Dark Lyrics


1. Intro (Left Hand Path)


2. Nuns, Cunts And Darkness

Christ's Brides wide proclaim,
Ruin through your Savior slain,
God's Peace now obscured,
Smothered by the Light of the Night.

Praise and adore,
With Darkness revel,
Fall of Pureness,
The great Profanation.


The Whores now wear the Crown,
Their Halos adorned with Sin,
Unveiling Their Eternal Flowers,
Mount the Form Divine.

Open up Your Angelic Mouth,
That sang the Christ's Hymns,
Eat the Snake of Wisdom,
Swallow the Nectar of Rebellion.

3. The Apocalyptic Triumphator

Lord of the Northern Sky,
Come forth behind Draconis,
The Great Black Dragon,
God of the cold and barred.

Rush forward Conqueror,
From the Shadows of Winter.
Lord of Beasts and Serpents,
Bearer of blackened Light.

Illuminated by the 7 Stars,
The Embracer of Storms,
Bring Your Blessing,
Of Darkness leading to the End.

A Day of Death,
A Day of Gloominess,
A Day of Graves,
And thick Darkness.

The Headless Cherubs fall,
Their Wings cut and broken,
Personification of Black Radiance,
The Apocalyptic Triumphator.

4. Phallic Desecrator Of Sacred Gates

I'll ride the Flesh of the Whore,
The twin Pillars of her supple Thighs,
Spit on the Whore made Virgin,
Conceive the Woman of Nazareth.

The Chalice of Sacred Nectar,
The Altar between the silken Thighs,
Drink deep that heavenly Wine,
Worship and adore the Fleshy Gate.

Crushing the Petals of Sacredness,
Pounded into Oblivion again and again,
Each strike of My Phallic Hammer,
Sinks the Heavenliness to Lust.

5. Grand Luciferian Theophany

Crawl the Path I walked,
Follow my Footsteps,
Burn the Semen as Sacrifice,
For Your Rite of Passage.

Through the Obsidian Gates,
Inside the Flames of Knowledge,
Join with the Darkness,
In the Circle of Summoning.

Hail Satan,
Hail Lucifer,
Hail Satan.

Hail Satan,
Hail Lucifer,
Hail Satan.

Sacred Cup of Knowledge,
Offered to My Ashen lips,
The Key to the Powers in Reach,
Theophany of Lucifer's Might.

Reborn as Might Incarnated,
Hail Lucifer, Father of Wisdom.
A new God in the Flesh.
Hail Lucifer, Lord of Earth.

Black Flame of Awakening,
And glowing Spheres of Abyss,
Eclipse the Faces of God,
As Wisdom carves the Weakness.

6. Those Below (Who Dwell In Hell)

The Fifth Trumpeter,
Sounds the Horn,
Hell Mouth Gate opens wide,
Glory and Dominion.

Pillar of Clouds shattered
By the howling Winds,
Pillar of Fire smothered
By the devouring Vortex.


7. Intro (Right Hand Path)


8. Congregation Of Circumcised

Holy Covenant in their Flesh,
The Mark of converting to God,
A token of the Covenant,
To reborn as Abraham's Child.

Congregation of Circumcised,
In thy blood, Fuck you - die.

The Seal of Abraham in Man,
On the Eunuchs of the Sabbath.

9. Sado-Magical Portal

Blessed by Mother Lilith,
The Sacred Phallus of Sun,
Ascends as the Goat of Fire,
I am the Darkness Personified.

The Witches Mouth of Impurity,
Shall awaken and strengthen Me.
The Essence of Bestial Lust,
Kneel and take the thrusts.

Through my Sacrifice,
I am One with the Energy,
Inside the Flesh Triangle,
I've opened the Gateway.

The Path of Two Eyes opened,
As the Key unlocks the Power.

10. Light Of Phosphorus

I walk as if in Dream,
To the Source of the Stream,
As I wash in the knowledge,
My Mind clears from Illusion.

Flow through My Soul,
The Spirit of the Dawn,
Enter My Temples Gate,
The Angelic Spirits of Air.

Light of Phosphorus.

Blaze through Me,
The Spirit of the Dawn.

My Soul descends and hails,
The Lord of Silver Star,
As I drift closer to You,
The Darkness entangles Me.

As I stand by Your Presence,
I am bound to You eternally,
My Bones are of Your Bones,
My Flesh is of Your Flesh.

Light of Phosphorus.

Blaze through Me,
The Spirit of the Dawn.
I dwell inside Your Light,
In the Passage to the Morning Star.

11. Profanator Of The 1st Commandment

I am the Temple of Darkness,
Born from the Dawn of Light,
My Kingdom is made from My Sins,
Freed by the Blood in My Veins.

I am the Son of Belial,
Child of Doom and Perdition.
My Throat is Open Grave;
My Words are Blasphemy.

Venom of Asps in My Lips,
Challenge the Wrath of God.
I drink of the Wine of the Wrath,
I am the Sword of Vengeance.

I am swift to shed Your Blood,
Ruin and Misery bloom in My Path,
There is no Fear of God in My Eyes,
All Sheep have turned aside.

12. Funeral Pyre Of Trinity

See the towering Churches,
The Christian Monuments,
Of the heavenly Oppression,
Caressed by the Flames of Hades.

Funeral Pyre of Trinity.

Winds carry, The blazing Ash,
As to celebrate,
The Conqueror of the Death,
Of Heavenly God, Who shall,
Forever be gone.

Funeral Pyre of Trinity.

I deny God and Your Religion.
I curse, blaspheme and provoke God with all despite,
I give My Faith to the Devil and My Worship and offer sacrifice to Him.

I do solemnly vow and promise all my progeny unto the Devil,
I swear to the Devil to bring as many into His Society as I can,
I will always swear in the Name of the Devil.

Lord Angelslayer — Bass, Vocals
Ritual Butcherer — Guitars
Sinisterror — Drums

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