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1. Enter


2. Sentence Divine

The sky is waiting me to cross the clouds of darkness
those hateful dreams are the fear in your eyes
I’m not afraid to walk in this burning ground
this earth of tyranny and sin I am pissing on.

Just let the imagination visualizes you
just let the inspiration delivers you
to see deeper beyond that eyes
to see equal as you.

Near a long travel to the unknown
I get lost in the shining of the past
Soon my memories turn into tragedy,
pray for the upcoming,
you will supplicate deep in your mind straight to the heart.

I will never look back again
scars of time, steps to light
Destiny was sentenced by us
into this dark mysterious time.

The confusion is getting stronger
all we saw is far behind.
The sky has waited us, to reborn again
this chance to be another day, the price I pay
Sentence Divine!
Now I can notice, from here
I feel myself like a bastard son of grief.

I always notice your false charity
fake sensation of everlasting pleasure Divine!

3. Suicidal Hour

Near the insanity I feel my soul exposed
to the hate that rises in me erases the reason
For which I must rebel against my existence
I scream with fury “sacrifice this mortal life”.
My being starts to spoil, my sight distorts the hope
the lack of blood allows my head to dellate
Without turning back I start my ritual
this perfect fucking crime will be against me.

Drowning in my own being
Questions of what I used to be.
(Questions of what I used to be)
As I am dying in this agony, I think
if this rope could free my suffering.
Violation of my so called rights
cold instance obsessive yearning of a true life
Those remaining seconds of emotions can’t heal this doubt
the ruins of a sad life, away has gone.

Drowning in my own being
Questions of what I used to be
No one could brought me down (only me)
Wings of suicide forever free.

4. Hunting The Trail Of Destiny

Darkness still remains crawling inside of you
eating your heart because you know the truth
You look at the horizon before the night falls
and questioned why it it has to be this way.

The sun rises and you have to deal
with this again no more pain.

I don’t remember when I was born
but the trail was already written for me
I have tried to hunt the time
but this war is distant to me.
Decisions change your life
as the life can change your faith
as you leave this legacy
into destiny.

As I see the eternity in front of me
as i see the time passing by
victims from our own decisions
sentenced by our own destiny.

Trapped inside time, beats of pain and sorrow
memories of remembered illusions
I can feel the moment getting closer
turning into more than disaster
as I see tears run faster.

In this fight against my time, the future I want to see
but the past is hunting me.

I’ve passed through everything to change the time
but nothing changed only my mind
Something out there is hunting me
but I’ve finally changed my destiny.

5. Rave In Illusion

Your insight makes you understand
this around faster in a passive way
inside you this obscure reminiscence
is taking you to...
A whisper, the Silent
Shelter in your ears
Are you losing the signs of control?

This perpetual chain of never-ending misery
it drags you to a mechanical life again
This coward merger of fantasies
and doubts will keep you trapped.

(The insecurity, the hope will keep us trapped in
our own doubts, the fear we have to do the wrong
is the prison where this unfolds)
Despicable regret rots your soul
trapping you in this never-ending fall
illogical thoughts came to your head.

Another fake inhalation, trapped in a world
where the disease are unrolled, escape of this own.
The emptiness rots your soul
broken, twisted, confused
your god has told you once
you’re losing your control.
Divine dreams rots your soul
prisoner in this never-ending fall
Now tell me about the fear you have
and the ones you want to save.

Rave in illusion
hope is no solution.

Is the fear we have to do wrong?
A mental shield unleash the weakness of your mind
Path of unreal solutions everything you have
from this moment on is your hope.

6. The Unpure

I see your life, I see no remorse
there is no hope
The time arrived, and your pure heart
has gone forever
Empty your path will be, malevolent root
the damage takes charge of your life.
In the escape far away so deep inside
if your heart could never tell the truth
Stills there.

The chains are gone, the dreams are gone
you keep the fear
the fantasies get hold on your mind
burying the truth
Personal self-consciousness
it doesn’t let you be
you need another reason to live.
Wars continue in the path I have cross battles
I gave, to leave it behind, to offer the best
But no sign of breathing, it’s hard to find it at the end of the way.

When all your time has disappeared, to handle with this your soul is weak
In the escape far away so deep inside was
your heart and your truth was in there
if your soul has turned too weak, the
Unpure has taken you (in perdition)
closing your mind and your conscious forever.

The arrival of the end!!!

Thanks to griffope for sending these lyrics.

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