Dark Lyrics


1. Pay Dirt

That's when I hit pay dirt
Sink or swim
I'm jumpin' in
Huddled masses cling together
But the herd gets thin
Self assured
With those fighting words
Your so-called figure of speech
Won't be hard

I'll never lose my shirt
Someday I'll hit pay pirt
I'd rather die of thirst

Fast-moving fast-ducking fast
Running fast from the blast
I'm here to carry my weight
Murder will out the ingrates
No tampering with the soul
I'm sidestepping your phony idols
That's when I'll hit pay dirt

2. The Pillar

Dressed in a shroud
Preparing the stand-off
A meeting of the minds must be understood
Benevolent grin couldn't be kinder
The ceremony guest is unveiling his hood

Draining power straight from the pillar
A grisly affection no one denies
The darker the room
The warmer the climate
For an unsuspected thrill homicide

You're old enough - to know
Lethargic is thought
Your brain slowly rots
Lust for the taste, no time to waste

It gives me, it gives strength
It gives strength over you (yes i do)

Waited the day
That I'd be discovered
Oblivious fools take the longest time
Endless travels
Through laws of nature
Opening boxes, oh what a find

Maximum pain with minimal pleasure
Strive for the things that you never can have
Chasing a dream that seems so appealing
Only to awaken on the wrong path

Begging to be the servants pet
Breaking free from the horde of norm
Futile transition, plenty of residue
The cheerful flesh is rolled into form

3. After Me, The Flood

Help me write these words down
I'll write a great song to die to
Cause my days are numbered
And it's certain that I'm gonna drag you
I don't plan on going alone
I need a friend like a typhoid Mary
We'll walk with a goose step
With vigor and might that's scary

There I go (down)
And I'm lovin' it

Dig way deep in
Bid farewell to a world I can't live in
I scratched the surface
And found pride was paper thin
I tried evil
I wish it had more of and impact
Cause faith ain't helping
To rid the apes on my back

After me come the flood

4. Tension

Brass hat, CEO
Only appears for a cameo
The camp is so clean
And it keeps raining green
The scent is strong
But yet something's wrong
Everything is too much right

Tension, need tension
God forsaken
Godawful place
The falling house of cards
That I love to embrace
I'm saving face

Four star everything's comped
We steer the peddlers clear
Lessons in decorum given out
First class, top notch, no fear
Announcing every heroic feat
Large praise and make it quick
Good as it is it's never great
This health is making me sick

Wrapped up the report is done
The addle brained just can't get enough
The scent is strong but yet something is wrong
Everything just ain't right
This house of cards is erasing my face

5. Creepy Feelings

Imagine every morbid thought
You've had throughout your life
Becoming real in the eyes
Every sucker with a weak mind
You're invited to a place
A sinister fearful haven
Where a human sacrifice
Is some stupid ass religion

What the hell is wrong with the world
Views are so distorted
No regard for human life
No law and order

Darkness - sure can be a rude awakening
No guest - has ever escaped the torturing

Creepy feelings - coming over you
Creepy feelings - lock 'em away in a room

This is all created from
Their wild imagination
The difference between truth and false
Depends on your fascination

Creepy feelings - coming over you
Protest - fools who will lead you into it

6. Damaged

Glum is commonplace
Longing for a face
Dwelling in the shadows
There's a darker side still
Once what was wide open
Is closed and unfulfilled

A need that I can't understand
Some uninvited guest
Is whispering demands

Private and off the beaten track
Bulwarked, so as not to get shellacked
As I sit in solitary confinement
Which I choose
Bewildered and stumped
By the many ways I lose

Some uninvited guest is tugging at my hand
Sap the energy and corrode the order of the day
Pigeon feet touch the ground, mind is disarray

7. Den Of Thieves

These living quarters are off limits to you
These guarded borders are all subject to choose
Passive not my tone of voice no way
Not my choice, here to make a point

Inside - you will find all that you need
In the den of thieves
Inside - you'll always find ecstasy
In the den of thieves

This propaganda can be hell against you
This four leaf clover can be lucky for you
Freedom and fortune waits for all time to
Climb the wall and watch the old ways fall

Inside - sleep always comes easily

Radical changes are there pushing you through
Severing ties a big decision for you
What will you do

