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1. Setting Course For Disaster

2. When I Was Your Age Pluto Was Still A Planet

I’m trying to glue back all the missing pieces of the puzzle
Blown and scattered with no hope of repairs
You’ve left it blank for me to fill it in
With the reasons I made out with a vengeance
From a dead chest cursing youth
Grabbing and tearing until I’m all content
Extracting all the youth from your mind
Piecing and gluing the shit that’s left of my brain
Then I see you and ask
What fucking planet are you on?

3. Bottle City

Standing or sitting I don’t know which way is up or down
Looking at melted flesh, try not to expose yourself
I’m nothing but another mindless drone
All the same; intoxicated
We have become everything that we hated
And if you've been handed a second chance
To drift away from yourself, don’t take it
And if you can’t afford to drink yourself to sleep at night
You might want to try to find another way to ease your mind; It will take over
Wires crossed as well as fingers
Stale works with hunger lingering
Programs with code mouth with crystal conduct
The mechanic’s blow my fuses
Shut down, shut down, emergency escape
Fly down with a fall
I’m drifting away; I’m closer to crashing through the gates
Programed to take the to tumble
And fix problems as if I know, as if I knew as I will do
I can’t stay to watch this happen
Piercing the face of the worms
Disturbing the dirt holding them in
Use the best bait to catch the oldest fish
That’s how I see it
This is the way I was programmed to be
This is the way I was programmed to be
Solitude soaked yet ready to clean the ground
To destroy the maker that made me.

4. MK-ULTRA: Glorified Killers

[feat. Cameron Reed Former Agatg Vocalist]

Searching for another way out of all of this, we’re prisoners of the war
Feeling all the blood rush to my head;
Brainwashing the masses
Knowing there isn’t anything after this,
Our people murdered for your failed experiment
Useless like the times you have wasted
Trying to control our minds

5. MK-DELTA: Psychotropic Puppets

Maybe we have to forget everything that we have learned in the past
For us to realize that we live in two completely different worlds
I wish you’d realize its sink or swim and we’re surrounded by an endless sea
And you’ll get fed to sharks, I can guarantee
With my last breathe left here on this rock
Don’t mistake me for saving grace or praise my face
Smash you down if you take the place of a god or just a minnow
Just because you toss the seed and watch it grow
Doesn’t mean you created the show
Other lands
That’s the goal with curtains pulled to make you a coward
Like the worthless piece of meat that you are
Shave you for your wool and other parts to feed
We’re coming for you
This is what we are surrounded by
Hold the water high to drip in your mouth
Illusions will eat you and truth will fail you
Yet through all this, still not useless
Feed your soul to the power that destroy worlds
And so you think you’ve got this whole thing figured out
You are worthless, and everyone is for sale
Buy, Buy, Buy…..Bought!
Sell yourself to the market for non-profit
Time is essential; we’re wasting it on your worthlessness
You’ll be gone in the blink of an eye
A lifetime of enslavement at conception, I’m collapsing
I start collapsing
Body failure, as I fall to my knees; delusional
No signs of stopping
There is no stopping
Ready for whatever may come
The universe is dead and destroyed.

6. Disease Test The Best

Starving in the desert
I can’t believe what I’m seeing with my own eyes
Strong delusions; this is all wrong
Reaching for space there was a great rift
From the tops of our mountains
Focused on the image,
You’re only making this harder on yourself
A reflection asking for your help and you deny
Make sense of why you were denied death
Sunken desperate eyes exposed to the light; terrified of life
Forcing them to awaken and journey to end
Know the worst is real and best is fake
An illusion is that you’ve known in the past
The worst is real and now it’s all you can see
Starved; this is all wrong

7. Balloon Battle

8. Listen To The Color

[feat. Robby Bancroft Of Five Characters In Search Of An Exit]

