Dark Lyrics


1. Escaping From Hell


2. Ghost Rider

So here I am, there's no way back
My pure soul turns from white to black
Such rotten price to save the lives
Of my own flesh and blood

C'mon sell your soul
I need your precious soul

The devil's foot is on my neck
He's running right behind my back
The evil's will - I need to kill
Escapee demons out

C'mon sell your soul
I need your priceless soul

Chase the fallen angels to the last gasp
On wheels of fire
Hell power flows in flaming chain

Daredevil dance while bell tolls
Hellfire glance burns dark souls
You shall not hide no matter
How far you run

Ride through the wind of vengeance
My heart pounds fast with engine
Wheels cross the night, by sunrise
You'll be undone

I've done my part, the demons gone
The devil's tricked, my soul withdrawn
I want it cure from black to pure
The ghost rider is back

For your sins beware
I'm riding somewhere there

My hellish bike hunts for the sin
I see it clear beyond your skin
The mercy kill is my goodwill
If your heart's raven-black

For your sins beware
I'm riding somewhere there

3. Dance Of The Walking Dead

Can you feel the cold
When degrees fall down to zero
Who will save the world
From the spell of modern heroes

World is going crazy
So am I
Who can answer to me - why?

Dance of the walking dead
- It's time to spread the disease
Dance of the walking dead
- It brings you down to your knees
Dance of the walking dead
- It came here fast like a storm
Dance of the walking dead
- That's what you have to perform

Can't you see the blood
On the hands of new messiah
Who can stop this flood
Of pathetic wicked liar?

4. Strangers In Space

Not so distant future
Humans and computers
World is addicted to chaos
Shall we stay and die (or)
Shall we leave and fly
To the dark corners of space

(It's) not a family picnic and it's
Not a summer day on the beach
Ship is ready tore flight and
Monkey's ready to flip the switch

So far away from our homeland
We came here to face
The hostiles of mankind
Searching some places for shelter
To save human race
(We're) strangers in space!

Earth united forces
Wasted last resources
To send the lifesaving team
There's no second chance
To start once again
Journey of hope should begin

"Alfa-prime" now seems so far
And we wonder where we are
We have to break through the sun
Hey! There is no way to run!

5. Tons Of Metal

Can't you see all those lights
When the sun goes down
We're gonna have some fun tonight
We're gonna rock this town
Anytime any place
Ready to get loud
We are standing face to face
Heavy metal crowd

Someone says that we're freaks
Wasting time for shit
We don't care about those pricks
They make our minds sick

All for one - one for all standing here unite
Burning heavy metal souls
Ready for delight

Let me hear you screaming through the night

Metal (metal) hundred tons of metal (metal)
Kick your ass tonight
Metal (metal) tons of heavy metal (metal)
Kick your ass tonight

We're the swarm we're the race
We're the family

That's the way - the way of life
(That) we prefer to live
Let the guitar overdrive
Take away your grief

Hard as steel, hot as hell
Louder than the gun
Heavy metal's our religion
It's the number one
Scream and shout all night long
As loud as you can
There is nothing to go wrong
When you're heavy metal fan

6. Higher

It's new generation
Perfection dictates human rates
Oppressed weaker nation
Accepts the foregone wretched fates

Bit by bit
You row against the tide
Vainly, no matter how hard you have tried
Don't give up
Stick firm to your goal
Sometimes small body contains a great soul

Just look forward
Nowhere to flee
Burn all bridges
It's time to subdue destiny

You're dreaming of bright stars
Alas, you're since childhood unblest
But you've set a high bar
And efforts were crowned with success

Step by step
You strive for ideal
Now it's the strength and the might you reveal
Keep it up
Your dream is so near
Prenotion defeated, your way is clear

Just look forward
You're almost there
Burn all bridges
Take chance if you dare - now you're

Higher, higher, higher than the stars
It's your dream that you've reached
Taking down perfect bars
You are ascending up high
Leaving limits far behind

7. Raise Your Head

The bunch of smug assholes
Robbed your clan, raped your soul
Decide your fate behind closed door
You're sick of that bullshit
You're tired, you want to stop it
You don't believe them anymore

Don't believe a word
These are lies, don't trust what they promise
Power of absurd
You should know it's hard to be honest
Be true to yourself
Just open your mind and you'll see
We can't flee

Raise your head
- Stand against the system
Raise your head
- Fight with all your might
Raise your head
- You are not a victim
Raise your head
- Stand and fight for your own rights

They tell us what to do
It looks like good old voodoo
We keep the silence, we obey
They force us to fight for
Their private aims in their wars
We are some pawns in master's games

Revolution seems like solution
But it's always just the same trick
Blood red shower
Victims of power
Brainwash tidings all days a week

8. Gambler With The Fortune

I know what you're looking for
When the night comes to city
You act like you did before
Always so smart and gritty

Sky is darkling, night is crawling
Wishes turn to mania
And you steadily keep falling
To euphoria

Hey (hey) gambler with the fortune
Don't think twice. Make your choice and play
Hey (hey) gambler with the fortune
"All in" is your way

Visions in the neon lights
It's looking so attractive
Crazy megapolis nights
Make you so overactive

9. Wild Beast Show

Changing TV channels searching for some breaking news
You just wanna know what's going on there
Drink your beer and scratch your balls
My friend, don't feel confused
I'll wise you up while you sit in your armchair

Some perfect pretty faces
With their perfect smiles
Some war, some sex, some races
Some secret files

Turn on your screen
Just relax and they'll show you
All that you wanted to know
Promotion machine
Shrewdly sees all your needs through
Welcome to the great wild beast

Some celebrity's gone nuts, some briber's caught at last
Thousand people died in local conflict
Don't forget to buy some stuff to cure the dandruff fast
From your desires we both derive some profit

10. The World Is Ours

I am a perfect liar
I have (I've got) a mask to spend my day
But when the night comes down
I throw that ugly mask away

I know you'll really like it
And I won't stop
To bring you up over the top

Full moon's rising up in the midnight skies
Who are we in these darkest hours
Don't need to pretend, let your feelings rise
Now the world is ours
Throw your doubts away show me what you feel
You should know the rules of this game
Live your life right now 'cos this moment will
Never be the same

You're wearing your mask either
To fool your nature all day long
But I'm a skilful hunter
I read your mind I won't be wrong

11. I Am The Law

Engine roaring loudly - you are speeding proudly
Managed to escape and cut your firm strings
Just another rascal craving for the rescue
Gives way to the seven deadly sins

You spread death and horror for your heart is hollow
Human sacrifices launch your weird plan
Now your days are numbered - punishment will follow
I will make you repent that you ran
Watch out - there'll be no mercy
For your deeds so unworthy
Here I am the law

I won't let you go

You took things too far, man, I prepare my armor
I will kick your ass just when you show up
You've crossed all the borders - now let's strike a bargain
I will let you live when you're locked up

Watch out - there'll be no mercy
For your deeds so unworthy
Here I am the law

I won't let you go

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