Power, by rank and file, you must learn to smile
Lonely in the wind

Inside - things aren't always what they seem

8. Control Issues

Beat my bloody fist to a pulp
Then I'll switch hands
Gotta prove that I'm a worthy man
Privileged to be in god's domain
A monumental task
So listen obey and better never ask

Good at making the call
Bent over backwards
Good at breaking the fall - repair me
I mourn your blighted life
Bent over backwards
But on this we'll agree
We hate people that we don't like

Control, control - control issues

Force fed until I hurt, regurgitate
Indulgence is my mate
Honest righteousness, public to be damned
Throw in the towel and give the king a hand
Can't control my choice
A waver in the voice
Gotta cut the ties that bind

Can't get grounded

9. No Me Digas

[Bonus track on limited edition double-CD]

El Diablo sale
Por mis chingaderas
Locuras en me sue´┐Żos
Los cadaveres toman cida por gusto

Entra en la mente
Perdida esta mi alma
Porque me quieren enchufar
Y saben que voy a chocar

Solo a la muerte
Le gustan mis chingaderas
Si te quieres
Vas a parar
Me Llaman, voy a parar

Cuando estoy volando
Hoygo voces, voces muy confusas
Porque me quieren enchufar
Y saben que voy a chocar

No me des tus puterias
No me des tus mentiras
No me des tus puterias
No me digas, no me digas

No me deja en paz
Quiero mas y mas y mas y mas

10. Deep Rooted Anger

Before all else, better get yourself armed yeah
Watch as they gravitate to your irresistible charm
Yeah - irresistible, irresistible

Who is going to guard the guards themselves
If you always lay down in the name of help
The paupers learn quick or fall to the side
It's all me myself and I

Who is going to guard the guards themselves
When all you do is try to survive the pelts
The paupers learn quick or fall to the side
I live me myself, me myself and I

Don't look to heaven, cause you think that
Your due reward
You think you do?
In my hand is a chisel
For the chip on my shoulder
I can't afford no

Spewing energy
You say the sky cries along with me
Passive aggressive man
Trying to trade in human misery
Let go of better wisdom

11. What's Your Pleasure

Come here and bend over
Torturing I like
I'm picking candy from a window store
And want to eat everything in sight
It's so nourishing
Every move is exciting
All there for the take tonight

Come near I bet you wonder
If I'm a callous man
Execution by the numbers
Unable to withstand
Do you feel yourself breaking sweat
Light head, short of breath
Watch me cry them tears of joy

I got some news for you
All the pain you'll feel is due

So tell me
What's your pleasure - oh the pleasure's mine
What's your pleasure - running down your spine
What's your pleasure - oh about to lose your
Mind, mind

Don't sigh it ain't over
I got a second wind
Your gonna sink further
Struggle for oxygen
It's so nourishing, every move is exciting
Hold on for the final ride of your life

12. Upon My Departure

When the final bell is rung
And the game's declared over
We speak the words goodbye
And I know it's forever

An empty pit inside my chest
Was more than a small clue
No, you'll never see me again
Something I gotta get used to

But you left much behind
Some peace and vital signs
Food for a busy mind
And souvenirs to hold tight

Just a passenger on your jetliner
Crashing to the ground
But the impact doesn't make a sound

Well, a lesson to be learned
From your departure
Funny thing but when you went away
I lost part of my cure

And now I'm searching hard
Underneath every card
Hoping with best regards
You'll bail me out of this dream state

Oh but what I feel
Unfortunately is real
Feeling the sting of pain
Not a damn thing can erase the stain

I'm leaving here
And you'll know why when I'm gone
I'm leaving here
Translate your knowledge through this song

I won't forget
Why our words were meant to mesh
Why I'm glad we shared a glass
I gave something to your soul
And you gave me more than you will ever know

Are my senses clear?
Do I feel it here?
Sometimes the past is insincere

I'm leaving here
And you'll know why when I'm gone
I'm leaving here
Translate your knowledge through this song

I won't forget
Forget why our words were meant to mesh
Why I'm glad we shared a glass
I gave something to your soul
And you gave me more than you will ever know
Than you will ever know
Than you will ever know
Than you will ever know

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