Dark Lyrics


1. The Opening Incantation

I am the Word
The Word is me
My Hope's The Gate
My Fear's The Key
Where the Shadow of Fear lies
Only I remain
The Dark One dies
The Shadow is my twin
Living in another world
The world of my dreams
When Reality removes its blindfold
Gates, open up!
Into the world I strive
The World Where Shadows Come To Life

2. The World Where Shadows Come To Life

I see the Starlight
And I feel the pain
So it's been
And shall be tomorrow
My wings are clipped
But I'm trying to fly
Over and over again
I wake up in tears
Wishing not to leave
The luring realm of shadows
Where I am free
Where I am welcomed
Where is my heart and my friends

Tell me, The Great Creator
From beyond the sky
Why do these visions fill my mind
Maybe these dreams are real
And there I belong
I've been born here
But it may be wrong

Save us,
The Illusion King
Burns from within
Come back
Fight for tomorrow
I pray for the time to come
And I will be gone

The life I was used to
Is breaking apart
Oh my God! Maybe I am insane?
And all my visions
Are just nonsense
Of the mind tired of everyday life

3. Runaway From Dark

I'm a hunter
Are you a victim? So am I
My instincts are wonder
My power causes fright
In search for the Essence
I'm burning my past
Who can hold me back
I'm coming home
Into the valley of thousand suns
My wild soul
A gift of the ancient ones
My wise people
Have left this world
And I've lost their track

Dark Raven of Destiny
Take my soul up high
I'm fighting against the world
Twin Guardians protect me from lies
Demons, get out!

Lost knowledge, lost visions
This is what I'm going for
But time can't stop
Like a whirlwind...
What can I do?
I'm lost in time
Just a runaway
...From dark

Your world is too small
I despise it
Soon it shall fall
But I will stay to live
I am a hunter
Are you a victim? So am I
A victim of my memories..

4. Whisper Of Time

Whisper of Time
Is following you
It's getting stronger,
More persistent
The merciless call
That carries breath of Death
Like fading leaves
Like a candle-end
Life is passing
What is there
Across the line
Where time is silent
What is there?

All your God damned money and power
All your false and meaningless life
What will they become tomorrow
You cannot take them to the grave
Your name will mean nothing
As your body rots in the ground
Your former friends will spit on your coffin
They only needed your bank account
All your life you have been The Greatest
What do you feel right now?
Time can't be stopped and can't be purchased
How can you handle this. How?
Indulgence is no longer in fashion
And money can't wash off the blood
Where are the women who screamed of passion
Not for you but for your capital

You're dead! If not now, then tomorrow
You will cross the line
What is the voice that's scaring you
This is Whisper of Time

5. Fear Is The Conscience Of Villains

I look into the mirror
And I'm afraid not to recognize my own face
Whose eyes are watching
And seem to beg - but they are only hate
I'm afraid to speak
It's someone else that makes my mouth burst with words that tear my heart
What is my name? And who am I?
A man or just a part?

Dark Wind is carrying my soul away
Forgotten voice is calling me
This maze never ends

Calling you, missing you, killing you
My poor soul - you suffering for me
Heal me, love me, die for me,
Reborn like a Phoenix, again you will live
Calling you, missing you, killing you
Sing me a song that is sung in the dark
Falling down, breaking up, feeling pain,
But will the pain remove the evil mark

I'm shocked by dirt and foul
But I'm not free of sin
Time goes by, like sand through fingers
Easy to seem, but not to be
Sometimes I think that far beyond
There are some better realms
But hate inside is scaring me
Fear is the conscience of villains

6. Mother Russia

Forgotten call
What shadows lie ahead
Ringing bells
Why am I in tears
Breath of the past
Summon heroes of the tales
That guarded us from dark and fears
Deep inside
We still believe in wonder
But the world around
Turns our hearts to stone
Words of lies
Are bringing us to madness
How long can it go on

People's souls are asleep
Time to survive
There's no time to weep
For what's left behind
We have to be strong
Shake of dirt and lies
Or how could you look
Into your own children's eyes

Mother Russia
I see you bleeding but sleeping - why?
Mother Russia
Has your greatness left behind?
Mother Russia
Your children have confused and lost control
Mother Russia
You have been abused and sold
Mother Russia
Hold on!

Through the dark
Against the changing winds
Despite the fate
Remember who we are
Ringing bells
Bring some hope to me
And I keep the faith in my heart

7. The Rules Of Real Life

You are just a puppet
Played by everyone around
Idols are ruling your life
Smiling on TV
And you laugh
When they want you to
And you turn inside out
Of someone else's pain

And as you wake up in the morning
You run to get the news
You have your own mind for sure
As if it's something you can choose
These rules
Surround you
Since you were a child
"Work harder"
"Don't ask"
"Don't be different"
This world is insane
Creating nothing but slaves

Hear the Freedom call
Let your soul fill with joy
Choose your side
Define your destiny
Open your eyes
I hail the new life
No one will blame you if you disagree
But don't you want to feel free
Maybe you want to die in chains
And that's your destiny
Or will you choose to fight?

Books are bad
They make you think
Music's even worse
It awakens your soul
Enjoy what is allowed
This bubblegum for brains
Glut yourself with it
Until you throw up

8. Victory Or Death

Day after day
We carry the light in a shadow
We are the fury and faith
Fire inside us will scare away the Blind Dark
This is the greatest play
Being cast for centuries of lies
We are the hope for the petrified hearts
We'll make the fire from a fading spark

Who is telling lies
Taking too much time
Time that makes your life
That's flying like the wind
Deep inside your soul
There are hidden doors
Look inside them
And be free again

We are not afraid to die
We'll stay alive in the songs of Bards
Finally we saw the sign
It's time for us to play our part
We're the wind that brings destruction
We are the mind that's driven mad
Now is the time for action
Only Victory or Death

One enemy is enough to start a war
We are protecting our land
The unarmed will die by the enemy swords
Now the true King has returned
We are stronger than ever
Death in a fight is better than slavery under the Dark Lords
We ride into battle, singing the song of The Brave
Oh, deadly foe, do you feel doubts
Maybe your power is not so great?

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