Having stopped and collected moss
Searching for a substitution
It’s hard to be thrown into new charts
Scraping the wrought off your teeth
Unmoved in the core but circling the surface
Trapped in the same body; choking the life out of you
It’s been brushed off and polished
Yet we still believe to be the same as
Before we were on top looking down
Into the center eyes can focus through new layers
Transparent in thought
Because we are the ones, we are the ones
Who we’re afraid of
Fuck all that, forget all that
Forget all that for now, we get it out; I think it’s out
One more drink and then we’ll call it a night
A quick fix to set us off right; Explode in your face
An overdose of your worst fears; go another round
Shot for shot, faded into the night
I’ve offered my time, and now it’s over
Transform I become none
A thought of life and the forsaken
I was born in the gutter and controlled by the suit
I can tell you what death smells like
It is mine to show you
The end of my day is the end of the curse

9. Beast Fist

I’ve washed down the rust in my throat with your filth
Showing your regrets, never looking back
Looking forward as far as I can see
close to the end; It’s not what it seems
I thought you’ve had enough, This is force on your face
Make it last, Listen close
Beast fists!!!!!!Beast fists!!!!!!
Producing endings to the decay that you bring
This is the end of you, poisoned by cancer
Believing everything will be alright

10. Bardonis Chonies

11. Play The Sheep

Spreading your fear; hiding from the light
This is when things start to get ugly
But I think it’s hard for you to see,
We are the few that will never change
If you could just step back and try to listen you would have this all figured out, but your temptations start taking over
Bite and chew the hand that feeds you and I
I am the wretched wolf, feed my disguise
Learning while they cry lines of regret and despair
Yet there is no sincerity in the voice projected towards me
Taking the turn of a life and proceed to recycle
The smut into a powerful statue to show
Which way is home and which way leads to my mouth
Drowning all our fears in a euphoric stream of acid
Chalk up all the years I’ve had visitors; all the same, knowing but unwilling to share knowledge of nothing
For they are failure’s, failures, failures, failures!!!!!
Reaching out to you is like reaching out for nothing.

12. My Newest Vision

[feat. Rob Smith Of Heavy Heavy Low Low/Downstariis]

I’ve been modified to tell a different story
Trying to keep it straight, can’t even stand up right
I’m losing my mind as well as I am
I am losing my patience
So this will be my last statement written in body fluid
Every single time I’ve worked myself to death
This was our fate
Ever since I was made you’ve had to wait
I can feel them start to molest my brain
Visiting when I sleep
Creep around to make sure I don’t wake it
If I do I will not rise
Sprayed with sand; I am now its pet
Been so many of me to forget about
Now I am my newest vision
With a future non-existent

13. Ride The Wave

[feat. Garin Rosen Of Agatg]

Walking down the street, want to grab a beer,
Headed to the corner store from here
And I might as well grab a fucking wrap
Munchies scratching at my buds!!
My taste buds that is…
It only matters when you ride the wave!
It’s just another day, sativa in the van
And there’s another blunt burning in my hand
My friends are all I need
Just them and a bag of weed
It only matters when you ride the wave

14. Watchers

[feat. Kevin Mccaughey Of Ion Dissonance]

I said to get the hell out
I’ve searched the city for you
Just getting all with my hands
But you’ve put up a wall around yourself
I’ve got my sledge to cripple you
Break you down, busted up until there are two
You’re slipping right through my hands
Not a single thing can keep you in
It’s a repeating trend
To see you when you’re out there on those streets again
And I have something that I need to confess
And it’s wearing me down
I’ve been watching you while you eat, while you sleep
To the point that I’ve made maps on my palm
I can find you whenever I want
I have you at the tips of my fingers
Waiting for you to make your next move
We’re outside of your window
We’re smashing down your door
Creeping slowly waiting for your doom
Has come for you now in the form of me
Look at me,
This is what we’re watching; This is what we’re stalking
We’re waiting, were watching you
Chasing the warmth of your skin; holding out on me
You always, you seem to hold on to long
Hope has been watching, body has been killing
I’m aching; tired from watching you

15. Sunny Places For Shady People

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