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1. Cathari

Eternal search for pleasure
Target of the hunt is received
Contracting hallucinations
Concept of chronology is lost

Paranoia is haunting
Sonic whispers criticize
Trails of motion
Optics engulfed in black spheres

Vocal activity uncertain
All speech is butchered now
Ecstasy craving intimacy
Hatred is pressured by the priest

The little men emerge from the walls of the past
Constructing their humble abodes
Nature's concoctions contort
While poison mutates our chromosomes

Closing my eyes
The men dance with the serpents
Pentamorphic arrangement
The candles glow incumbent

My eyes are now open
The light refracts my vision
Silhouettes distorted
Forced to kiss the Cathari

2. Jaws Of The Furnace

Attempts of intimidation
Insults digested
If killing cannot surmise
Let him be tormented

Gods of war gaze on as he dies
Spawning flames while receiving his cries
Painfully accepting defeat
Self preservation retreats

Cremated alive at the stake
Pleas of mercy have been ignored
His pain will be legendary
Suffer in this perplexed world

Charred body manipulated
Features melt from the face
Exiting the mortal world
Enter the jaws of the furnace

Inhaling the souls
Caressing the black air
Morbid hallucinations
Followed by nightmares
Absorbs in his lungs
'Till death they are filled
Taken by the behemoth
So mighty and skilled

Enter the process of procreation
Cybergenesis: the ultimatum

Preserve the body for inspection
Mechanized for depopulation

Entering a field of rust and decay
Beneath the armor lie slain cadavers
Dreams of victory have withered away
Demons howling, possessed by their laughter

The carcass lies dormant impaled to the table
Beneficiaries of combat weld unto the bone
The creation completed concluding the fable
Post-mortal warrior to reign above
And kill for his own

3. Wergild

Their honor drove them into battle
Taking the lives of the weak
Killing for conquest and power
Life for the English was bleak

The Vikings...

Murder was handled by wergild
Death was their only holy feast
Vikings were great and fearless warriors
The bloodshed and killing would never cease

The battle...

To die, in battle
Would send them to Valhalla
The fear, of death
Would destroy them eternally

Valhalla, was the only afterlife
Charging into battle
With no pain or life

If they died in fear
They would fall to hell
Never to fight again
Never to drink as well

The war, with the English
The dragon ship brought fear throughout the land
King Alfred, was the only hope
To free England from their bloody hand

King Alfred defeated the Vikings
He freed the English from their bloody hand
The Vikings moved on further north
To conquer a far more weaker land


4. Mob Of The Howling

From a deep forest beyond the Alps
Into Gaul then Italy they leave their mark
The shouting savage people have no fear of death
Hordes of warriors launched from the mysterious woods

Mob...of the howling

Terrorized Romans retreat to the south
Roman legionnaires are sent to fight the beast
Unsuccessful divisions have failed the roman front
Down the snowy Alps they slid on their shields

Mob...of the howling

The Northmen make their appearance in
The spring of 102 BC
The Northmen arrive from the shores of
The Baltic and North Sea

The tall blond haired warrior
With the fierce blue eyes has come
Stripped naked to fight
Will the Romans survive?
Small dark haired Romans
Are destined to die

5. Incursions


6. Swallowed

The blue cloud of doom
Fell upon my land
Felt upon my sword

Beheading for a feast
Our swords covered with blood
Beneath the melting sun
The praise is for pagan lords
Returning from the hunt
Our village was set afire
The females screamed for help
The sand-demons have scarred our sacred land

Ashes and smoke were left
To remind us of failure
The women had been stained
By the rodents of the desert
Carriers of the disease
Left for us to find
We must please Satan attack the rodents of the sands


Swallowed by the sand

The land was fully conquered
But the desert could not be owned
They slithered to the core
To praise Yahweh at nightfall
The children had been taken
Their juice sucked into the sand
The sun reflected their blood
Fluids consumed by the rodents below

The blue cloud of doom
Fell upon my land
Felt upon my sword

7. Bastard Son Of One Thousand Whores


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