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1. They

Embrace in the fire, name your poison for the holy liar
Let them burn in the land of waste, curse them all kill the double faced

Resist, Rebel, Dissent Against the fools
Resist, Rebel, Dissent They hide the truth
Resist, Rebel, Dissent Their heads will roll
Resist, Rebel, Dissent Until they fall

Behold, beware, they're chewing rotten trash
They play and gamble, they sell their skin for cash
They praise and honor the sins of whoring flesh
Corrupted hordes of mammals crawl on a pile of broken bones

Their rules will define their views
Deception is carved on their tongues
Their wise men justify abuse
The suffering will serve the old and young

The circus of deviance invites to greet their kings
Where clowns and jugglers are pulling all the strings
Where hookers in coffins are flashing diamond rings

The storm is coming to their nest to lay them all to rest forever
The Serpents Rising
Sinners are preaching sacred words
Enslaved by sweet reward of pleasure
The Serpents Rising
Greed is hidden in their eyes they wait for the golden prize - salvation
The Serpents Rising
Blood is spilling from their veins
As vultures eat the slain in shadows
The Serpents Rising

See no wicked, hear no lies
Say no prayers when it dies

2. Calling

Call upon the forces of the dark
Summon the deeds of those who rule the night
Desire to spread the ashes of the world
Evolving from the depths of inner self

Chaos, Voices, Fire
Blood, Possession, Death
Greed, Destruction, Lust

Fight the enemy within yourself
Confessions of ever lasting sacrifice
Horizon is turning red as angels fall
Destroyer arising high across the land

Chaos, Voices, Fire
Blood, Possession, Death
Greed, Destruction, Lust

Crown is granted for the filthy hands
For the sake of shameless greed
Faith is honored for the sea of lies
For the taste of sacred seed

I break the face of the innocence
I rule existence of the world
I spread disease around your flesh
A final judgment call

Young witches dance in fire
As villains picked their czar
Enthroned another liar
So clueless as they are

Chaos, Voices, Fire
Blood, Possession, Death
Greed, Destruction, Lust

3. Snake Skin

Spill for me the poisoned seed, obey the law of greed
Obey the rules they never read
Death is in the air, it slithers everywhere
Relentlessly it slays the light

Ruler of despair the skin begins to tear
Pervaded by the sense of doom
Imperial the ways that lead them to decay
The cause for the absolute pain

Snake skin Break the seal
Snake skin Bring the fear
Snake skin Break the seal
Snake skin Set me free

Following the silent path among the fuming wrath
Among the burning ash, wicked mass
It's very hard to please when crawling on your knees
Sweet venom's dripping on my lips
Shed for me your devil skin embrace in deadly sin
Nocturnal enemy will end your dream
Lies are written on your face, the truth is the only place
To save the last remains of your race

Snake skin Break the seal
Snake skin Bring the fear
Snake skin Break the seal
Snake skin Set me free

They fall and beg for mercy
They vomit blood and curse me
They're locked inside forever
Their lust, their sins, their pride

Snake skin Break the seal
Snake skin Set me free

4. Dominion

I lay upon my burning throne
Simulated upon my soul
Glorified by a temple of your god
Reborn into the pandemonium of death

Bring my sacrifice, take your life away
Dominion with power and might
Dominion my temple rise
Dominion hate and death
Dominion black horde arise

I will sacrifice your love
Your desire makes my lust grow
Taste my spit feel my tongue inside your hole
Kiss my hands kneel upon the fallen stones

I'll spread my wings around
I'll make your children cry
I'll want them all hell bound
I want them all to die

I smell your dark desire
I smell your hopeless need
The dead will rise from fire
To spread their deadly seed

I dwell among abandoned tombs
I sit alone on my broken throne
The sense of time begins to slip away
The smell of death will fill the room
My hands are tied with rotten thorns
I ride the goat with the longest horns

5. Magistrate of Doom

A verdict serves the justice and the law
I sentenced sinners to rot in hell
Survivors rise to wage another war
In rotten swamps they dwell

They dwell in fear, in darkness

A row of jurors will hear your past
Extracting victims guilt
Hyenas laughing at the outcast
Confined against their will
A witness comes to seal their fate
When questioned under oath
As tortured minds consumed by hate
Weighed what it's worth

Divide my flesh among the starving horde
Their dreams fulfilled in blood they've spilt
In agony united they've been gored
I watch them slowly killed

