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1. Prevaricate

I come to u with a single proposal. A chance to escape your demise. All of lifes astonoshing
fascinations, come with the price of your soul.(the price, your soul)

Tossed and turned like the piece of meat you are, your mind has been fractured again for
you're a spineless bitch.

Death is what u fear the most,but you are just like any other mammal put on this earth.
Millions after millions will perish but they'll make it look like a accident. I know what
the human race stands for, your work is at its finest and its almost complete.

Did you think this was a conspiracy? Its the fucking truth and its all happening before
your own eyes you helped distroy your metropolis.

Structures collapse; air filled with the fog. Its portrait and its still not all, destruction
is inevitable.
The beauty of it all is that you still look in disbelief as if you had nothihg to do with it.

2. Anamnesis

The system will collapse upon arrival and its only the beginning. The magnitude
is beyond your predictions, far worse than expected. The kingdom with no king,
great tyranny comes before us. At last the moment has come, the planet is crumbling to its last
bit of soil. The rivers and oceans that once flowed with water are now filled with rotten
carcass of the sea. In agony! desperate and weak! You search for light, but all light has
vanished along with earth. Dont fear death, embrace it. This is only a stage we've yet to
encounter, neither you or I knows what comes, but its a journey worth my while
im willing to take it as it approaches. I treasure the knowledge that I have acquired.
I acknowledge the true colors of the human race, just like all of you I am no exception to this disgrace.
Look into my eyes and tell me I'm wrong. I didnt pay attention to what you said, rather i watched what you did.

3. H.A.A.R.P.

Every four years we're promised a new resolution. A new sign of hope,
serial killers do on a small scale what the government does on a large one.
They are a product of time, these are the blood thirsty times. The truth is
the issue at hand refusing to feed the truth. Take a real good look at your
leader and tell me if you still see the fucking hope? When will all of you
realize that the future of the universwe will continue no matter what happens,
but the future of the human race and life on earth is much less certain. What
you all have fought,teared,and killed for is the very cause to your cancer.
You're being watched every single moment, where has your freedom gone? show me
the brave! I leave u with these words,"violent delights tends to have violent ends."
The mortal mind is a mystery itself. In a world with so many questions only
brings higher concerns. A clouded sky cant keep sings away. Soon enough the
truth will reveal itself. You can only do so much to keep civilization sane,
the sight will welcome the new reign as this opens a new chapter, for the tyrants.
And the final of man, consuumed one at a time to feed the wrath. To feed the wrath!
This isn't a message nor is it an annoucment its my fucking statement.

4. Veilings

5. Era Of The Omnipotent

In a matter of expression, life is a game of survival of the fittest. You're juged day in and day out
but never compromised. Corruption determines who you sought to be. What kind of beast is man?
The only product society has ever shown is fooling themselves with their own lies. When in fact,
the world is a war-zone we face throughout our lives. Remember that theres no limits towards your
knowledge. Take control and lead! don't get left behind. Has it ever come across your mind that
knowing the answers to everything is the key to all mankind. The perspective of life that you have
held to is just another illusion, that has been planted in your mind from the moment you took your
first breath. Lying societies conceving the unknown and we're soon beyond questioning the real cause
of our own existence. Its all a figment of your vision, there are far too many things to understand
for the mortal mind. Evolution or Extinction?!

6. Green Dream


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