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1. Abandoned

We are the dead,
The lost and forgotten.
Failing bodies on a dying earth
In need of something more.

Why do we cry out?
Why do we cry out to nothing?
No sign in the stars,
An abandoned body gone cold without Your presence.

We are the children of widowed mothers.
Worn and in need of rest,
We are finished.

Don't forget how we've suffered and have been disgraced.
We must never lose sight.

Not knowing if we can ever find peace or happiness,
the dark abyss in our hearts is our only true home.

2. Fire


3. Parasite

[feat. Tom Hirst Of Creations]

Parasite, making women cry for twenty four years.
What a wasted life.
Where is your mind?
Parasite, where is my brother now?
Lying child I'm so sick of you.
Who are you tonight?

You've been saying that you're Christ-like
When your life says nothing of the sort.

You should shift the tears from her eyes to yours.
Can you show compassion?

Do you like hearing yourself speak?
Do you know what you've become?
Selfish, careless, ignorant, now silent.
Your life is damned.

Will you find your way out of your selfish state?

4. Transgressors

The unholy ones who have taken our God out of context.
Over-pious fools.

Wolves lurk in our pastures
Taking haste on a false pretense.
With worthless words you spew your hate.
Our Lord will take you like a thief in the night.

False prophets -- Deceitful men of faith.
What God do you pray to that would let you commit these crimes without consequence?

We are the mourners of buried soldiers and fallen children,
You have no power here.

Can't you see what's been done to these families or are you really that blind?

We are here to speak for the silenced.
Let the buried be at peace.

5. Blind Man

Open your eyes.
What does the world look like from the back of your eye lids?
What is this life to you in your own little mind?

Have you ever stepped out into the light?
This is a message for all the blind men who falsely shine their example of Godliness;
Open your eyes tonight.

Take these words to the grave.
We'll see what comes from the harvest.

6. Sentient

I never received your first name but I'd love to curse it.
You're using my Father's name as if it's worthless.

Do you realize the disease you spread?
Do you realize the disease spewing from your mouth?
Do you know the name you curse at all?

Why do you speak this way?
Does this world own you?

Tell me how you find this appropriate,
I don't understand.
Why does your tongue cut your maker?

Never sentient,
Our lives are a disgrace.
We are a disgrace.

7. Fury


8. Withered

Pitiful, poor, blind and naked.
In pursuit of an atonement that will never come.
You justify your actions, the excuse of false claims.

Sinking beneath the hope of release,
You've built this prison, brick by bloody brick.

Who is the man behind the mask,
The brother I loved?
The person I once looked up to?
Is he lost within?

We're left with nothing but a debt on our hands.
A broken family, the legacy you've left behind.

Face the demon
Or perish as a promise unfulfilled.
You were meant for more than this.
An absent figure, an abandoned home,
You were meant for more than this.

Set flames to this withered field.
These crops are all worthless.

9. Fakes

you're a liar
you're a fake

lighter fluid comes to mind when you say that you live like Christ
will you realize what you claim when there's fire in the sky (so)
tell me how you live your life
your meaningless,pathetic life
tell me how you live your life
your meaningless life

admit you're a liar
admit you're a fake

who are you trying to convince
(you're a fake)
I've seen no fruits from you
(you're a fake)
fess up and tell the truth
(you're a fake)
that you are not a servant of God
(you're a fake)
Im burning down
your falsehood
step up and show your heart or admit
or admit you're a fake

admit you're a liar
admit you're a fake

10. Self Harvest

I lay in this bedridden state,
The passage of time slowing.
A prayer of peace before I depart...

One last breath.

Light dissolves as this world fades.
I escape into my thoughts.
The distant memories of better times bring tears to my eyes.

Trapped in this bleak room.
A gallery of mechanical life,
Incremental survival.

I watch as time begins to cease.
I watch as time collapses.

Overlooking the past, the moments spent on earth,
What fruits have I labored for?
What crops have I sown?

The prayers, the service,
It has all come down to this.
I've done the best I can.
Made His holy purpose my only mission.

His fire surrounds this heart slowly beating.
This is the final harvest of my life.

11. Famine


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