Obedience enforced inside these walls
As judgement falls upon a wicked soul
In dungeons frozen swine has decomposed
Last supper is gone to satisfy the cursed

Their throats are cut and hearts are left to bleed
The stench of stoned to death has spread
Grim servants serve my blood and those in need
The last amendment for the dead

6. Scavengers of Salvation

Black light of our creation
Dark matter of a cosmic force
A universe - illumination
Destiny has set its course

Ice is melting revealing truth
Revealing sins, revealing faces
Unfolding secrets of the forbidden arts
Exposing acts of self-starvation for hungry rats

Fire - Light of dark creation
Fire - Burning universe

In blood it's written, in dungeons hidden
In faith it's buried, conspiracy cult
The smell of torture from burning ashes, sweet taste of vomit
The Scavengers

Ice is melting
Disclosing filth, defying vermin guilt
The gates of worship have been broken by greedy scum
Perverted maids can bring salvation for an extra sum

Submerged in holy waters
True wisdom is entombed beneath
The world is slowly drowning
Away in children tears

Fire - Light of dark creation
Fire - Burning universe

7. Hellwhore

From the devils pit, rising dark seductress
Naked nymph was born in fire on the night of sin
The scent of death is her perfume, her purse is monkey skin
She walks among the birds of doom with a leather whip

Wicked slut on purple heels, dominatrix for the twisted
She's a master of her slaves, casted spells can't be resisted

Hellwhore – Bondage and abuse
Hellwhore – Bound to seduce
Hellwhore – Shiny fur and glam
Hellwhore – Pleasure for condemned

Black candles burning, love never dies
Her rusted nails will pierce their eyes
A crucifix on broken strings
A cup of poison, unforgiven sins

Her victims fall in pain as she licks their wounds
On the silver plate with venom, slaughtered flesh consumed
Infernal queen of lust, she's admired and adored
By a lustful outcast, her price you can't afford

She won't hide in misery, she's no myth of superstition
Drinking whiskey with her tea, hell is bound for submission

Morbid beggars on the leash, celebrating crucifixion
Dripping wet with black disease, waiting for a new conviction
Holy prophets burn in flames, high on fetish and temptation
In the dirt, stripped of their names, desperate souls seek desperation

Ashamed will fall and rise, deprived of sacrifice
The Gods kneeled down in scorn the night the bitch was born

Ugly perverts hail their queen, virgin mistress for demented
Dominating since 13, all the wishes shall be granted

8. Vivat Apocalypsis

Rising on the red horizon
A cloud of black disease
Its poison and destruction
Have brought their masters to their knees

The eyes of fire are staring back at me
The winds are blowing through the chains
Obliterated mass has spread throughout the soil
Gomorrah is burning, survivors mourn the dead

Vivat Apocalypsis
Hellfire descends
Vivat Apocalypsis
Galactic wall of death

Memento Mori

The slaves of liberation
Have spread their virus for the cause
They're plagued by radiation
They'll trade their liquor for the whores

Contagious mere mortals elected as gods
Their offspring and wives have been gassed
Delusional creatures to fall one by one
They're nothing but nuclear dust

Time has come, light is gone
Looking at the frozen sun
As the world fades away
Everything is turning grey

Take my hand
I'll walk you through the Promised Land
A place where human life is banned
There's no beginning, just the end

9. Ultra Black

As the darkness falls onto cold abyss
As the black light turns the silence into pitch black hiss
Blackened form descends from the ambient death
Where the cult of mass addiction is coming down on crystal meth

It evolves in pain from a septic plague
As the fragments fade the colors into ultra black

In the dark it breeds from the blackest seeds
Infecting vicious minds
There’s no taste or smell as it burns in hell
Spilling down in jet black dye

Poisonous tongues crawling down your neck
Blessed with a charm, Black - Ultra Black
Sin driven thirst, inner demons unlocked
Wheeled on the hearse, Black - Ultra Black

Twisted shapes deform in a boiling mass
From a shallow grave it's shining with its filthy grace

So cold and pure, so dark it blinds your sight
So rich and deep in color, it reigns the night

Embrace the glamour of its wickedness
Narcissistic elegance and chic
Eternal funerals and decadence
For which - the comfort we all seek

So fierce and raw, so wild and grotesque
Blacked out to the core, so simple yet complex

Santus inferno
Delirus obsqurum
Tristis pigmentum
Acta sanctorum

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