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1. Origins

[Es Selamun Aleykum]

Soiling our land with impunity unfair
Disdain, conceit, like they just don't care

Dishonored but knees not down
Be aware of the countdown
One foot in the grave
Heaven's gates for the brave

This time I feel it, I've gotta live it
I see no peace through this battlefield

This breed didn't deserve what it owns
Shame engraved on their tombstones
Rancor makes our blood boil
Contempt and offense under the gun
The ghost of violence grows and obfuscates
I think I am insane, I'm sure we are insane
In our veins, in our brains
In our hearts, in our lives
Survival, violence grows in this disorder, pressure
The war is on the verge of breaking out

This time I feel it, I've gotta live it
I see no peace through this battlefield

[Arabic singing]

Turn your eyes one towards the other,
Deny the bound state

2. Inner Slaves

Sidelined we are sailing
Beside our fears we are living
Can you hear this monster growing inside your head?

I won't lead the mass disorder before I get the control of minds
On the land of no return they're coming to bind these souls
Eternal vows
They overcome reasoning faculties
I won't decide to release my puppets instead I choose to see
If you say I'm ruthless
I say choose to be

Sidelined we are sailing
Beside our fears we are living
Can you feel this monster growing?
Hear the voice of your serenity

Words redefined
History falsified
Towards slavery
Relentless slavery

Hear the chaos crawling
Has this tragedy reached your ears?
We'll witness the result of our deeds
Let it be decided who is to blame

Hear the chaos crawling
Feel this monster growing
Infamous lies in your ear
These sweet words your hunger wants to equate

[Arabic singing]

What we've become
Our inner slaves with hate and pride
Sense your thoughts fading away
Slowly drowning into hate

3. Deus Vult

[Hebrew singing]

I awake in this darkened room
Strange vision of the sacred land
The call of this city is getting clearer
Appealing to me from beyond the sands

At the gates of the sacred land
Burning my soul from the inside
Relieving one another
Unified to face unbelievers

We heard our brothers suffering
The holy land must be purified
Spilling the blood, dying for God
The lord and father are our leaders

Deus Vult
Such is the will of God
Destroy this axis of evil they feed
Deus Vult
Death for the glory of God
It's worth the cost to sacrifice this breed

The words were spoken loud and clear
Retrieve the holy land
Waging war and breeding hate
Ignoring our mothers cries

Enhance your faith with reason
Turn your hate into sand
Face the fate and be the change
Now you start to realize

4. Blind Devotion

Scourges as a warning from heaven
Aback by hidden enemy
Has the real reason been hidden?
So many lies got around me
Black skies laughing
Warning from the Almighty's heaven
Aback by a hidden enemy
The real reason hidden

Now that I am sure of my fate
I'll get it straight
Defined and freed from blind belief

[Arabic singing]

5. Jerusalem - Sufferpolis

Here you are finally
You're the One I was waiting for
Hear my words carefully
We often face our fate
Through the ways
We've taken to avoid it

From the bottom of my soul
I will be your guiding sign
Through the sorrow and the pain
The brotherhood we've found
Can never ever fade
And will always be the same

I lead you to the other side
The new sun is rising
On Orshalim
Let me see inside your soul
Let me show you the way
Beside my silent friend

[Arabic singing]

Invaded by your pain

[Arabic singing]

6. Beyond Sacred Rules

Red gold
War, a good omen
Follow the servants
Delightful thrill
Taking advantage from sorrow
War is our goodwill
Greed spreading fear
Wealth that we can't find here
Delightful thrill
Now share the crumbs

Beyond belief and faith
The love of wealth prevails

[Arabic singing]

7. Common Ground


8. Sweet Opium

Vision of a stranger before me
Forced to face this sad reality

The path seems definitively hopeless
Ever giving way to madness

Over the years we are struggling
One against the other
Feeding the seed of hate
Dismissing tolerance

Blood will flow for missing brothers
Horizon darkens more than ever

In front of vengeance's horrible face
Death's shadow glides in the air

(Ignis aurum probat, miseria fortes homines)

9. Salam


10. Call From Within

Open your mind and believe my sayings
Trying to find some reasons why

Eternally I'll pray to find a way to your faith
And pacify your heart
Let me find the door to take

11. Lightened Heart


12. The Eight Doors Of Jannah

This is the end of the journey amongst us
You've seen the craziest dreams and lived your worst nightmares
Is there anything left you have to sacrifice?
After all that we've been through, is there anything worth leaving?

Welcome to your nightmare
Vision obstructed
Pestilence could become your confidante
Your confidante

Now I see the light
Enlightening my heart
Can you feel the peace once again?
Like a newborn child
Like a new soul coming to this world

I awake in this darkened room once again
And I realize that the call from the city was yours
We shed the same innocent blood through all these years
I hope to see the light once again before we are taken away

13. Amaloun Jadid II


Samir Remila ‒ Bass
Foued Moukid ‒ Drums, Percussion, Bendir, Derbouka, Tablas, Cajon
Mus El Kamal ‒ Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Oud
Florent Jannier ‒ Harsh Vocals
Sarah Layssac ‒ Female Vocals
Abderrahmane Abdallahoum ‒ Guitars, Oud, Mandola, Bouzouki, Keyboards, Clean Vocals

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