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1. Intro: 3rd Invocation

2. Apotheosis Of Lucifer

Hail Lucifer!
The never ending light
The brightest star in the sky
Ignorant to the blind.
Shine us your light
Oh mighty morningstar
Hail Lucifer!
The tempest of the flames
The beginning and the end
Ever-changing yet everlasting

3. Tribulation Of The King Of Worms

The scarred messiah
In human Flesh
Mocked and scourged
King of the Jews
Carrying his cross
To the place of skulls
The Final Trail
The last condemnation
That flowed from Jesus Christ
The crown
Thorns set upon his head
The Nails
Nailed to the tree of the cross
The bitter scars
Of betrayed bereft man
And the sixth hour
The Darkness fell
The time is at hand
Last hour of Jesus Christ
The nothingness of heaven
May his name be cursed
Slain lamb, triumph to his fall
Expelled from their kingdom

4. Goat And The Moon

The torch of Baphomet
Brightest in the sky
The eternal fire
Of terrestrial life
Invocation rite
Seven gradual psalms
Appear with flames
Praise to the true god
Make no Christian signs
Speak no Christian words
Funeral trumpet winds
Black torches flare
Goat-headed prince bounds
Forward among us he ascends
This is my worship
This is my path
Goat and the moon

5. Sodomator Of The Doomed Venus

Conjuring forth, the lover of the light
Menstruating virgin, arched on all fours
Limbs spread wide, nipples whipped and racked
Fornicative whispers, evocation of penetration
The tormentor of the endless nights
Penetration of the Venus gates
Madonna raped on the black mass lust
Sodomy of the holy prostitute
Fallen from the grace, the holy contracts
Blasting forth new blood of Christ
Cracked gates casting the stillborn to die
Ancient semen, hail the grail of flies

6. The Light-devouring Darkness

Belives of the lowliness
Of Christ's false holiness
Those weak of the soul
Earth you shall eat
The light devouring darkness
the great fallen spirits
Gratification of their lust
The virgin shall conceive
Him who denies Jesus Christ
Hail the great triumphant one
In his own name he comes
Burning down the seven churches
All the world worship the beast
Conquest, slaughter, dearth and death
The lamb, the woman and her seed
Cast in the pool of eternal flames
She spiritual darkness now shall reign

7. Blessed In Beast's Blood

Ancient tyranny
Crown of flies
Throne of blood
Triumph sons of the rebel angel
I wear the faceless mask
Of fallen faiths
Through the broken gates
The sons praising the lord of the night
We ride the chariots of war
For glory of lord Satan

8. Worms Born Of Martyrdom

Herds of sickly Christian tattle
The insane children of ignorance
Staggering after the scarred messiah
The temples of the true mortals tremble
Man and woman alike branded
With the stigmata of the intolerable
Degration flowering beautiful vision
Fatally flawed dreams of slaves

9. Fornicated Messiah

On a winter night, when a star was bright
In a shed a child was born
The king of Jews, of mortal blood
Soon to be scorned
Poor Mary, carried the fruit of lust by the holy ghost
Disguised as the hobogang from the slums of Jerusalem
Burning rage of impotent carpenter
Left Mary is bruises
She hid the tears, fled to comfort
To waiting arms of holy ghost
Bastard son Judean swine
Ended his path on a cross of pain
Glory at Golgotha for his fall

10. The Dawn Of The Antichrist

Twilight arsonist, the mutinous seraphim torching flames
ascending heavenwards from the abyss of the graves
Illuminating the passageways of most passionate desire
The hog-headed god shall fall from the heaven

The storm of the black triangle closing and rising
The beast dwells in the eye of the storm of damnation
Eve of dead souls, the black moon reels over the horizon
Behold the eclipse of mankind, the eternal midnight
Let the holy plague reign at the revelation onslaught
The dusk of four headless angels, weakened and lost
The clergy whipped on bended knees in the preparation
The final mass of the reborn Antichrist prevails

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