Dark Lyrics


1. Naught


2. Foul Pride

[MUSIC: Anselmo, LYRICS: Williams/Anselmo]

Spitting on you lasting to last
Trashing to trash cashing to cash
Foul pride spit out trash cash

3. Isolation Militia

[MUSIC: Anselmo, LYRICS: Williams/Anselmo]

Dropped out framed up ripped up dead row
Blacked out shameless locked out vagrant halt
Isolate infiltrate concentrate perpetuate masturbate
Desperate isolate infiltrate concentrate halt

4. More Than One War

[MUSIC: Anselmo, LYRICS: Williams/ Anselmo]

Cancel cancelled
Cancelled in your prime
More than one war

5. Insecurity Notoriety

[MUSIC: Williams/Anselmo, LYRICS: Williams]

Burned up fucked up awkward kicked down and beat down
On the street Insecurity notoriety television on the street
Awkward fucked up burned up pissed on and beat down
Pissed off kicked down

Burned up kicked down pissed off and fucked up
Insecurity notoriety television
Awkward burned up and crippled kicked down
Fed up and awkward fed up pissed off and shut up
Ripped up and beat down on the street insecurity notoriety television

6. Pretty Like That

[MUSIC: Anselmo, LYRICS: Williams]

Pretty like that etched in electric
Halo burns her dress all wrapped and melted
Skin tight and torn pretty like that

7. Initial Prick

[MUSIC: Anselmo, LYRICS: Williams, Anselmo]

You never pay the price stupid bullshit advice
You cannot believe yourself your life is on the shelf
That is where I found it that is where I lost it
Thrown out out of the door
Strung out out on the floor

8. Crippled Life

[MUSIC: Williams, LYRICS: Williams]

You give heroin a bad name abuse
Follow the lords of the lower class abuse
Crippled life

9. Polite Society Blacklist

[MUSIC: Anselmo, LYRICS: Williams]

Handcuffed to a hospital bed
Emancipated grace
The empty seats aint laughing
Emancipated grace
Teach me how to blow up things
Emancipated grace

10. If You Heard This You Would Hit Me

[MUSIC: Anselmo, LYRICS: Williams/Anselmo]

There is no time left now there is no time left never
There is no time left now cannot get my shit together
Nicotine gasoline ephedrine submachine
Thorazine benzedrine vaseline libertine
If you heard this you would hit me

11. Hands Off Approach

[MUSIC: Anselmo, LYRICS: Anselmo]

Hands off black and white kill the light degradation
Soul after expiration hands off house of ruin
Foot across the neck humiliation
Mixing business with revulsion
Hands off dejected injected hands off

12. Has Been / Had Been

[MUSIC: Williams/Anselmo, LYRICS: Williams]

Boredom is the theme has been had been
Hedonism scheme has been had been
I do not see you I do not know you has been had been
Inconsiderate and bored shitless complaining
About doing nothing, then actually doing nothing.

13. Primate Envy

[MUSIC: Anselmo/Yeo, LYRICS: Williams/Anselmo]

Monkey sees monkey does
Going back to what it was
Monkey does monkey sees
Going back to the disease
Doubt disease

14. Death Of An Idiot

[MUSIC: Anselmo/III, LYRICS: Anselmo]

Car wrecks delusion broken necks misfortune
It will not stop bad checks extortion conniption fits
Implosion it will not stop it will not work

Stand against the wall think your last thought
You are fucked up and got caught a fools lessons taught
Call yourself the best now there is nothing left
Suck your last breath Y-incision chest
Go fuck off go fuck you

15. Codependent And Busted

[MUSIC: Anselmo, LYRICS: Anselmo]

Paying debt to liberty in the hole you quarantined strife
If you think that its bad now in here it gets no better
Four walls sixteen faces punch shank punch
Your face replacement defaced default
Enslaved this life on sale half price
Come buy my life just name your price defaced default

16. Kleptomania

[MUSIC: Anselmo/III, LYRICS: Williams]

I don't have to pay
They just give it away

17. Teach The Gun To Love The Bullet

[MUSIC: Anselmo / Yeo, LYRICS: Williams]

Bring your love home trophy form taken out of context
The evil is in the details the proof is in the autopsy
The holy order is disorder awkward silence
Reserved to the fact black around the eyes
Stubborn last words teach the gun to love the bullet
Point blank range can you pull it?

Abusing the truth co-occurring error
Sarcastic to the fault sands of borrowed time
Teach the gun to love the bullet
Point blank range can you pull it?

Collin Edgar Yeo ‒ Bass
Hank Williams III ‒ Drums
Phil Anselmo ‒ Guitars
Mike Williams ‒ Vocals

Thanks to nirajpandya for sending these lyrics.

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