us free , don't forget , we are soldiers of fortune of nobody slaves.

We strike the evil enemies , our fury is divine
The swallowed worlds discovering , we'll drift until we'll die.

Thunderstorms , rainbow bridges , are testing our strength every day
Tell me God , what've we done to deserve this awful fate.

The fearless crew is going to face the violent tide
No boundaries, no limits we will break the lines
The brightness of the dawn to see , an ancient rite we celebrate.

Against the pirates' violence solution is to win
Speed monster of the oceans set us under siege.

We are hunted by everyone , the smashing challenge rules
Without the needful help of God , the damned ship still moves

10. Called Twilight

[Bonus Track]

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